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RACC's GO USA! Roadshow 2012 conference brochure
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RACC's GO USA! Roadshow 2012 conference brochure


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Sign up for the event held on November 6, 2012 in Cluj-Napoca on

Sign up for the event held on November 6, 2012 in Cluj-Napoca on

Published in: Business

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  • 1. The Romanian American Chamber of Commerce in partnership with The HUB Bucharest, Cluj Hub, ARIES-TM, and the Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture present GO USA! Roadshow 2012 IS AMERICA OPEN FOR BUSINESS? Overcoming Obstacles to U.S. Entrepreneurship November 5 - 9, 2012 Bucharest, Cluj & Timisoara, Romania Look inside to find out how you can:• Explore issues facing Romanian entrepreneurs wishing to expand into the U.S. market• Meet with American business experts & learn from other entrepreneurs• Develop an action plan to position your business for success
  • 2. GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Join us for the RACC’s signature GO USA! Roadshow 2012Dear Business Leader,On behalf of the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce (RACC™), its Business Development& Commercial Exchange Council, The HUB Bucharest, Cluj Hub, Timisoara Branch of theRomanian Association for Electronics and Software Industry (ARIES-TM), and the Timis Chamberof Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, we invite you to attend the GO USA! Roadshow 2012,entitled “IS AMERICA OPEN FOR BUSINESS? Overcoming Obstacles to U.S. Entrepreneurship” –the RACC’s premier signature event!The GO USA! Roadshow remains one of the RACC’s most important trade, investment andnetworking events, providing an effective platform for IT companies interested in successfullystarting and operating a business in the United States.Our GO USA! Roadshow 2012 in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara, Romania, November 5, 6 and 8/9,respectively, is expected to attract over 50 participants at each location. What continues to makethis business-to-business event so worthwhile and rewarding is that it brings together seasonedAmerican and Romanian entrepreneurs, governmental officials, and experts from a variety of fieldswho impart their knowledge and reveal their secrets about how to enter the American IT market.What’s more, in addition to an informative presentation and intensive learning opportunities, theevent will feature an opportunity to speak directly with the presenters and engage with colleaguesthrough the ample networking opportunities built into our program for sharing ideas and solutions.The RACC’s GO USA! Roadshow also offers you the chance to set aside your day-to-day concerns,recharge, and focus on new opportunities for the future – a future where both you and yourbusiness have a chance to reach your highest potential.Finally, we would like to extend a special thanks to The HUB Bucharest, Cluj Hub, ARIES-TM, andthe Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture – each of which has partnered with theRACC to host the Roadshow – as well as the RACC’s Board of Directors and RoadshowConference Committee, who were a critical part of shaping this high caliber, high-value event.We would like very much to count you among the Roadshow’s participants and look forwardmeeting you!Sincerely,Ivan Gilbert Charles ChongoConference Co-Chair Conference Co-Chair 2
  • 3. We Can Help You Grow – Top Reasons to AttendFocused Learning Saves You Time You are along for the ride, emotionally and intellectually, as the story creates aThis half-day event is packed with link for Romanian entrepreneurs betweeninformation you need to understand their business aspirations and the realityand overcome your US business growth of doing business in the United States.obstacles. Don’t waste time makingthe same mistakes – listen as otherRomanian entrepreneurs share their Find the Resources You Needstories and learn directly from them. Been in business for years? Or just starting out? No matter where you areSeminar Format in your business life cycle, innovative strategies to penetrate the US market arePresented in a new seminar format, the always needed.GO USA! Roadshow will invite you tostruggle with gripping dilemmas drawn Learn from an array of experts whofrom real scenarios facing Romanian understand the challenges you face.entrepreneurs interested in establishing a With a panel of experts, roundtablesbusiness in the United States and to and presentations as diverse as your business needs, you receive immediatedetermine what your own choices would solutions to establish a successful USbe if faced with these challenges. business.The seminar will begin with a little story Not sure what you need? Ask all yourand a problem that