Automated Testing and Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps: Jenkins & CloudTest in the Cloud


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Build, Test, Deploy Mobile Apps with a fully automated Continuous Intergration the Cloud...for free...

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins creator, and Mark Prichard of CloudBees join SOASTA for a demos and discussion of CI for mobile in the cloud. From Nov. 15, 2012 webinar. (a repeat of Sept 27, 2012 webinar)

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Automated Testing and Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps: Jenkins & CloudTest in the Cloud

  1. 1. and Present Jenkins and CloudTest for hands-free mobile app deliveryWebinar 1
  2. 2. Fully Automated Dev-Test-Deploy in the CloudTODAY’S PRESENTERSKohsuke Kawaguchi: CloudBees, Creator of JenkinsMark Prichard : CloudBees, Product ManagementMatt Solnit: SOASTA, Director of EngineeringModerator: Brad Johnson, SOASTATWO COMPANIES, A SINGLE SOLUTION - the leader in Mobile and Cloud Testing - the home of Jenkins in the Cloud Together, we offer a complete cloud-based service: Continuous Deployment with Mobile Test Automation 2
  3. 3. • Poll question• Jenkins and Continuous Deployment• Mobile Test Automation with CloudTest• Continuous Deployment and Testing for Mobile Apps• Q&AQuestions:Submit in the question box during event 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. KohsukeKawaguchi @kohsukekawa 5
  6. 6. Have you met Jenkins? o #1 OSS CI server o Written in Java o About 7 years old o Easy to install/use o Extensible via 600+ plugins o Widely adopted o 47K+ installations o Kohsuke is Jenkins creator/project lead
  7. 7. Why Jenkins for mobile development?o To let developers focus on developing o Leave building, packaging, testing, distributing to a computer o Make the right thing the easiest thingo Many, well-adopted mobile development plugins o Safety in numberso “Distributed builds” for scaling with workloado “Matrix project” for easy cross device testing
  8. 8. More mobile+Jenkins love we won’tcovero TestFlight / Appaloosa / Zubhium plugins o Other continuous app distribution optionso Details of Xcode plugin o Signing stuff, etc.o Android lint plugin o Parses & visualizes the result of static analysis
  9. 9. o First End-to-End Mobile App Test Platform • First Cloud-Based Load Testing Solution • First Global Test Cloud (17 Countries, 100 Cities) • First Mobile Test Automation “Platform” • First real time RUM for web and mobileo Over 350 Global Corporate Customers • 10,000 Mobile Developers and Testers use CloudTest • Over 1,000 Mobile and Web Apps are Tested with CloudTesto Award Winning & Patented Technology • Named by Wall Street Journal Top 50 Hottest Companies three years running • Gartner Visionary Leadero Over 100+ Employees US, EMEA 9
  10. 10. Matt Solnit @msolnit 10
  11. 11. • No jailbreak required• No tethering required• iOS 5.0, 5.1, 6.0• iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5• iPad 1, 2, 3, 4• iPad mini• Simulators 11
  12. 12. • No “rooting” required• No tethering required• Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and later• Phones, tablets, and emulators 12
  13. 13. Beta Users Devs Check in(ad-hoc server) ☐ Test ✓ Pass Source Code Repository Results ☐ Fail Check out Run Jenkins Slave Tests (Mac) Execute on Push to Devices Device Real Devices 13
  14. 14. • Download CloudTest Lite from our website (• Free for a single device• No expiration• Free support via CloudLink forums 14
  15. 15. MarkPrichard @mqprichard 15
  16. 16. Mobile CI with Jenkins in the Cloudo CloudBees PaaS is the platform for Jenkins in the Cloud o Build resources available on-demand o iOS builds run on dedicated slaves managed by Jenkins o Android builds run completely in the Cloud o Multi-device, parallel build/deploy/test configurations o Integrated code quality, test coverage and result metrics o Beta distribution via TestFlight/Appaloosa/Zubhium plugins
  17. 17. CloudTest with Jenkins in the Cloudo True cloud-based automated testing solutiono Test service defined and managed by CloudTest serviceo iOS/Android builds integrated with CloudTest serviceo Easy to configure via CloudTest Jenkins plugino CloudTest dashboard fully integrated with Jenkins consoleo Automated mobile test results integrated with Jenkins build managemento Build promotion, release gating based on CloudTest metrics
  18. 18. Thanks & Q&A RESOURCES Knowledge Center •White Papers •Blog: Jenkins for Android •Webinar •Blog: Jenkins for iOS Recordings •Blog: Jenkins with CloudTest •Case Studies CloudLink •Platform Services Community •Frameworks •Support •ClickStarts •Tutorials •Video Contact SOASTA: Contact CloudBees 866.344.8766 1.781.404.5100 Follow us: Follow us: 18