OpenStack in action 4! Cloudwatt Public Cloud : OpenStack based, secured, big data enabled
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OpenStack in action 4! Cloudwatt Public Cloud : OpenStack based, secured, big data enabled

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Cloudwatt Public Cloud: OpenStack secured and Big Data enabled. Régis Allegre & Daniel Pays. ...

Cloudwatt Public Cloud: OpenStack secured and Big Data enabled. Régis Allegre & Daniel Pays.
Paris, 5th December 2013 : OpenStack in Action 4! organized by eNovance, brings together members of the OpenStack community.

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  • 1. Cloudwatt Public Cloud: OpenStack based, Secured , Big Data enabled Daniel PAYS Chief Technology Officer Régis Allegre VP Software Engineering @HappyKing
  • 2. - One of the biggest OpenStack deployment in EU - Competitive cloud services to French & European companies Building a European Leader -  Security, privacy and resiliency compliant to the French & European legislation and regulation requirements -  Joint Venture (Orange, Thales & French Gov.) -  Making the most of IT expertise of these industrial stakeholders -  Starting from scratch
  • 3. Open Source Reversibility Transparency Sovereignty « No legacy » « Low cost » Security Data localization An Open Source DNA - Security (no backdoors…), - Co-innovation (no patent trolls) - Openness & interoperability (no lock-in) - Operation cost cutting and aggressive pricing" - Sovereignty: Mastering our foundation technologies" - Independence and freedom (no technology lock-in)
  • 4. - Active community and quantum leaping numbers of contributors ! - Hybrid ready ! - Innovative ecosystem - Timely releases - "Meritocracy" (even small players can contribute and impact) - Support (from community and professional services) - Audience gaining in Europe - Major players involved Why betting on OpenStack? But… Any regrets so far?
  • 5. Year 1 Achievements – Basecamp Product Delivery -  Sep'13 Release: Secured Storage Service -  -  + Cloudwatt-Box, both leveraging Swift 6000 customers Selected clients piloting the compute offering Organisation & Ecosystem -  Dynamic ecosystem of partners, both vendors Technology Contributions - SDN and Smart Placement - "Hadoop on Savanna on Havana” - OpenStack docs full translation to French - Erasure code & Geo-replication with Ceph and integrators -  Software Factory & Openstack Contribution capability in place Open Stack in Action 4 – Paris - December 5th 2013
  • 6. Big Data Focus: Hadoop On Savanna On Havana CW opportunities Key Challenges: Mul7-­‐tenancy   Workload  Distribu7on   Service  State   Management   §  Flexible  workload   §  Informa7ve  real-­‐7me  usage   §  Secure  usage   Openstack + Savanna §  User  centric  portal   §  Automated  and  scalable  system   Self-­‐service   Rapid  Provisioning   Elas7city   §  Highly  configurable  network   §  Adap7ve  storage   §  Distributed  and  smart  placement   CPU CPU   Storage   Network  
  • 7. Big Data Focus: Results High  storage  performance  with  distributed  storage   Secure  your  data   Deploy  opera7onal  Hadoop   cluster  within  minutes   Op7mized  resource  usage  
  • 8. Early 2014 Roadmap – The climb Delivery Roadmap •  December: Upgrade to Havana •  January: Compute Offering Ready to •  use & experiment June: Compute Offering Ready to be sold at full scale Technology Roadmap •  Ceph storage for cost efficient scaling •  OpenContrail for scalable SDN •  Docker-enabled compute for simplicity
  • 9. Questions? Don’t hesitate to visit our booth: •  Live Demo of Hadoop on Savanna on Havana – and Webinar on Dec. 17th •  Draft with Raspberry PIs to win •  Be careful if you know Python. We ‘re hiring and we may not let you go!