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3rd in the "Rewriting the Rules of Performance Testing" series. Slides for this webinar cover ways to start scaling up performance testing with the leading agile testing expert Matt Heusser and SOASTA's Dan Bartow.

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  • Thank you so much for attending this webinar. The archive will be available on our website by the end of this week. Please tell others about it.
  • Changing rules 3_performance testing across lifecycle_slideshare

    1. 1. SOASTA Webinar SeriesCLOUD TESTING RULE 3:Rewriting the Rules of Performance Testing Across thePerformance Testing Lifecycle
    2. 2. Performance Has Been a Lab Exercise Dev & Test Lab DEPLOY Production Environment Status Quo: Performance Testing is oftensmall test window prior considered hard & non-repeatable to release due to real constraints: • Linear, multi-step approaches Analyze • Non-correlated, offline analysis • Tune Code • Build Test • Adjust • Disconnected teams • Setup • Collect Environment Metrics Settings • Costly test hardware • Find Issues Run Fix • Time-intensive test setup • Inability to hit realistic scale Time-consuming testing limits deployment options
    3. 3. Do We Spend Time Where It Counts? Many approaches are process and pre-test heavy Traditional Approaches TEST BUILDING HW Setup TEST ANALYZE FIX RETEST REPEAT? TIME BUILD H W TEST H W TEST H W TEST H W TEST H W TEST Extra ANALYZE ANALYZE ANALYZE ANALYZE ANALYZE S FIX S S S S time! FIX FIX FIX FIX e e e e e t t t t t u u u u u p p p p p Eliminate constraints and TEST MORE, at SCALE, in LESS TIME Agile approaches deliver results fast
    4. 4. Continuous Performance Testing is Progressive Dev & Test Lab Production Environment Start Include Hit expected Rechecksmall, early to performance scale in Test in regularly for Plan forroot out code- focus in staging and Production regression growth level issues iterations maintenance and capacity windows Keys to agile performance testing? SPEED – SCALE – COST
    5. 5. Performance Bugs Know No Borders Issues span teams, time and scale Latency between systems Network Network configuration Capacity limits & Ops Network bandwidth CDN file placement Conflict with other appsStage / Team DNS routing Load Balancer configuration Firewall max capacity Auto-scaling failures Unbalanced web servers Max sockets exceeded Release & Deploy Slow third-party plug-ins s Global latency variance Security bottlenecks Caching issues and benefits Search technology limits Default configuration settings Inadequate server resources Garbage collection Memory leaks Memory leaks Database thread counts Dev Slow pages & Test Inefficient database queries Code bugs Method-level tuning Test Lab Staging Production (100% +++) Scale and Time
    6. 6. Complete Performance TestingProactive and Predictive Track performance regression (and progression) over time! Performance Coverage Status Begin to track performance coverage across a range of critical objectives!
    7. 7. Let’s Look at the NEW RULES Performance Testing: Early, Often, Always Matt Heusser
    8. 8. Q&A Questions & Answers will post on CloudLink: Previous & Upcoming SOASTA Webinars:Stop Cheating & Start Running Realistic Tests (w/ Scott Barber) Run More Tests & Find More Issues (w/ Neil Gunther) Contact SOASTA: Contact Matt Follow Matt: 866.344.8766 Follow us: