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Startups: Streit, Scaleup - introduction and product demo


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Christoph Streit, ScaleUp …

Christoph Streit, ScaleUp
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  • 1. CloudOps Summit 2011!
  • 2. Company OverviewHistory  Cloud Provider
 Today  Offer the ScaleUpScaleUp is a spin-out of 12-year Cloud Management Platform  !old German MSP internet4YOU! --------------------! ScaleUp has transformed into aIn 2009, ScaleUp launched thefirst public cloud in Germany cloud business software(3Tera AppLogic as cloud OS)! company! ! --------------------!Pain Point  Needed a Cloud Our focus is the cloudBusiness Platform with a self-service solution to user point of purchase —management, provisioning, the magical spot whereautomation and everything elseneeded to offer a public or the provider andprivate cloud service" consumer meet" 2!
  • 3. Leadership Team Kevin Dykes! Christoph Streit! David Anderson! Scott Sanchez ! CEO & Co- CTO & Co- Chief Architect! VP Cloud Founder! Founder! Business Solutions!- Serial technology - Co-Founder & former - 10 technology & - Cloud thought leader,entrepreneur CTO of 12-yr old MSP software patents speaker - Co-founder at 4 internet4YOU - 20 yrs. Exp. leading - 20 yrs. security exp. previous B2B tech - Deep expertise in University & Industrial - Former Director ofstartups systems & cloud Research Labs Security Portfolio at- 16 yr. exp. as web architecture - Last 6 yrs. lead Unisys technology strategist - Deep expertise w/ architect for software - Certified Information- Deep interest in CA 3Tera AppLogic projects across EU Systems Securitytechnology business Professional model innovation 3!
  • 4. Cloud ComputingValue Visibility to End-Users Business Users Developers IT-
 Admins 4!
  • 5. Cloud Adoption Problem Consumer:" Provider:"•  Is not a cloud expert
 •  Needs to support a wide range of use cases and user types
•  In general, does not know (or care) about how or why •  Has great technology inside things work
 the datacenter, that is their primary focus
•  Does not have the desire or time to learn a complex •  Wants to offer complex system/process
 technology in a simple, self- service manner!•  Wants a single, integrated platform for their IT resources •  Wants to get started quickly, and activities! without huge investments! 5!
  • 6. User Experience Expands The Market Using most cloud technology The ScaleUp Cloud Management requires complex API calls and deep Platform only requires users to click cloud knowledge… order now … <binding type="tns:AmazonEC2PortType" name="AmazonEC2Binding"> <soap:binding transport="" style="document"/> <operation name="ActivateLicense"> <soap:operation soapAction="ActivateLicense"/> <input> <soap:body use="literal"/> </input> <output> <soap:body use="literal"/> </output> </operation> <operation name="AllocateAddress"> <soap:operation soapAction="AllocateAddress"/> <input> <soap:body use="literal"/> or… </input> <output> <soap:body use="literal"/> </output> </operation> <operation name="AssociateAddress"> How many of your <soap:operation soapAction="AssociateAddress"/> <input> <soap:body use="literal"/> users or customers </input> <output> <soap:body use="literal"/> can write XML? </output> </operation> 6!
  • 7. Products focused on rapid deploymentCloud Management Platform:" Cloud App Store:"•  Self service solution for •  “The cloud without a cloud” – all everyone, not just IT the benefits, none of the cost! administrators
 •  A simple self-service “one click”•  Automated provisioning of single solution for deploying business virtual machines, multi-tiered applications – targeted at auto-scaling infrastructures and average business IT users, not packaged business applications
 IT administrators!•  Metering, user management and •  Deploy applications in minutes, everything necessary to offer a not weeks – the complexity, public, private or hybrid cloud to business rules and workflow are your users/customers ! automated and hidden from your users! 7!
  • 8. ScaleUp Platform Today User & Rights Management Support Self Service Point Metering of Ordering Purchase Billing Provisioning Multi-Tenant Capacity Mgmt Today 8!
  • 9. The Technology Stack ScaleUp Cloud Management Platform Provider or Enterprise Infrastructure 9!
  • 10. Usage Example: AppLogic 10!
  • 11. The ScaleUp Platform 11!
  • 12. Sales and Usage Models 12!
  • 13. Questions? christoph@scaleup.itTwitter: @christophstreit 13!