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Sherpa Tools Intro and Demo



As the #1 companion app for Google Apps, SherpaTools extends controls of existing apps to include many advanced features.

As the #1 companion app for Google Apps, SherpaTools extends controls of existing apps to include many advanced features.



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Sherpa Tools Intro and Demo Sherpa Tools Intro and Demo Presentation Transcript

  • SherpaTools Overviewand Demonstration
  • What is SherpaTools? SherpaTools is the Industrys#1 Companion App for Google Apps• Extends Google Apps controls to include advanced features like: o Shared contact management o User profile self-edit o Delegation of control o Instant Seat Purchase• Features for end-users o Directory Chatbot
  • Track Record of Success• #1 Admin App on Google Apps Marketplace• Installed on nearly 18,000 domains across 114 countries• More than 3,400,000 users served SherpaTools worldwide adoption SherpaTools has been featured in:
  • SherpaTools BenefitsAccelerate Adoption of Google Apps • Rich corporate directory features plug users into the new Google Apps instance quickly.Reduce IT Support costs • Push administrative functions down to the lowest levels, including allowing users to edit their own profiles.Simplify Corporate Directory Management • Keep the corporate directory up to date with minimum effort via SherpaTools advanced management capabilities.Establish Consistent Google Apps Best Practices • Establish consistent settings for administrator-specified groups of users.
  • How Does SherpaTools Help Administrators?Directory Manager • Create, Modify, Delete, Suspend User Profiles • Bulk Import and Export of User and Shared Contact Data • Reset User Passwords • Sophisticated Group ManagementEmail Settings Policies • Specify Gmail Settings (Email signature, time zone, language, "Send As" Alias, etc.) as Policies • Create policies >> Apply to any collection of users
  • How Does SherpaTools Help Administratators? User Provisioning Workflow • Create new user in SherpaTools • Add user as member to groups, apply user settings policies, apply access control ... All from one screen!User Profile Self-Edit • Enable users to keep their own profiles (only) up to date • Reduces workload on Administrators
  • How Does SherpaTools Help Administrators?Advanced Delegation (Premium) • Delegate specific rights to specific users for specific constituents • E.g., "Grant Frank the right to change passwords for the sales department only."Google Doc Reassignment (Premium) • Reassign ownership of Google docs for deleted users • If you dont do this, docs will be irretrievably lost when accounts are deleted
  • How Does SherpaTools HelpAdministrators?Instant Seat Purchase (Premium) • Cloud Sherpas customers can now purchase additional Google Apps seats instantly from SherpaTools
  • How Does SherpaTools Help My End-Users?Comprehensive Searchable Contact Directory • Browse or search for User Profiles, Shared Contacts and Groups • Users can edit their own profile dataDirectory Search Chatbot • Lookup contacts using any IM client
  • How To Get SherpaToolsSherpaTools• Available at no charge to any Google Apps domain (Free, Business, Government, Education, & Non-Profit)• Includes features for Administrators and End-UsersGo to Google Marketplace and click
  • How To Get SherpaToolsSherpaTools Premium (Collaboration Pack)• Delegation of Authority• De-Provisioned User Document Reassignment• Contacts Auto-Sync for Mobile• Document Ownership Transfer• Instant Seat Purchase (Cloud Sherpas customers only)Available at no charge to customers who license GoogleApps through Cloud Sherpas. Contact us to discuss.Also available for direct purchase. Contact us to discuss.
  • Demonstration
  • Suggestions and Ideas Please send your feedback, suggestions and ideas
  • Thank you for your time today.
  • Coming Soon...Dashboard & Reporting • Status, Trend, and Change analysis • Storage, Usage, Licenses, ActivityUser Deprovisioning Workflow (Premium) • Delete a user from SherpaTools • Reset password, apply vacation responder, reassign Google Docs ownership, download mbox file, and schedule for deletion in 30 days... all from one screen!
  • Easily migrate complete filelibraries to Google SitesFile Migration Utility • Imports local folders and files into Google Sites (Docs coming soon) • Folders hierarchy preserved. • Available for PC, Mac and Linux • Available for per user or enterprise license. • Free to Cloud Sherpas, Google Apps customers