High performance leadership 2 presenting the results


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Sharing the results of collaborating on the design and development of the easy-Speak Made Easy course for Toastmasters.

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  • This HPL project is part of my goal to reach my Advanced Leadership Silver.
  • Silver Threads: Reasons, Process, and Opportunities for the project
  • Vision – to provide an online course for easy-Speak for any Toastmaster anywhere in the worldPurpose – to enable self-directed learning opportunities for club officers in managing club meetings
  • Support team – Malcolm Warden (developer of easy-Speak) UK; Bill Monsour (lead trainer for easy-Speak in District 59) Netherlands; Linda Oliver (division governor District 55) Texas, USAReal time conversations in Skype and Blackboard Collaborate
  • Social network – establisheda Facebook group for easy-Speak communityLearning Management System – established a Course in MOODLEWeb Conferencing – used Blackboard Collaborate virtual room for series of webinars and half day workshopeasy-Speak – use Knowledge Base and other resources as learning materials
  • Moodle course design – built in segments to suit the different audiences – Topic 0: Course Overview Promotions and call for pilot participants – use of Facebook groups and registration forms located on my website
  • Each Topic was designed to include – e-books, downloadable or viewable resources, and discussion forumsParticipants were invited to share own resources and to give feedback
  • Each topic could be experienced sequentially or randomly to suit the expertise and experience of the learnerContent for e-books was customised from the easy-Speak Knowledge Base and illustrated with screen imagesAt this time the practice club was being overhauled for specific use by es me participants
  • A series of workshops were scheduled and recorded and now are stored in the course.Upcoming webinar for 18:00 April 2: demonstration of advanced features for members and club officersUpcoming web conference for April 13: international experiences of easy-Speak (handout)
  • A workshop is scheduled to shared experiences of easy-Speak and guest speakers are currently being arranged. Guest Speaker: Malcolm Warden UK. Guest Presenters from USA, EU, and AU
  • A practice club site was prepared by the easy-Speak support team, especially for the easy-Speak Made Easy course.Participants are able to login in as members or club officers.Another ‘resource base camp’ is being considered for inclusion in easy-Speak, for one stop location of training resources
  • Registrations began in February and 70 participants were enrolled in the course in March. About 30% of these international enrolees are currently active in the course, and they are from the countries shown above. Note: a group of Canadian Toastmasters recently requested enrolment and it was their suggestion to have the half day online workshop.
  • Malcolm Warden and his team are working with Toastmasters International to ensure that easy-Speak remains as the leading tool for club management as we approach the Revitalised Education Program. We are currently considering promotional strategies to provide the course to new club officers at the changeover mid year 2014.
  • Among the Gold: My next goal is to encourage, train and support other Australian clubs to use easy-Speak.For this I will focus on Success in Leadership projects.Watch for this as I reach out now for Advanced Communicator Gold and DTM.
  • High performance leadership 2 presenting the results

    1. 1. HPL: Silver Threads among the Gold High Performance Leadership #2 - Presenting the Results Carole McCulloch ACS, ALB aiming for ALS
    2. 2. Context for my HPL story:  Background – vision and purpose  Project – support and process  Course Stage 1 – design and development  Course Stage 2 – pilot and implementation  Training opportunities for easy-Speak  Where to from here?
    3. 3. vision and purpose
    4. 4. support team •UK Malcolm •EU Bill •USA Linda •AU Carole
    5. 5. support media • Collaborate any time Social Network • Learn and practice any time Course • Communicate in real time Webinars
    6. 6. design and development
    7. 7. pilot and implementation
    8. 8. pilot and implementation
    9. 9. Recorded Webinars  March 5 Webinar #1: Introduction to the Course View the Blackboard Collaborate recording  March 12 Webinar #2: easy-Speak in Action (Guest Speakers) View the Blackboard Collaborate recording  March 19 Webinar #3: Benefits of easy-Speak for Members (Guest Speaker) View the Blackboard Collaborate recording  March 26 Webinar #4: Club Management tools in easy-Speak (Demonstration) View the Blackboard Collaborate recording
    10. 10. King Arthur’s Playground for easy-Speak  Meet the Members and Club Officers
    11. 11. 70 International Pilot Participants Countries of Origin: Australia Canada Dutch Caribbean India Luxembourg Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand South Africa United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States
    12. 12. Where to from here?
    13. 13. Training for easy-Speak Train the Trainer