could confront almost questions here. The only bad question isany Romanian entrepreneur. The the one you don’t ask! Develop a newimplications of this problem, whatever it network of resources to call on next weekmay be, then ripple out to encompass or next year when you need morelarger and larger issues and trigger answers.ethical, emotional, legal, and public policyquestions that are always overlappingand sometimes in conflict.The GO USA! Roadshow brings togethera carefully chosen panel that contributesprofessional expertise as well as personalexperience to the discussion. As thepanelists wrestle with the issuespresented in the hypothetical story, theyare encouraged not just to say what theythink about an issue, but to say what theywould do in difficult decision-makingsituations if they were personallyinvolved. 3
  • 4. Who Should Attend?If you are looking to find answers to the following questions, the GO USA! Roadshow isa “Not to be Missed Event” in your calendar:• Is this the right time to start a US business?• Which US industries are experiencing growth?• Where are the emerging opportunities?• Where can I find the best people?• What is the right business to start?• What organizations can help start my US business?• Where will the growth come from?Interested PartiesThis conference will be of special interest to:• Local business owners• Aspiring entrepreneurs• Entrepreneurs leading start-ups, fast growing ventures, and spinoffs• Potential franchisees• Future and recent graduate students• Franchisors, licensors, and agents• Franchise consultants and suppliers• Professional firms• Banks and other sources of development funding• Venture capitalists and angel investors• Growing Romanian enterprises ready to expand into the US• Entrepreneurial ventures in search of US partners• Individual investors• Importers• Exporters• Distributors• Anyone interested in opening an office in America 4
  • 5. Informative Presentations Conference presentations will cover such topics as: • Opening Offices/Commencing Operations in the USA • Distributing in America • Marketing in America • Raising American Capital • Partnering with U.S. Companies • Finding Products in America to Import and Distribute in Romania • U.S. Visa Options and Strategy • International Tax Planning and Minimizing Strategies • First-Hand, Case-Study Experience - presented by Romanian business executives who have penetrated the market, raised capital and established strategic partnerships in America. • Incubator, Soft Landing and Turnkey Options and Opportunities - to become established with minimal risk and upfront expense.Expert PanelistsConference faculty executives and professionals who have successfully pursuedbusiness in America.Networking and Private MeetingsIn-person networking opportunities, conference materials, publicity, and media kitswill be available. The conference organizers can also arrange private meetings forinterested individuals with panelists. 5
  • 6. The Romanian American Chamber of Commerce in partnership with The HUB Bucharest, Cluj Hub, ARIES-TM, and the Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture present “IS AMERICA OPEN FOR BUSINESS? Overcoming Obstacles to U.S. Entrepreneurship” November 5 - 9, 2012 Bucharest, Cluj & Timisoara, Romania______________________________________________________________Seminar discussion that educates and provides strategies, technical know-how, and tips in the areas of officeopening, commencement of operations, financing, visa options, international tax planning, and more!Host/Location:The HUB Bucharest – Monday, November 55 Halelor, 3rd floor (Unirii Square), BucharestTimis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture – Friday, November 9Bv. Eroilor de la Tisa 22, 300575 TimisoaraProgram:09.00 – 09.30 REGISTRATION & INFORMATION (Bucharest: 9.00 – 9.15)09.30 – 09.45 WELCOME & GREETINGS (Bucharest: 9.15 – 9.30, Keynote Address: 9.30 – 9.45)09.45 – 11.30 ROUNDTABLE SEMINAR11.30 – 11.45 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS11:45 – 12.30 NETWORKING12.30 EVENT CONCLUDES-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cluj Hub – Tuesday, November 6Str. Pitesti Nr. 19, ClujARIES-TM – Thursday, November 8Ristorante Primo Piano, 10th C. Brediceanu St., City Business Centre, C Building, TimisoaraProgram:18.00 – 18.30 REGISTRATION & INFORMATION18.30 – 18.45 WELCOME AND GREETINGS18.45 – 20.30 ROUNDTABLE SEMINAR20.30 – 20.45 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS20:45 – 21.30 NETWORKING21.30 EVENT CONCLUDES 6
  • 7. GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Expert Panelists: Bryan W. Jardine Charles T. Chongo, CPA Ivan J. Gilbert, Esq. Moderator U.S. Taxation U.S. Immigration Elias Wexler+ Luc Ulmet, Esq. Danut Botea Romanian Entrepreneur Incorp./Intel. Prop./Contracts Romanian Taxation Vladimir de Franceschi, Esq.+ Tyler Arnold+ Ramona Bejan Start-Up/Tech Space/Financing Recruiting/IT/Entrepreneurship Asset Mgmt./Invest. Strategies+Participating remotely via Internet 7
