Careers in Communications


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Power point presentation on careers in communications

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Careers in Communications

  1. 1. CAREERS INCOMMUNICATIONS By: Tiahana Lawrence, Erika Link, Daniel Green, Tre Williams, Ryan Jeffers, Kevin Widmayer, And, Steven Goodman
  2. 2. WHY COMMUNICATIONS?  Offers insight about language and rhetoric  Decent starting salary  Top growth rate of careers  75% of a persons day is spent communicating in some way  Growing career- 13% by 2018 (Olivet College)
  3. 3. CAREERS IN COMMUNICATIONS  Allows many career paths in numerous fields of study  Many available jobs  It is still a competitive field  The average starting salary for a college graduate $30,000 – 35,000 $
  4. 4. IDEAL PLACES OF EMPLOYMENT Human resources Colleges/ Universities Newspaper Non profit Organizations Government Agencies Law Firms Many More icationArt.html#TypicalEmployment
  5. 5. Percentage of Communications Positions by Region
  6. 6. Variety of Jobs Education field – High school speech/debate coach – College or University professor – Language arts coordinator Radio/ Television broadcasting – Broadcasting Station Manager – Talk show host – Producer – Disc Jockey (DJ) – Sports Announcer
  7. 7. Variety of jobs (continued) Journalism – Reporter – Newscaster Public Relations (PR) – Press Agent – Lobbyist Theater/Performing Arts – Director – Model – Script Writer
  8. 8. GETTING THE JOB IN COMMUNICATIONSEBSCOs highest rated attribute: Students • Ambitious • Connective • Reliable Professional • Adaptable • Persistent • Resourceful
  9. 9. Nicole Humphreys-Senior of Salisbury University Graduate Spring 2012-Double Major- CMAT/ CADR-Minor- Business Marketing Management-What do you like the most about your communicationsdegree?-Having a communications degree is that your personaljob market is so wide. There are so many different types ofjobs you can do with it.
  10. 10. Nicole Humphreys (pt.2)-What is an advantage to the communicationsfield?-Most Importantly that there is an opportunity tounderstand people on different levels.
  11. 11. JAMES BROWNAMERICAN SPORTS ANNOUNCER KNOWN FOR BEING THE HOST OF THE NFL TODAY ON CBS AND INSIDE THE NFL ON SHOWTIME  What do you like most about your career? − Meeting new and interesting people, and seeing what drives them to success − Human interest angles  Most fun ever had was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) with Special Olympics, mentally challenged − People on and behind the camera 9/05/13/my-book-cover-photoshoot-with- sportscaster-james-brown/
  12. 12. JAMES BROWN (PT. 2)AMERICAN SPORTS ANNOUNCER KNOWN FOR BEING THE HOSTOF THE NFL TODAY ON CBS AND INSIDE THE NFL ON SHOWTIME What advice can you give me about the communication field? − Be the best student you can be, pay attention and do all of your class work − Be involved in meaningful extra-curricular activities − Internships  Even if unpaid − Study Abroad  Be appreciative of others and their cultures − Be aggressive and not afraid nor ashamed
  13. 13. Christopher j. Dorobek founder, editor and publisher, GovLoop Insights Dorobek INSIDER How did you enter the communications field after college? − Traveling from California to New Hampshire:  Started covering small town news Which class(es) did you find most rewarding for your career − Recording class,  Teacher held them to high standard  If they spelled a name wrong it was an automatic F  If they spelled the title wrong it was an automatic F
  14. 14. Potential Salaries Media and Communications careers: − Annual Mean Wage as of May 2011 = 52,700$ − Annual Mean Wage for Independent artists, writers, and performers = 82,870$ − Annual Mean Wage for Radio and Television Broadcasting = 40,950 Wired Telecommunications careers: − Annual Mean Wage as of May 2011= 61,490$ − Annual Mean Wage for Operations Managers = 129,520$ − Annual Mean Wage for Media and Communications workers = 45,540$
  15. 15. In Short Communications = lucrative field of study Wide array of jobs Decent starting salary Many opportunities for advancement The region we live in has the highest concentration of careers in communication 5-ways-to-kill-rapport- fast/1645
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  17. 17. Thank You for Listening