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03 baltic r.tonisson_day 3_s3_ecc2012

  1. 1. CLOE –Rene TõnnissonBaltic Innovation members Agency 20.April 2012, Vienna, AustriaInternationalisation – an opportunity or necessity?
  2. 2. My Background Practical hands on experiences gained from management of IT cluster initiative in Mobile and Location Based Service International cooperation.Tartu experience from 50 EU and bilateral projects Cluster policy experience gained from European Cluster Policy Group (ECPG)
  3. 3. Johannes Pääsuke,Estonian National Museum
  4. 4. Leading country on e-Governance and e-Services• Government internal working procedures and Meetings without papers• First country to allow National Parliamentary elections over Internet in 2007, European Parliament elections in 2009 and m- Elections in 2011• Setting up a new company over internet takes 15 minutes• Currently discussed replacing all textbooks in schools with iPads
  5. 5. Main Challenges• In spite of some IT solutions, which are world leading Estonian IT companies have still failed to sell them internationally• The true success does not lie in technical excellence but rather in access to international cooperation networks and sales channels
  6. 6. How International are EuropeanSMEs today? 70% of Chinese SMEs export 30% of US SMEs export13% of European SMEs export Source: Enterprise Europe Network
  7. 7. If Europe wants to stay in the game theninternationalisation is needed on all levels
  8. 8. TERM – Linking European regional research clusters in theTissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine field FP7 Region of Knowledge supported European cooperation project between the following regions: • Pay de la Loire (Nantes), FR • Stockholm – Uppsala, SE • Madrid, ES • Milano, IT • Berlin, Brandenburg, DE • Göteborg – Oslo, SE-NO • Wallonia, BE • Tartu, EE26/04/2012 Meetings name
  9. 9. TERM – Linking European regional research clusters in theTissue Engineering and Regenerative field What is in it for the region? • As part of the joint action plan, a call for interregional projects will be organised offering possibilities of funding for projects in the TERM field. • Common sets of goals throughout Europe thanks to a European strategy. • Contributing to the creation of a world-class meta cluster26/04/2012 Meetings name
  10. 10. TERM – Linking European regional research clusters in theTissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine field Main goals and activities • Mapping the TERM stakeholders in each partner’s region • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each region (SWOT analysis) • Setting up a regional research agenda • Identifying a list of common priorities • Combining them to prepare a common research agenda and then a joint action plan26/04/2012 Meetings name
  11. 11. Intenationalisation can be often seen as an opportunity
  12. 12. ... But it is more often than that a necessity!
  13. 13. Contact Information: Rene TõnnissonEmail: rene@bia.eeTel: +372-5029873