  • 8. GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Panelist Bios:Bryan W. Jardine, Esq. (Moderator): Bryan, a lawyer, has been in and around Romania since 1996. Hispractice areas focus on mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures & dispositions, restructuring, insolvency &workouts, infrastructure development, cross-border transactions, real estate, carbon trading, emissions & greenhouse certificates, and renewables. Bryan attended the University of California at Los Angeles, earning a JD in1990. Prior to his law degree, Bryan attended Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, where heearned a Bachelor of Science degree (Magna cum Laude) in Foreign Service. He is a member of the State Barof California, the American Bar Association, and the Bucharest Bar Association.Charles T. Chongo, CPA (U.S. Taxation): Charles is the Managing Director and Founder of The CharlesBridge Associates. Charles’ primary responsibility is to help clients structure and operate their internationalactivities in the most efficient manner from a worldwide tax and administrative standpoint. Charles is aninternational tax specialist with over 18 years of principally Big 4 experience focusing on US and foreigninternational taxation matters, including tax planning for clients of all sizes and complexity, both privately ownedand publicly traded, with respect to mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings. Charles has significant experiencewith respect to worldwide post merger integration, transaction tax, debt/leverage planning, intellectual propertymigration and cost sharing, supply chain management, transfer pricing and effective tax rate managementplanning, Charles has extensive experience in structuring foreign technology, manufacturing, trading andfinancial services operations (including the incubation, development, and transfer of technology offshore) in low-taxed Asian, Caribbean and European jurisdictions. He also has considerable hands on experience andexpertise with the complex US Passive Foreign Investment Company rules. Charles is one of a handful of taxspecialists who also has significant experience and expertise in structuring both the corporate and individualaspects of expatriate secondment arrangements for expatriates worldwide. Charles has served clients in everymajor industrial category worldwide including: Oracle Corporation, Vodafone, Bally Inc., Coca Cola, LightspeedVenture Partners, ON Semiconductor, Genomic Health Inc., TotalFina Elf, Citibank, Timken, Wrigley, GSK, INGBank, Swedwood (Ikea), Bombardier, Stryker, Trinity Industries, Cisco Systems, Lockheed Martin, & TrinityIndustries.Contact Info: 201 Spear St., Ste. 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105; +1 401.230.5318; www.thecharlesbridge.comIvan J. Gilbert, Esq. (U.S. Immigration): Ivan is an associate attorney whose practice focuses primarily onemployment-immigration law, including trader/investor, professional, intracompany transferee, NAFTA andextraordinary ability-based visa and labor certification matters, assisting multinational corporations, researchorganizations, financial companies, and individuals.Ivan earned a B.A. degree in Talmud (Jewish Law) from The Jewish Theological Seminary of America in 1986,where he received the Sara Goldin Lewittes Award and the Sylvia Morgenlander Prize. He also attended TheHebrew University of Jerusalem and Columbia University while majoring in history. Ivan obtained his J.D. degreefrom Concord Law School in January 2007, having been named to the Dean’s List and as a DistinguishedScholar. He was also nominated to the National Dean’s List® two years in a row. Recently, Ivan was nominatedas a Best Lawyer in New York by LegalForce Media Publications. He is also president of the InternationalChapter of the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce (RACC), Chair of the RACC’s BusinessDevelopment & Commercial Exchange Council, serves on the board of directors of the RACC’s New Yorkchapter, and functions as the organizer of the NY chapter’s MeetUp group. Ivan has conducted seminarsthroughout the world on U.S. immigration topics, frequently serves as a guest judge at New York University’sAnnual National Immigration Moot Court competition, and as a guest speaker on immigration topics at lawschools and businesses throughout the United States.Ivan is admitted to the State Bar of California and the U.S. District Court, Central District of California. He is amember of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the Department of Labor and CorporatePractice committees of AILA’s NY chapter, and the American Bar Association (ABA).Contact Info: Wuersch & Gering LLP, 100 Wall St., 21st Fl., New York, NY 10005; +1 212.509.4743; ; 8
