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eBook: How to Get Started in the Cloud



You're ready to move to the cloud but now what? This eBook from CloudSwitch describes real-life examples and use cases of enterprise deployments in the cloud, including a range of application ...

You're ready to move to the cloud but now what? This eBook from CloudSwitch describes real-life examples and use cases of enterprise deployments in the cloud, including a range of application workloads and target clouds. Answers questions such as where to start, what to move to the cloud and how to make the cloud a seamless
extension to your data center.



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    eBook: How to Get Started in the Cloud eBook: How to Get Started in the Cloud Presentation Transcript

    • How to Get Started in the Cloud Applications that Work for Cloud Computing the enterprise gateway to the cloud eBook
    • Table of Contents Our Mission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Application Development & Testing . . . . . . . . 5 Federated Cloud Capacity On Demand . . . . 7 Labs On Demand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Hosting Infrastructure in the Cloud . . . . . . . . 11 About CloudSwitch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
    • Our Mission Our mission is to help enterprises run their applications in the right cloud computing environment, where and when they need it—securely, simply and without changes . We protect enterprises from the complexity, risks and potential lock-in of cloud computing, freeing them to leverage the cloud’s advantages in cost and business agility . Unlike most cloud innovation today, we see the cloud from the perspective of the enterprise, extending the tools, security and perimeter of the data center out to the cloud . 3
    • Introduction Cloud computing has definite appeal for temporarily or occasionally, are especially These applications have emerged as good your company. You understand the benefits attractive targets for cloud deployment, candidates because they address resource and advantages. Cloud providers such as where resources on demand provide a constraints, while allowing companies to be Amazon, Terremark, Rackspace, Microsoft, huge cost advantage. We have grouped agile, flexible and responsive. With Cloud- Savvis and others are building offerings to these applications into four use cases and Switch, applications remain tightly integrated meet your enterprise requirements. And provided customer examples to help you with your enterprise data center tools and you’re not alone. A recent report from the better understand how you can apply them policies, and can be moved easily between Yankee Group shows that adoption of the to your particular environment: different cloud environments and back into cloud is accelerating, with 24% of large the data center based on your business » Application development and testing enterprises already using Infrastructure-as- requirements. » Federated cloud capacity on demand a-Service (IaaS), and another 37% expected to adopt IaaS within the next 24 months » Labs on demand The cloud provides an attractive on-demand » Hosting infrastructure in the cloud alternative to endless build-outs of traditional computing. All well and good, but where do you start? What do you move to the cloud? How do you make the cloud a seamless Large enterprises using extension to your data center? infrastucture-as-a-service At CloudSwitch, we work with customers (iaas) 2012 ranging from market-leading Fortune 1000 to mid-tier enterprises. We’re seeing specific 61% IN applications emerging as best candidates to 2010 24 61% IN MONTHS leverage the cloud. To become familiar with 24 MONTHS 2012 the cloud experience, companies often start 24% NOW with applications that are not critical to day- Source:  “Anywhere Enterprise: 2010 U.S. Cloud Computing FastView Survey,” Yankee Group to-day business operations. Applications that 4 have “surge” aspects, or require resources
    • Application Development & Testing Application development and testing Moving this application development and And with CloudSwitch, your developers can consumes large quantities of your data testing lifecycle to the cloud lets you: build and test applications in the cloud as if center resources. The need for compute they were in the data center, and then easily resources fluctuates throughout your » Provision your data center with only the bring the applications back INTO the data application development lifecycle – for resources needed for your steady-state center as you go into production. You have example, when 100 servers are needed for operations, saving you substantial capex the control you need throughout the develop- two weeks to load-test a new application, and moving non-production environments ment process, with the capacity and flexibility or when developers in multiple sites need out of your production resources you need so your data center resources are servers for initial prototyping. You typically not impacted. » Provide your development and QA plan for these surges by provisioning for organizations with the flexibility to peak usage. “turn on” capacity when they need it The result: during downtime in the lifecycle, this expensive equipment sits idle in your » Maintain control over cloud usage and data center. But under-provisioning is not ensure enterprise security policies an option, since the applications that are remain in effect being built and tested, such as CRM, ERP and custom external-facing applications, are important to your business operations. With CloudSwitch, your developers can build and test applications in the cloud as if they were in the data center 5
    • Case study A large pharmaceutical company was being constrained by the 3-6 securely extend the internal development network to include the month fulfillment time required by corporate IT to provision new Linux cloud, using standard IT-approved images and without disruption and Windows application environments. The company identified the to existing processes. Example application components they can need to increase responsiveness to the development groups’ evolving now extend to the cloud include web servers, application servers, needs as a strategic initiative, and decided to establish a cloud-based and database servers used for prototyping, performance testing, delivery model. With CloudSwitch, administrators are now able to functional validation and pre-production qualification. With CloudSwitch, administrators are now able to securely extend the internal development network to include the cloud appLication DeveLopment & testing 6
