Making enrichment work for your library ella & helen


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This short presentation was delivered by Ella Mitchell & Helen Stein as part of a group discussion on the theme of enrichment activities in college and sixth form libraries/LRCs.

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Making enrichment work for your library ella & helen

  1. 1. Making enrichment work for your library/LRC<br />CoFHE LASEC<br />Friday 4th March, 2011<br />
  2. 2. OFSTED REPORTS<br />Enrichment activities are assessed...<br />...even though libraries/LRCs are rarely mentioned!<br />“...range of courses and enrichment activities is outstanding and meets the needs and interests of users...” West Herts College report, 2010<br /><br />
  3. 3. IN SCHOOLS<br />Good school libraries: making a difference to learning<br />“The most effective librarians ensured that the library contributed to meeting the school’s priorities for improvement...[and] show great initiative in promoting the library and enthusing pupils...” <br /> Document reference number HMI 2624<br />There are some interesting observations in this report regarding information literacy skills.<br />
  4. 4. CILIP SAYS...<br />“...staff bring the service, the stock, and the buildings to life.” Annie Mauger<br /><br />A little bit out of context, Annie’s actually talking about public libraries here but our role in FE & HE libraries/LRCs is also about bringing our services and resources alive for our users.<br />
  5. 5. SOME STATISTICS<br />Are we taking our opportunities?<br />AoC( key facts state:<br />“Every year Colleges* educate and train around 3.4 million people”<br />“Colleges provide 38% of entrants to higher education”<br />“80% of...ESOL students study at a College”<br />“English is the most popular A-level undertaken at Colleges...”<br />“115,000 College students are aged over 60”<br />
  6. 6. PROS<br />It’s not all work, work, work!<br />Developing the “library idea”<br />“a place of free and open access to information and learning” – John Dolan on the CoFHE LASEC blog 01/04/2011<br />Do we know what experience of libraries our (potential) users have? Do we know about their expectations?<br />convincing key stakeholders of our relevance and value-adding role in the learner experience<br />Are we managing our key relationships with teaching staff effectively? Are we in touch with senior managment?<br />
  7. 7. Browne report<br />There is a link formed in the report between student satisfaction and library facilities. (Browne 2010 p.32) Albeit quite a brief mention- we are still in there. <br />Surely the libraries need to do everything that they can to reinforce this. Do enrichment activities fit into this agenda… although the report focus is on the educational side. If enrichment activities help to reinforce library facilities and positively impact on student experience. This could make the advocacy of library value stronger. <br />Browne (2010) Securing a sustainable future for Higher Education. [online] Available at: 02.03.11<br />
  8. 8. Cons <br /><ul><li>Are we here to educate or entertain? </li></ul>Are more educational enrichment activities seen as boring by students? Do we have difficulties justifying more entertaining enrichment to UMT or SMT?<br />Does this blur the line of what a library is for? Social or learning space? <br /><ul><li>The costs that are sometimes associated with enrichment activities.
  9. 9. Staff time dedicated to making a successful enrichment event- often quite high.
  10. 10. Are successful library enrichment activities often down to the drive and creativity of one or two staff members?
  11. 11. Does it always justify the effort? Especially when there is not a good take up.
  12. 12. Where do you draw the line… there is a week for nearly everything…. Continual enrichment…. Or just ridiculous? Do omissions upset people/groups- e.g to have an activity for BHM and not LBGT week…. What are the potential implications? </li>