  • 9. GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Panelist Bios (continued):Elias Wexler (Romanian Entrepreneur): Elias is a prominent and innovative entrepreneur and engineer. Forthe last 25 years, he has served as the President and CEO of Zero International, Inc., a group of companiesknown for creative, effective, and affordable approaches to construction material needs, with an internationalscope. Through his leadership, Zero International, Inc. has expanded from one small factory in the Bronx to aninternational company, with branches all over the country and world. Zero International, Inc. is now a leader inEMI/RF, acoustical, smoke, fire and air infiltration gasketing. Its branches include: Zero International in NewYork, a manufacturer of door and windows sealing systems; Index Inc., an Ohio Rubber extrusion companyextruding neoprene, silicone, EPDM, viton, and dual durameter rubber; Advantage Lites and Louvers Co. Inc., aNorth Carolina manufacturer of door accessories, UL listed for fire protection; Intumet, Inc., a NY manufacturerof Intumescent materials (material that expand when exposed to fire); Zero Las Vegas, a distribution center forthe West Coast; Zero Asia Pacific LTD a manufacturer and distribution for Japan, Korea, Singapore, HK,Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam Indonesia; Zero Plus LTD a manufacturer and distributor for the UK commercial doormarket and Zero East LTD a manufacturer and distributor for the GCC (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon,Egypt, Jordan) with offices in Dubai.Elias has won many awards and acknowledgments for his tireless efforts to expand and develop his company,and the field of door and window hardware. He is considered a leader in this field, changing the face ofmanufacturing. He is the owner of numerous patents in the USA, Japan and China. He has been activelyinvolved in cooperation with the navy in the design of advance fire protection systems for the new Nimitz classaircraft carrier. He has work in the design and development of special products for the Pyramid in Paris, TheWhite House, The Staples Center in LA, and most recently for the Freedom Tower and the UN in NYC.He has served as the president of the New York Society of Manufacture Engineers from 1986 to 1988. He is amember of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, which advises and writes American NationalStandard Institute standards for manufacturers in the field. He also represented the United States Door andHardware Industry in negotiations with the European Committee (ARGE) in Budapest in 2002. He has been aguest speaker at CSI and DHI trade conventions, and has been published in many trade magazines. He servesas a visiting lecturer at the Pratt Institute of Design from 2007-2012, teaching modular design to future architects.Elias is also an active and respected member of the Romanian-American community. He currently serves as thePresident of the New York Chapter of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce. Elias was crucial indeveloping and still remains an active contributor to the New York Romanian-American newspaper RomanianJournal, as well as in the television news program Romanian Voice Television. He is the main investor/developerof the Bucharest Restaurant in New York City. Additionally, Elias was one of the first US investors in Romaniastarting a manufacturing facility in Bucharest called Zero Aluminum SRL, which was recently sold. He is theowner of real estate in Bucharest, investment in the Bucharest Stock Market (BVB) as well as investments in theoil/gas private market in Romania.Elias was born in Iasi, Romania. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the CityCollege of New York in 1978, and worked earning his MBA at Iona College.Contact Info: 415 Concord Ave., Bronx, NY 10455; +1 718.585.3230 ext. 201; elias@zerointernational.comLuc Ulmet, Esq. (Incorp./Intel. Prop./Contracts): Luc is Counsel to the law firm Kuzas Neu, which has officesin New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. His practice involves a variety of matters, including commercialdisputes and litigation and transactional work involving purchasers and producers of technology. Prior to joiningKuzas Neu, Mr Ulmet was an Associate with a boutique New Jersey law firm where his practice concentrated oncommercial and administrative litigation and advising businesses in various aspects of the operation, purchase,and sale of companies. He has also served as law clerk to the Honorable Katherine R. Dupuis, Superior Court ofNew Jersey, Civil Part. Originally from Targu Jiu, Gorj, Luc graduated from University of Bucharest School ofLaw in 1999. He moved to the United States in 2000, and earned a JD (U.S. law degree) from RutgersUniversity School of Law - Camden in New Jersey in 2005.Contact Info: Kuzas Neu, 318 Newman Springs Rd., Red Bank, NJ 07701; +1 646.351.1196;; 9