    • Federated Cloud Capacity On Demand Cyclical events, such as tax season, holiday By leveraging the cloud for this planned CloudSwitch provides tight integration shopping, periodic reporting, marketing overflow, you can: with your data center services and cloud campaign responses, or even a merger or environments so you can seamlessly and acquisition, put increased demand on your » Leverage different cloud environments securely run planned overflow in the cloud. data center resources. These events drive together with internal resources to select CloudSwitch keeps things simple by map- increased use of internal applications such the computing resource on demand that ping applications automatically into the as CRM, Oracle Financials and SAP, as well best fits a particular workload cloud and managing all network connections. as external ones including your own custom This approach means your management tools » Scale out the compute tiers of your applications. Because these events are typi- will work in the cloud just as if an application applications without impacting your cally scheduled or planned for, you can add were running locally. Using consistent tools data center resources resources to your data center to handle and policies, applications and resources can the overflow. » Integrate seamlessly and securely with be managed with the same flexibility, security But what happens when the season is over your data center services, including and control regardless of their location. or the acquisition has been absorbed? Your load balancing and firewalls added resources can sit largely underutilized, » Use existing management tools with at great expense. your internal and cloud resources CloudSwitch keeps things simple by mapping applications automatically into the cloud and managing all network connections 7
    • Case study A large financial services company needed to scale capacity rapidly location. The resulting infrastructure provides granular, real-time control for its market analysis application as customer web traffic rose and fell over the application capacity and allows customers to be seamlessly throughout the day. The company had limited capacity within its data directed to the most appropriate resource (cloud or internal). All corpo- center and could not easily increase the number of on-premise virtual rate security policies remain in place without modification as a result of servers. With CloudSwitch, additional servers can be provisioned in the secure connectivity provided by CloudSwitch. the cloud and overflow traffic automatically routed to the appropriate Granular, real-time control over the application capacity feDerateD cLouD capacity on DemanD 8
    • Labs On Demand Customer and prospect-facing programs, By using the cloud to create “labs With CloudSwitch, you have a flexible, such as proof-of-concept testing, free trial on demand” you can solve some low-cost option to provision on-demand downloads and training, are critical to your major challenges: sandboxes where various groups within business. But these resource-intensive the organization can conduct the short-term initiatives can generate spikes in traffic » Empower internal groups to respond quickly projects they need, and then turn off cloud that are hard to predict as you plan your and cost-effectively to market demands for resources as soon as a project is done, resource requirements. Additionally, various test, trial and POC environments paying only for what they use. groups within the company are clamoring for » Support remote offices that need to resources that are just not available or within turn |on computing resources easily and budget. You want to be responsive to your inexpensively, without loss of productivity sales, marketing and developer teams, but don’t have the resources to allocate in your » Maintain control and security policies data centers or colos. over cloud usage while enabling self-service agility With CloudSwitch, you have a flexible, low-cost option to provision on-demand sandboxes 9
    • Case study A fast-growing ISV needed to build customer environments on the to this often ever-growing demand. Using the cloud and CloudSwitch fly for POCs and testing of new features before rolling these out in to “spin up” labs on demand now makes it easy for this ISV to test customers’ live production sites. The company’s data center resources new features fully without impacting their customers’ businesses. were fully provisioned and they were having trouble responding quickly Using the cloud and CloudSwitch to “spin up” labs on demand makes it easy to test new features Labs on DemanD 10
    • Hosting Infrastructure in the Cloud Marketing websites and portals are naturally Using the cloud for the overflow capacity Organizations are using the cloud and Cloud- spikey due to increased traffic from market- while maintaining a steady-state pool of Switch for rapid provisioning and scaling to ing campaigns, holiday promotions, major resources internally will allow you to: meet peak usage. With CloudSwitch you launches and more. You need to provision have the ability to easily move between resources to accommodate this additional » Automatically scale resources that ebb clouds and then pull your applications back traffic and demand. You’ve run out of data and flow as the spikes occur, paying for into the data center, with no cloud lock-in. center space, budget or power, and your colo only what you need, when you need it – is maxed out. Rather than endless build-outs and turn it off when you’re done of expensive data center or colo footprints, » Avoid expensive colo build-outs or capital you can leverage the cloud to host these expenditures for peak periods websites and portals. » Maintain enterprise control and security over cloud resources, without building out complex and expensive networking capabilities Organizations are using the cloud and CloudSwitch for rapid provisioning and scaling to meet peak usage 11
    • Case study A popular B2C website sees heavy traffic spikes coinciding with major resources through public IP addresses, while managing these same holidays and marketing campaigns. Rather than provision new equip- resources through CloudSwitch’s secure data center connections. The ment or rent more space in its colo – both expensive options – this company can use different cloud environments based on geographic company now leverages the cloud and CloudSwitch to handle peak requirements, and shut off these incremental resources once the web overflow traffic easily, giving website visitors direct access to cloud traffic has returned to steady state. Leverage the cloud and CloudSwitch to handle peak overflow traffic easily Hosting infrastructure in tHe cLouD 12
    • We hope this eBook has helped you understand how you Learn More and can get started in the cloud. With CloudSwitch, this process Let’s stay ConneCted is so fast and easy that you can be measuring results almost immediately and showcasing real cloud deployments as you Visit our website build your cloud strategy. Check out our popular blog About CloudSwitch Follow us on Twitter CloudSwitch delivers the enterprise gateway to the cloud. CloudSwitch’s innovative software appliance enables enterprises to run their applications in the right cloud computing environ- ment—securely, simply and without changes. With CloudSwitch, applications remain tightly Like us on Facebook integrated with enterprise data center tools and policies, and can be moved easily between different cloud environments and back into the data center based on the requirements of the business. Backed by Matrix Partners, Atlas Ventures and Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Watch us on YouTube CloudSwitch is based in Burlington, MA and is led by seasoned entrepreneurs from BMC, EMC, Netezza, RSA, SolidWorks and Sun Microsystems. 13