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Our profile slideshare

  1. 1. CoNetActivity The Profile
  2. 2. About CoNetActivity
  3. 3. Our Vision We wish to achieve the status of by our clients globally for all online branding and online promotional activities.
  4. 4. Our Mission Our mission is to create a vibrant organization which: Is ethical on all fronts Thinks out-of-the-box solutions for clients Is driven towards constant learning and adopting best global practices Is passionate about what we do
  5. 5. Our Values needs, to innovative solutions) Honoring words Valuing relationships Working as a cohesive work-force in a collaborative environment Systematic approach to work by taking care of the minutest detail to produce wonderful experience consistently Lifelong learning in order to achieve excellence each passing day Inculcating leadership, responsibility, passion and accountability
  6. 6. Our Team Our team is composed of talented individuals drawn from the fields of Creativity Linguistic Technology Business Management Art & Design Differently talented individuals form a cohesive unit to work around a project in a collaborative fashion; each contributing in their own way.
  7. 7. Why CoNetActivity? Online marketing is a non-core activity for you therefore should be outsourced Our team has the commitment and dedication to work as if they are employed by you Unlike Ad agencies, we understand technology and keep upgrading our skills Have been running successful online campaigns for various clients in multiple domains We keep investing in technological tools to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our services
  8. 8. The Process About Business About Existing Marketing/PR Activities About Competition Internal Research and Assessment Key Strategic Inputs Finalizing Objectives Configuring Solution as per objectives which would include Presence on Social Networking Sites Search Engine Optimization/Marketing Paid Online Marketing Blogging Execution Monitoring & Measuring through Analytics
  9. 9. Our Services SMO Reputation Online Ad Management Online Marketing/PR Consulting Blogging SEO
  10. 10. Why On-line Advertisements? Ability to track leads per advertising keyword Ability to track the cost per lead Ability to track the cost per sale Allows to track the effectiveness of each & every keyword in terms of sales and revenues Much cheaper and cost-effective in comparison to conventional mediums
  11. 11. Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 80% of users typically visit only the first three results from a search query 54% of the users views only one page of results in each keyword search session 14 billion searches take place on search engines each month, 400 million/day SEO improves the visibility of the website on search engine results page It enhances credibility, exposure, reputation and boosts sales through lead generation
  12. 12. Why Blogging? Helps build community of like-minded people Makes a website dynamic Provides back-links to the website Generates traffic to the website Helps in search engine optimization Positions as an expert Brand building through direct communication Reputation Management Helps in Media & Public relations Competitive differentiation
  13. 13. Why Reputation Management? Social media can be a threat if there is criticism Can generate benefits if criticism is reversed Complaint sites may be run by a competing company Disgruntled employees, ex-wives, ex-friends can cause havoc for any brand likes and dislikes about a product or service Provide early warning systems for reactive & defensive PR Understanding real influencers in your domain
  14. 14. Why Social Media Optimization (SMO)? Consider the facts about Facebook below: Has 500 million active users (logged on during past 30 days), which is more than the population of US, 15 million in India 100 billion hits per day Average session time is 55 minutes 70% are based outside United States Teenagers spend 31 hours per week online
  15. 15. Why Social Media Optimization (SMO)? Consider some more facts about SNS below: Twitter has 105 million users globally 300,000 users sign-up each day on Twitter LinkedIn has 70 million users, 3 million users in India, a new member joins every second 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute and people are watching 2 billion videos a day
  16. 16. Thank You