  • 10. GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Panelist Bios (continued):Danut Botea (Romanian Taxation): Dan is Partner of Tax and Audit service lines at IBS Professional. Dan’sprimary responsibility is to provide solutions to clients so that to help them effectively structure, operate andcontrol their Romanian activities from local tax, accounting and administrative standpoint.Dan has an extensive experience with over 16 years in audit and tax consultancy from which 14 years as part ofErnst & Young Romania. His main areas of expertise are tax planning, accounting and audit solutions applicableto clients of all sizes and complexity which operate in Romania. Dan has served clients for their Romanianinvestments including: Coca Cola, TotalFina Elf, Wrigley, Swedwood (Ikea), Bombardier, Trinity Industries, CiscoSystems, & Lockheed Martin, Mechel Group, Sanofi Aventis, Zentiva, Connex Mobile. Dan is a graduate ofACCA, Glasgow, UK (2004) and the Romanian Economic Academy, Bucharest (1994).Contact Info: IBS (Integrated Business Services), Audit and Financial Advisory, 15 Constantin Aricescu Street,Bucharest, sect. 1; +40 31.420.62.47;; www.ibs-p.roVladimir de Franceschi (Start UP/Tech Space/Financing): Vladimir is the founding partner of De Franceschi& Shefayee LLP, a Palo Alto and New York based law firm that counsels emerging growth technologycompanies and the angel and institutional venture capital investors which fund them, specializing in representingcross-border startups. The firm’s clients include startups from the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. Prior tofounding the firm, Vladimir practiced corporate and securities law at the Venture Law Group, Wilson SonsiniGoodrich & Rosati and Baker & McKenzie, representing early and late stage technology companies fromformation and venture capital financing to M&A and IPO exits. He has represented or negotiated opposite arange of angel, venture capital and corporate investors, including KPBC, Sequoia, DFJ, VantagePoint, ePlanet,Sierra Ventures, Canaan Partners, Y Combinator, 500 Startups, The Hit Forge, Essar, Mitsui and United HealthGroup.Prior to practicing law, Vladimir was an international marketing researcher, a strategic planner at Sony and astartup VP of business development and CEO. Currently, Vladimir is the founding director of the FounderInstitute chapter in Zagreb, Croatia, and Silicon Valley advisor to Slovenian incubator, BoundBreaker, and toScandinavian startup capital access program, CAP. Vladimir holds a BA from UCLA, an MA and professionalcertification in Biotechnology from UCSD and a JD from Stanford. Vladimir has lived in Europe, India and theUnited States.Contact Info: De Franceschi & Shefayee, LLP, 228 Hamilton Ave., 3d Fl., Palo Alto, CA 94301; +1650.275.2760;; www.dfscounsel.comTyler Arnold (Recruiting/IT/Entrepreneurship): Tyler is an Anchorage, Alaska-based entrepreneur and co-founder of SimplySocial, a social media services company for businesses, politicians and agencies whosesoftware coaches clients through the complexities of maintaining a social media presence quickly, easily, andprofessionally. He started his first IT business, Tyler Systems, when he was 16. Tyler is a self-proclaimed geekwho loves travel, learning, and mentorship. Tyler is always excited about the latest technology trends andglobalization/competitiveness in the 21st century. Tyler has spoken at numerous events including TEDx, andwon the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2011. He has a passion for everything sales, business,and travel related.Contact Info: SimplySocial Inc., +1 877.250.8536;; www.simplysocial.comRamona Bejan (Asset Management/Investment Strategies): Ramona is a Qualitative Analystresponsible for fixed income portfolios at Aberdeen Asset Management in Philadelphia, PA. She alsoserves as chair of the RACC’s Philadelphia chapter. Ramona received her Master of Public Administration(MPA) degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and she earned a Bachelor ofArts (BA) degree in International Economics, French, and Computer Engineering from Lafayette College.Contact Info: Aberdeen Asset Management Inc., 1735 Market Street, 32nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103;Tel: +(1) 215 405 5700;; 10
