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TCS  Digitization Of The Hiring Process
TCS  Digitization Of The Hiring Process
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TCS Digitization Of The Hiring Process


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In an interview on NDTV Profit, The TCS head Mr. S Ramadorai mentioned the need for digitization of the hiring process and engagement with youth to attract best employees.

In an interview on NDTV Profit, The TCS head Mr. S Ramadorai mentioned the need for digitization of the hiring process and engagement with youth to attract best employees.

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  • 1. Hiring Practices need to be digitized: TCS In the youth survey done by the TCS, the company had some exciting findings regarding the youth preferences, increasing usage patterns of internet and the need for 24*7 engagement with the youth to find the best potential employees. Guess where the new generation wants to work, which sectors it prefers and where should one look out for best results while recruiting? There are some very interesting findings in a youth survey done by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the largest software company in India, which by the way employs over 140,000 employees itself. Well, why go visit a college to recruit and spend money when one can hire employees by click of a mouse. That's what says a TCS youth survey done across 12 Indian cities with 14,000 high school children between 12-18 years of age. The young digital generation looks to online sources as the first destination for any information followed by TV and print. A 46 per cent of them access online sources and only 25 per cent turn to TV and print for information. The survey also found that 63 per cent of them spend an hour online daily. If the survey done by TCS is to be believed, it will change the hiring models across companies quite dramatically. A clear shift to web and TCS’ top management is already acting upon the data cues. S Ramadorai, CEO of TCS, said, "We have to completely digitize hiring practices, not from campuses anymore but through interactions on the web” The survey doesn't stop at that. The recession is reflecting in choices that today's youth want to make. They don't want to become high street bankers anymore, but the new age sectors like media, entertainment travel and tourism are the clear favorites. CEO and managing director of TCS, S Ramadorai, said, "the company plans to use some of the findings of the study to understand the next generation better and it will help us not just find the best potential employees but also guide us to engage with them more effectively” Ramadorai said. Also, who says the young generation is not social. A good 93 per cent of them are aware of social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut. All one needs to know is where to find them!!!
  • 2. The figure depicts the growing usage of Internet in various countries. In India though the usage levels are low when compared with other nations but still it is growing at a rapid pace and internet as a medium is now an easy source of information and a means of connecting with other people for the youth. Complied by: