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Devops in the real world
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Devops in the real world


Published on

CloudOps Summit 2013, Frankfurt, 25.09.2013 …

CloudOps Summit 2013, Frankfurt, 25.09.2013
Track 3 - DevOps by
Andreas Hankel, Immobilien Scout GmbH

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. devops in the real world ImmobilienScout24 Cloudops Summit 2013 | Andreas Hankel – VP Technology
  • 2. What is ImmobilienScout24? “My best decisions all around my real estate” we are Germany’s by far most used property portal we connect real estate seekers and listers Seite 2 Our mission: Discover. Decide. Live.
  • 3. Seite 3
  • 4. The „million“ Numbers! We have a reach of over 20 million visitors per month (35% mobile) 33,000 Professional real estate listers per month 73,000 Private real estate listers / FSBO*1 per month 1,5 million listings per year Real estate seekers spend 332 million minutes per month on our web portal More than 60 million visits per month (47% mobile) *2 More than 250 million Exposé views pe month (47% mobile) *2 More than 2,6 million vendor contacs (25% mobile)*2 Seite 4 *1 For sale by owner *2 August2013 Quelle ImmobilienScout24
  • 5. IT Facts & Figures Breadth and depth more than 12.000 web pages on IS24 domain 2 Mobile Web Apps 9 iOS apps & 6 android apps & 1 Win Mobile app More than 1900 Server >230 Server Types More than 2,5 million lines of code IT Operations / Infrastructure Two datacenters (Berlin, Hamburg) Four Uplink Providers Akamai CDN Technology stack Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.X und 6.X, Scientific Linux 6.X Java JDK 6/7, Ruby, Grails, Python Spring MVC, Spring Webflow, Hibernate, JPA Oracle RAC Database, Mongo DB, MySQL, Hadoop, elasticsearch Seite 5 August2013 Quelle ImmobilienScout24
  • 6. Agile Product Development Agile - Organization Scrum since 2008 & Kanban since 2010 ~160 employees (IT) 35 teams (small, cross-functional) Dedicated scrum masters / agile coaches 2-3 weeks sprints Speed 1-weekly release cycle for core Application - 20 minutes as fast 200 stories per month 2000 defects in 2012 - 90/98% closed in 7/21 days Less then 100 currently open bugs Seite 6 August2013 Quelle ImmobilienScout24
  • 7. Who am I? I am responsible for developing, delivering and operations I am a change manager I am a mentor I enable business I search for innovation I remove barriers and build bridges I am the hedgehog in our IT wallet I am a father I am a horseman Seite 7
  • 8. What problem do we have to solve? the classic DEV vs. OPS problem Seite 8 DEV: developing new features will be able to change everything will be fast and independent Testing features in DEV use all the new tech stuff OPS: keep the platform stable Have to wake up at 02:00 am Have to know what changed OPS is not a test stage be able to fix everything the DEV stage doesn’t look like the OPS stage
  • 9. Think & Talk Seite 9
  • 10. Core Principles  think big and learn to break things (disruption)  Understand which markets, industries, service are not transparent or efficient  Reduce complexity in the core of the respective market/industry/service  customer value driven  Stop doing things customers do not value – value is decided by the customer not by us  based on insights or hypothesis’ test/learning  start small and learn fast  start small with a minimum viable product (MVP)  Done is better than done perfect  Measure to learn and learn fast – kill quickly  speed  independent services & technology layers  continuous deployment  optimize for speed and flexibility not only efficiency  end-2-end responsible teams  reduce handovers and  enable multidisciplinary actions  independent and autonomous teams buildlearn mea- sure dis- cover Seite 10
  • 11. OK, but how to get there? We have to change our mindset and behavior Seite 11 We have to set the right goals for DEV and OPS (at best the same!) We have to ensure transparency We have to share the tools We have to share the pain We have to share the success We should think DEVOPS
  • 12. I am a Manager, not a DEV or OPS I am the man in the middle between DEV and OPS I can make change happen I have to change my role from classic “command and control” management into servant leadership I have to decide if I want to remain the manager or if I want to be the coach of the team Seite 12
  • 13. I am not the only Manager I am part of a manager team I have a team of (change)managers They have to change their own role from command and control into servant leadership I have to empower them to become a coach Seite 13 Organize people to match the business
  • 14. What to do? Define clear goals and communicate them Define clear constraints Offer assistance, and be available when needed! Communicate our commitment find right minded employees Use the speed of trust Seite 14
  • 15. Devops & Agile Agile has become mainstream for product development It is necessary to involve ALL other teams in Agile Try to become a Agile company, not only a Agile IT Be able to concentrate on how to build a feature If you be Agile in a right way, you only have to scale your business Seite 15
  • 16. Where arewe now? Seite 16 We do continuous integration We do automated testing We do automated deployment We do continuous live delivery We are there. We share the tools We work on our transparency We have shared the pain We have shared the success
  • 17. Continuous delivery Seite 17 ideas products
  • 18. Devops: Seite 18 Is not a tool, but a method Is not a team, but skill Is a community movement You can exemplify it You should allow it
  • 19. leadership: Seite 19 Inspired by Jim Collins People Mindset Acting Technology
  • 20. Kontakt: Immobilien Scout GmbH Andreasstraße 10 10243 Berlin Fon: +49 (0)30 243 01-1645 Email: URL: Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit!
  • 21. Seite 21 Quellenangaben Bilder: Seite 0 - Fotolia_52303849_S_© James Thew - Seite 9 - Fotolia_51109165_S_© alphaspirit - Seite 11 - Fotolia_40298094_XS_© yuryimaging - Seite 12 – Fotolia_51716101_S_© alphaspirit - Seite 13 – Fotolia_51155523_XS_© lassedesignen - Seite 16 – 2012 James Shore and Diana Larsen Seite 17 - 7G -Tronic - © 2013 Daimler Benz AG