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On app Carlos Rego

  1. 1. Cloud hosting in actionCloud Expo Europe, London, 3rd February 2011Carlos Rego, MD & Chi f A hiC l R Chief Architect, OnApp O A @ nullmind linkedin.com/in/carlosrego g carlos@onapp.com facebook.com/carlos.rego
  2. 2. What is OnApp?The only cloud management software y g designed for hosting providers
  3. 3. What does OnApp do?Commodity hardware Elastic cloud On demand resources End users Deployment Billing Monitoring Failover
  4. 4. OnApp lets any host get into the cloudVery low entry costs Rapid time to market High density design Commodity hardware  24-hour deployment 24 hour  Optimal hardware use Monthly license  Billing integration  VLAN management F Free first year fi t  F Free support t  S ll f t i t Small footprint
  5. 5. Company info 45+ employees in US and EU 45,000+ servers deployed 100+ client clouds deployed Adding ~1 cloud per day
  6. 6. Cloud is the future of hosting  Market demand for cloud  More flexible hosting services  P Pay-per-use convenience i  Added resilience  Hosting imperative for cloud  More efficient use of infrastructure  New ways to bill for hardware resources  Higher margins per cab (>50%?)
  7. 7. Cloud hosting case study: VPS.NET  The first mass-market cloud hosting service  “Cloud hosting for everyone” y
  8. 8. Judah Johns Director o Business Development ec o of us ess e e op e @judahjohns linkedin.com/in/judahjohns linkedin com/in/judahjohns j judah@vps.net @ p
  9. 9. The story of VPS.NET VPS NET• The Idea: ease of use• The Vision: hosting anyone can do• The Goal: cloud hosting for the mass market
  10. 10. Trials and Tribulations• SAN resources and performance• Rapid growth• Unforeseeable events
  11. 11. VPS.NET VPS NET By the Numbers 26 clouds 6 cities 500+ HVs 1 year in: 40,000+ servers 30,000 servers , 9 FT devs Live launchBeta lB launch h
  12. 12. What OnApp brings to the table We can focus on de-commoditizing the VPS marketWe can work on features for end users, not infrastructureAllows us to remain competitive in a very tough market
  13. 13. Where does VPS.NET revenue come from? VPS NET High-margin p partner deals 40% 10% Rapidly-deployed Rapidly deployed hourly/daily billing Highly p g y profitable due to initial use of surplus commodity hardware
  14. 14. Future of VPS.NET & OnApp VPS NET• KVM b KVM-based virtualization d i t li ti• Private OnApp Clouds: • Universities • Corporations • Other industries
  15. 15. Thanks!Carlos Rego, MD & Chief Architect, OnApp g , , pp @nullmind linkedin.com/in/carlosrego carlos@onapp.com facebook.com/carlos.rego