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Overview of CloudShare

The CloudShare SaaS platform is a quick and easy way to share copies of your complex IT environments, online. So you can collaborate with customers, partners, and colleagues – for Demos, Proofs-of-Concept, Training, or other enterprise applications – without wasting time copying gigabytes of software or shipping machines and people. Going beyond basic webinar or “virtual lab” offerings, CloudShare solutions enable users’ extended interaction in dedicated “hands on” production-grade replicas of their existing IT, delivered as cloud-based SaaS. VMware, Cisco, SAP and others have chosen CloudShare to extend access to their virtual infrastructure from the Enterprise to the Cloud

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  • We’re successful. For a company that’s basically in stealth, done no marketing, one sales rep for a few quarters, only now establishing a US presence, it’s not too shabby!
  • CloudShare Overview

    1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL|1
    2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL|2 Leading Customers  Founded January 2007  Backed by Sequoia Capital, Charles River Ventures, and Gemini Capital  Management from Check Point, VMware, GE  Menlo Park (HQ); Tel-Aviv (R&D)  Leading F500 Customers Company
    3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL|3 Vision Provide a turnkey SaaS solution for instant deployment and distribution of Cloud-based IT of any size or duration.
    4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL|4 Problem Weeks Days Days It is difficult and expensive to provide your IT environments on-demand.
    5. 5. CONFIDENTIAL|5 Solution: CloudShare Create and provide cloud-based versions of your IT environment in 1 minute 1 Minute
    6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL|6 Create, Share, Track Cloud-based copies of your existing IT environments, offered instantly  Each end-user gets their own copy, in <10s.  Connectable to their own data, servers  Surrounded by a “mini-site” containing your documentation, clickable Visio and more  Centrally managed & monitored  Detailed analytics & reporting No software or infrastructure on- premise for you or your end-users
    7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL|7 Process Design Import Stage Assign Share Manage
    8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL|8 Users you invite enter a web- based mini-site with your branding, where they can navigate through the application. The mini-site contains relevant collateral, tutorials and options for 1-on-1 interaction and collaboration with you. Fully Branded Mini-Website
    9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL|9 The system layout screen contains the actual IT environment layout, that can be clicked to log in to and use them (web-based, remote desktop via RDP, SSH, etc.). The components can also be linked to users on-site networks, to interact with existing local systems. 1-Click Access: Real IT
    10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL|10 You have full control of ongoing environment use across prospects and channels. You can create new environments, invite additional prospects, extend evaluations, create and replicate environments, and delegate control to partners. You can also view aggregate and individual usage statistics to gain insight into the level of prospect engagement, content effectiveness and user roles. Central Creation, Control
    11. 11. CONFIDENTIAL|11 Value Proposition Build Env’t Copy Ship / Travel Install / Configure Track, Maintain Remove / Recover Without CloudShare Repeat process for each user… Time, Cash, Productivity CopyBuild Env’t With CloudShare Can be done for multiple users concurrently…
    12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL|12 Comparison Customer-Provided Data, before and after using IT Before CloudShare After CloudShare Time • 1 - 3 days to set up • 14 - 30 days to deliver • 30 – 120 days to try • 5 minutes to set up and deliver; new copies in under 10 minutes. Cost • $5k - $20k to deliver product, people on site • $500 - $1500 per Proof of Concept Quality • Out-of-date product • Scheduling conflicts • Bandwidth issues • Lost shipments, data • IT free to be productive • On 24x7, on-demand • Higher bandwidth • Tracked, controlled
    13. 13. CONFIDENTIAL|13 Summary  Innovative solution to ongoing IT challenge  Track record with brand-name customers  Immediate ROI Come give us a try!
    14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL|14 Contact  Twitter: CloudShareIT  Email:  Phone: 888.609.4440  Web: Thank you!