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  • 1. PREPARE TO STUDYVisual Guide to theOnline Learning Space
  • 2. Course Home Page
  • 3. Course Navigation tools• Online users – shows who is on atsame time as you• People – click Participants to see whois enrolled• Activities – click to get a list ofAssignments, Forums, Glossaries orResources• Search forums – useful for searchingfor key words in conversations
  • 4. Course Information BlocksCheck Calendar for Upcoming Events and changes to the course in Recentactivity
  • 5. Course Sections• See next slides for details ofwhat you will see in eachsection
  • 6. OrientationClick on theBook icon or titleto see the Tableof ContentsClick on anyChapter titleto read thatinformationon screen
  • 7. Four Course Sections to ViewClassroom: Communication:ResourceLibrary:Project Room:
  • 8. Opening the BooksThis is theimage used toindicate that youare currently inthe ClassroomsectionThere are fiveBooks (smallsequences ofweb pages) in theClassroomsectionClick on the Bookicon or the title ofthe Book to open upthe sequenced webpagesWhen you have a Bookopen, select Settingsand Print book orchapter
  • 9. Navigating Sequenced Web PagesClick the arrowkeys tonavigate thepages of theBook chapters
  • 10. Participating in Discussion ForumsThis is the imageused to indicatethat you arecurrently in theCommunicationsectionThere are sevenforums in whichyou can post:• First two areoptional• Last five arerequiredClick theDiscussion icon orits title toparticipate in theforum. Either clickReply or Createnew topic
  • 11. Creating a discussion topicKey in yourpost hereSelect yournotificationpreference hereDrag and dropa file for sharingin hereSelect yourmailing timepreference hereClick hereto post
  • 12. What you see in a forum!Select thetitle of thediscussion toread postsIf this is yourown postingyou can edit,delete, or Reply
  • 13. Downloading from Resource LibrarySelect the file byits title and saveit to your USB oropen on to yourdesktop
  • 14. Uploading to the Project Room• Select the link to the ProjectRoom from the Grid on thehome pageSelect a projecttitle to open theuploading area