  • 11. GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Hosts:Where do you go if you have anentrepreneurial idea that might radicallychange the world for the better? As weare facing multiple crises in the globaleconomic, social and ecological spheres,innovative solutions are needed to tacklethe many challenges at hand. The HUBis designed to facilitate these solutionsby creating a global network ofcollaborative spaces whereentrepreneurs and social innovatorscome together to realize their ideas for asustainable society.The HUB Bucharest is a place for people with ideas for a better world to work, meet, learn andconnect! We offer you a space with all the tools and trimmings needed to grow and developinnovative ventures for the world. But above all, we invite you in a space for meaningfulencounters, exchange and inspiration, full of diverse people doing amazing things.At The HUB Bucharest, people from every profession, background and culture are being unitedby one thing: the imagination and drive to pursue enterprising ideas for the world. These are thepeople who see and do things differently and have entrepreneurial passion to create sustainableimpact.We set out to create a space that combines the best of a trusted community, innovation lab,business incubator and the comforts of home.Host and Event Location: 5th Halelor, 3rd floor (Unirii Square), Bucharest 030118, Romania;; +40 728 453 297 11
  • 12. GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Hosts (continued): Cluj Hub is the space where ideas live and people interact. It is a space equally classic and manorial, and modern, and urban. It is the space of dialogue, business and enthusiasm.Cluj Hubb – a central and modern location that hosts a various array of events, such as:- trainings and workshops;- entrepreneurial events;- networking events;- PR events (press and launching conferences);- community events;- fashion and lifestyle workshops;- urban culture events;- programming competitions;- student eventsHost and Event Location: Str. Pitesti Nr. 19, Cluj, Romania; +4(0)742.180.889 12
  • 13. GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Hosts (continued): The Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry is a professional non-governmental organization, with over 270 members from around the country. The association is organized in five branches: Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj- Napoca, Brasov and Craiova. Since September 2004, ARIES Timisoara branch (ARIES-TM) has been close to its members and partners in the Western Region of Romania operating in the field of electronic industry, automotive and software.The strategic objectives of ARIES-TM: 1. The development of the technology business environment and the promotionof the ICT industry from the Western part of Romania by:- organizing conferences, workshops, regional exhibitions and other manifestations on research,development and innovation subjects, in order to support our member companies;- creating opportunities designed to bring competitive advantages to the benefit of our membercompanies;- establishing collaboration relationships with similar foreign associations, consulates, embassies andeconomic representatives;- lobbying for the ARIES-TM member companies in order for them to participate successfully ineconomic missions, fairs and exhibitions, around the country and abroad;- supporting the communication between the academic and professional environment by keeping a closeconnection with the both, organizing training courses and creating cross-border partnerships as a result.2. The establishment of partnerships with third parties, such as technical universities, regional non-governmental organizations, training and consultancy companies, financial and banking institutions, inorder to sustain and develop the projects initiated by ARIES-TM.Host Location: 2A Paris St, Room 413, Timisoara, Romania; +40-723-345-875; http://www.ariestm.roEvent Location: Ristorante Primo Piano, 10th C. Brediceanu St., City Business Centre, C BuildingTimisoara 13
  • 14. GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Hosts (continued): Timisoara Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is an autonomous organization, non- governmental self-financed, whose activity is designed to promote economic interests of its members and help them, according to the requirements of a competitive market economy.SERVICES: Provide information and documentation Business contacts with national and international companies, institutions, organizations (trade missionand business partnerships) Organizing economic events: presentations of companies, institutions or products/services; conferences;seminars; symposiums; debates; workshops; video-conferences Assistance in writing and modifying constitutive documents; Assistance in filling in the registration and authorization forms for companies Training courses Commercial arbitration Registering real movable guarantees in the electronic archive 10 rooms for business meetings, economic events, seminars, equipped with modern high-tech system(presentation, simultaneous translation) with a capacity about 60-80 persons/room Spaces for exhibitions equipped at according international standards, 1600 squares meters inside and600 squares meters outside A conference room equipped with multimedia systems with a capacity of 250 -300 places Internet connection –100Mb/s 160 car parking lots Food services –cateringHost and Event Location: Bv. Eroilor de la Tisa 22, 300575 Timisoara, Romania; +40.374-160.801;; 14
