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Reflectandconnect introduction

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introduction to a new course

introduction to a new course

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  • Welcome and introductions: Jane and Pauline Agenda: Talk about what the course will involve – Jane and I talk about each section – a slide for each Jane – O Carole – 1 Jane – 2 Carole – 3 Jane – 4 Carole -5 Jane – 6 and assessments Individuals can introduce themselves in text chat see next slide
  • Invite participants to use the microphone to introduce themselves and Carole will add names to the whiteboard
  • Pauline to talk about the Expression of Interest and the Enrolment process Give details of the costs and payment procedures. Carole to describe the environment: Moodle, Mahara and Elluminate
  • Carole to describe the background to the development of the course and what it is intended to do: Take charge of your elearning A collaborative course for educators that offers guidance and a supportive community to enable you to take charge of your online learning. Reflective practice: An immersive course for exploring eportfolios and the importance of reflecting on and improving own professional practice Reflect and Connect: short name for CHCORG428A Reflect on and improve own professional practices Will be introduced as an opening module for participants in the TAE course at YNH. Ask Pauline to comment on this aspect.
  • Do a poll on the audience and then talk about the learner strategies of studying online Committment of time Supportive facilitation Confidence in self-management Ask audience for their ideas on what will help them most while studying online and add to the whiteboard.
  • Jane will talk about the Communication Hub and O week – the orientation to the course and explain the type of support we will provide and the emphasis on connecting and talking to the group frequently asynchronously: Weekly News desk – weekly posting Use of facilitated forums – manned 24/7 Videos for engagement Icebreakers Introductions Preparations
  • Carole to talk about unit 1 – Getting Started and the importance of our group at Learn Central Checking skills at the beginning of the course and at the end The use of a range of Moodle tools – sequential web pages with activities Collaborative web pages for sharing Assignment drop box Regular Elluminate events, guest speakers, dates and times Getting a V room at Learn Central for smaller group dicussions
  • Jane to talk about topic 2 – Web 2.0 tools and resources and how they can help you build a digital identity How to select a tool for the job or goal and what you aim to do with it – a mind mapping activity. Online promotion and connections via Twitter ( mention our hashtag for this course #eliberation ) Social bookmarking Social networking Personal Learning networks digital literacies
  • Carole to talk about topic 3: Reflecting and collecting Explain the need for two weeks to focus on this topic and the inclusion of the Global Education Conference opportunities Part A: Reflective practices – the why and the how Part B: Eportfolio practices – the what, so what and then what Buiding an eportfolio collection of artefacts
  • Jane to talk about topic 4: Joining and exploring Opportunities to join and explore the Eportfolios Community of Practice Conversations Elluminate events (Oct 29 and Nov 30) Use of expert advise from Nancy White (Digital Habitats: Action planner)
  • Carole to talk about topic 5 : Networking and sharing Opportunities for networking with eportfolio practitioners – globally Building of own Personal Learning Network Changing your learning practices Opportunity to share ideas, resources and achievements with a wider audience The fine tuning of your eportfolio
  • Jane to talk about final week for farewells and feedback Gathering of your testimonials Capturing your ideas for improving the course Opportunity for becoming a facilitator in 2011


  • 1.  
  • 2. Introductions Facilitators Carole and Jane Coordinator Pauline Participants:
  • 3. Getting into the course http://coachcarole.net
  • 4. What’s the course about?
  • 5. Have you studied online before?
    • Frequently
    • At least one course
    • Never but would like to
  • 6.  
  • 7.  
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
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  • 13. Reflect and Connect
    • Expressions of Interest:
    • http://coachcarole.net
    • Enrolments
      • until October 31
    • Joining the course
      • Moodle access via email
    • Contacts
      • Carole
      • Jane
      • Pauline