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2009.04.01.Idr Saa S Club Alliances 1er Avril 2009
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2009.04.01.Idr Saa S Club Alliances 1er Avril 2009


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Programme IDR pour le SAAS avec le Club Alliances-présentation du 1er avril 2009 à l'Innovation Center de Noisy le Grand

Programme IDR pour le SAAS avec le Club Alliances-présentation du 1er avril 2009 à l'Innovation Center de Noisy le Grand

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Programme IBM SaaS Specialty Anne Carriere, Manager ISV & Developer Relations
    • 2. ISV and Developer Relations – Transforming to serve the Global Ecosystem We aspire to drive market leadership for IBM by building a community of skilled IT students, professionals, and partners who passionately use, recommend, and add value to our products and solutions. ISV & Developer Relations Mission
    • 3. IBM SaaS Partner Program Collaborate Collaborate & Enable Market Deliver IBM Software as a Service
      • Community
      • Market Research
      • Education
      • Enablement & Technical Resources
      • Specialty
      • Branding
      • Awareness
      • Demand Generation
      • Channel Development
      • Technology
      • Scalable, reliable and open-standards software
      • Server and Storage solutions
      • Managed Hosting Services
    • 4.
    • 5. IBM Offers Collaboration & Knowledge Exchange SaaS Community
      • Education
      • Whitepapers
      • Podcasts
      • Access to Blogs
      • Market News
      • Enablement
      • Virtual Innovation Center courses
      • Consulting support
      • Collaboration
      • Newsletter
      • Connection Events
      • Value Net
      • CRITERES:
      • PartnerWorld Member
      • SaaS Interest Selected
    • 6. Education via IBM Virtual Innovation Center
      • Easy access to Software as a Service technical enablement resources
      • available around the clock and around the world
      • Support you need…when you need it!
      • Technical courses & sales education
        • Access comprehensive courses on financial modeling, business processes, and technical considerations of SaaS solutions.
      • Technical support (Live chat in 8 languages)
        • E-mail response to simple or in-depth technical questions and issues
      • Skills enablement
        • Architecture consultation
        • Porting and testing labs
        • VPN access to IBM servers and middleware
      SaaS Community Benefit
    • 7. Enablement at
        • Online Collaborative venue for SaaS companies
          • SaaS Technology providers.
          • Consultants.
          • Outsourced development.
        • Establish new relationships
        • Develop innovative business models
        • Share group intelligence
        • Drive Market change
      Enablement In-House Platform as a Service SaaS Community Benefit
    • 8. IBM Innovation Centers
      • 30+ centers worldwide
        • Paris, Casablanca
        • La Gaude .
      • Secure porting labs
      • Expert technical assistance throughout development cycle
      • Latest hardware & software
      • Workshops and seminars
      • Software development tools
      • Onsite and remote access
      Design, architect, education, porting and enablement services for IBM Business Partners
      • Expand business opportunities
      • Lower development costs
      • Get your products to market quickly
    • 9. IBM Offers Resources & Benefits to Build Effective Marketing Campaigns SaaS Specialty
      • Awareness
      • Customer Success Stories
      • Partner Podcast
      • Solution Demo
      • Demand Generation
      • Marketing Consultants
      • Showcase Listing
      • SaaS Campaign Designer template
      • Branding
      • Powering on Demand applications Logo
      • CRITERES:
      • PartnerWorld Advanced
      • 2 IBM technologies (IBM Hosting, IBM Hardware, IBM Middleware) used in SaaS solution
    • 10. PWIN PartnerWorld Industry Networks Administrations publiques Assurance Commerce de gros Télécommunications Automobile Education Commerce de détail Banques Media & Loisirs Santé & Sciences de la Vie Marchés Financiers Industrie Energie & services Transport & Voyages
    • 11. Campagne par industrie Co-Marketing Aide à la vente Vitrine de vos solutions applicatives IBM Business Partner Application showcase Télemarketing Accès aux avantages PWIN pour les Partenaires SaaS Specialty Séminaires clients chez IBM Organisez vos séminaires clients gratuits dans les locaux IBM : Forum centers , Innovation center Pipeline Generation Détection de projets par agence dédiée Event Participation nouveau bénéfice depuis juin 2008 Optimisation de votre visibilité sur Internet ( Google..) Conseils d’une agence interactive emailings Mailings avec Référence client Advanced Advanced
    • 12. IDR : Partenariat Editeurs SaaS en résumé
      • L’accès au statut PartnerWorld Advanced nécessite la déclaration d’une installation client qui utilise au minimum 2 des 3 technologies suivantes :
        • Serveurs IBM
        • Middleware IBM (Tivoli, DB2, Websphere, Lotus)
        • Hébergement SaaS
      • Editeurs SaaS Specialty
        • Etre éditeur PartnerWorld Advanced
        • Avoir une solution commercialisée en mode SaaS
        • Logo powering on demand
      • Votre contact IDR – IBM Innovation Center
        • Michel Lara – [email_address]