  • 15. Last Year: GO USA! Roadshow 2011Bucharest Hubb: 15
  • 16. GO USA! Roadshow 2011Camera de Comert si Industrie - Constanta:Camera de Comert si Industrie - Brasov:Camera de Comert si Industrie - Sibiu:Camera de Comerț si Industrie – Timisoara: 16
  • 17. Last Year: GO USA! Roadshow 2011 Testimonials and Feedback:“The most important event for Romanian entrepreneurs willing to addressinternational markets.” - Catalina Rusu“The GO USA Roadshow 2011, How to Succeed in Establishing a Business inthe USA, was a very good experience for me, you and the other speakersmake me for few hours to feel the ‘American dream’, and I thank you for that!” - Adi Stan“As one of those who attended your Roadshow in Constanta on 22nd March, Ifound the event quite instructive.” - Saugata Bagchi“It was a very good event, I learned a lot of new stuff and I had the greatchance to meet and talk to very experienced people that were in constantcontact with the US business environment.” - Acsinia Radu“The meeting had a lot of information for existing entrepreneurs with amedium size business in Romania.” - Adrian Fako“Was pretty good, especially the taxation part (was as I expected to be).” - Diana Lungu 17
  • 18. Thank You To Our GO USA! Roadshow 2012 Participants, Partners And Supporters! 18
  • 19. Thank You To Our GO USA! Roadshow 2011 Participants, Partners And Supporters! CONSULATE GENERAL OF ROMANIA in New York 19
  • 20. About the RACCThe Romanian American Chamber of Commerce (RACC™) is the oldest bilateral tradeassociation dedicated to the development of prosperous business relationships betweenRomania and the United States.The RACC promotes trade and investment between the United States and Romania andsupports its members business objectives by holding monthly events at which prominentpolitical and business leaders from both countries address bilateral concerns. We also sponsorperiodic seminars and conferences concerning business and legal issues or to highlight industry-specific business opportunities. The RACC has its own television program seen on over 300stations throughout the United States. We sponsor industry-specific trade and investmentmissions to Romania, as well as host Romanian business delegations in visits to the UnitedStates. We issue fax alerts and e-mails to keep members informed of current issues and tofacilitate business development.Why Not Consider Becoming an RACC Member?Now is the perfect time to become a member of the RACC. One of the immediate benefits is theopportunity for you to take advantage of the substantial “members’ only” discounts.The membership of the RACC is made up of businesses, organizations, and individuals currentlyinvolved in or seeking business relationships in the Romanian-American marketplace.The RACC’s mission is to ensure that all members realize tangible benefits from their involvementin the chambers activities. Our members are encouraged to work with RACC executive staff onone of our nine committees to create programs, initiatives, and benefits that members are seeking.The RACC community is a powerful vehicle to create limitless opportunity for your business, basedon our members suggestions.The RACC provides opportunities to members for:Direct Assistance: The RACC offers members direct assistance through its Custom memberServices program. In house and outsourced professional services ensure your business needs aremet with comprehensive service.Business Opportunity: RACC events and programs give members the venues and opportunity tonetwork and build business contacts. The RACC™ also co-sponsors events and informs memberson opportunities best suited to their objectives.Economic Development: RACC members are able to participate in special initiatives andprograms targeting economic development in specific areas and industries in Romania, such astourism and technology.Advocacy: The RACC listens to its membership about the issues that matter most to theirbusiness success, and conducts meetings, programs, and initiatives with key political leaders.Influence: RACC members participate in our member-led committees, enabling them to directlyimpact the activities of the chamber and the benefits of their membership.Visibility: Through RACC event sponsorship, program participation, and contribution topublications, members are able to vastly expand visibility for their businesses.Savings on Programs: RACC members receive discounts on RACC services, events,publications, as well as events and programs of affiliate groups and organizations.To join, contact Jay McCrensky, Executive Director, at +1 (240) 235-6060 or visit our website at www.racc.roand click on the Membership. 20