Anantara Bophut Samui Thailand Holiday Activities


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Anantara Bophut, Koh Samui Thailand Holiday Activities. About Anantara Vacation Club: We offer top Asian Holiday destinations like Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok, Maldives and Bali with discounted vacation package deals to experience an Anantara Getaway. Club owners can use their membership points to visit any of the 21 Anantara hotels in the most sought after destinations throughout Asia, Indonesia, the Middle East, New Zealand and China, including Bali, Sanya, Queenstown, Abu Dhabi and the Golden Triangle to name just a few. We are committed to providing Discounted Asian Holidays so your family can familiarize and explore Anantara’s Resorts.

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Anantara Bophut Samui Thailand Holiday Activities

  1. 1. Welcome to AnantaraComplete your holiday journey with us Anantara Activities A A i ii
  3. 3. CULINARY ART OF CUISINEChoose from our exciting range of classes while enjoying themagnificent feast that you can create together with our Chefs, as heunlocks the secrets, be inspired and enjoy the Anantara culinaryart of cuisine Thai Culinary Journey The Art of Thai Fruit Carving
  4. 4. Cooking Class Let our expert culinary staff teach you the secrets of one of the world’s most renowned cuisines so you can dazzle friends back home. Visit markets with chefs to gather ingredients, then take part in a cooking class that is tailored to the level of detail you desire. We’ll even We ll provide you with a cookbook and other essentials to take home. Price: 2,600++/person (only one person in class) 2,200++ /person (two more persons in class)
  5. 5. The A f Thai F i C iTh Art of Th i Fruit CarvingHands on step-by-step instructions are given so you can perfect the art ofcarving fruits and vegetables into b f d bl beautiful fl f l flowers, an integral part of the l f hpresentation of delectable Thai foods.850++ Baht per person
  6. 6. Cocktail Mixing ClassShare recipes and tips from our Master bartender in his very ownsurroundings at The Eclipse Bar.Learn the art of mixing techniques, sprits and ingredients to getthe perfect cocktail and organize p gunforgettable parties.Price: THB 750++ per person 750
  7. 7. Dining by DesignCelebrate the beginning of your life together with a romantic private dinner, and youchoose the location. Toast on the beach, listening to the ocean under a fantastic myriad of h h l i T h b h li i h d f i i d fstars or enjoy your evening in one of our two Salas in the Garden. Then again, why evenleave your room when you can have an intimate candle light dinner on your own balcony. A must during your stay! THB 6,200.-++ per couple (only dinner) THB 6,800.-++ per couple (dinner followed by a jasmine floral bath in your room)
  8. 8. KAYAKIn the afternoon around 4 pm, enjoy rowing a Kayak around Bophutbeach bay.Price:Sea Kayak single THB 300/hourSea Kayak double THB400/hour
  9. 9. YOGA Meet at the Sala House for Hatha Vinyasa Yoga class designed for beginners and all levels are g g welcome. Exploration of alignment, focus is on developing balance, strength and flexibility. , g y Price: THB 600 baht per person per hour (Pri ate class) (Private
  10. 10. PERSONAL TENNIS TRAINER This class is good for beginners and good for improving your backhand and forehand, we also have classes for kids•Tennis court Price: THB 350 .- per hour•Tennis racket Price: THB 180 .- per hour Tennis .•Tennis Partner Price: THB 800 .- per hour *include coach and racket*
  11. 11. MUAY-THAI (Thai Boxing)Get fighting fit with Thailand’s traditional martial art Thailand sform. Thai boxing classes held at our inspiring lily pondgarden let you learn from our internationally qualifiedMuay Thai boxing trainer.M Th i b i i Learn to know the basic of Thai Boxing and how to use the knees, legs and elbows as a weapon!!! Price: THB 600 baht per person per hour (Private class)
  12. 12. Baan Ling Noi Kid’ Cl bB Li N i Kid’s ClubAt Anantara Bophut we believe our younger guests deserve memorableexperiences that are just as rewarding as yours That s why our Baan Ling yours. That’sNoi (Little Monkey) Kids’ Club offers a terrific range of unforgettablyfun activities designed to motivate, develop skills and make new friends.Building sandcastles, playing mini garden soccer, hunting for treasure or sandcastles soccerbatik paintings all keep your little treasures safely entertained for hourson end, leaving you free to unwind.
  13. 13. SPA SECRETSLearn the basic massage techniques at our breathtaking award winningAnantara Spa and don t forget to bring your partner. don’t partnerPrice: THB 500++ per person per hour Price: THB 500++ per person KIDS CLUB
  14. 14. Enjoy your activities…