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The Cloud Elements Documents Hub is the first API that unifies Document Management across the industry’s leading cloud document and file storage services.

When provisioned via Cloud Elements, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint and SkyDrive automatically plug in with our enterprise-class monitoring and logging console - providing real-time visibility into the performance and availability of these services.

Cloud Elements’ “one-to-many” approach allows you write to one API and connect to all the leading services in the Documents Hub. A uniform API provides the ability to search, store, retrieve and manage documents and files across leading services.

Our Elements support your multi-tenant application. One Element manages connections with an unlimited number of “instances” of each service. So you can have thousands of Google Drive or Box accounts connecting with your application.

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Cloud Elements Documents Hub

  1. 1. Documents Hub ∂ ∂
  2. 2. Overview Cloud Elements is a cloud-to-cloud integration service that uses a one-to-many approach to connect your application with entire categories (e.g., CRM, Documents, Marketing Automation, Messaging) of services, each category through a single API. Our product is specifically designed for anyone who’s developing an app and needs to connect it with the cloud services being used by their customers. Confidential & Proprietary
  3. 3. What makes Cloud Elements unique? Our one-to-many approach. • Write to one API and connect to all the leading services in a category. • Why have one, when you can have many? Our connectors (Elements) are multi-tenant. • Unlimited capacity of “instances” for each service. • Support thousands of Dropbox accounts, or Box accounts connecting with your application. We’re a developer-centric service. • Built with a REST API. • Can be transparently integrated into your application. Confidential & Proprietary
  4. 4. l ELEMENTS
  5. 5. ELEMENT HUBS Your App Documents Hub Logs Dashboard Alerts Uniform API ∂ ∂ Events One-to-Many integrations mean you write to one API to access many services!
  6. 6. One API To Many Services Element Your App Element Documents Hub Element Element Element To Very Many Users ... Instance Instance Instance Instance Instance Instance ... Instance Instance Instance Instance Instance Instance ... Instance Instance Instance Instance Instance Instance ... Instance Instance Instance Instance Instance Instance ... Instance Instance Confidential & Proprietary Instance Instance Instance Instance
  7. 7. ELEMENTS BENEFITS Integrate cloud services in a fraction of the time! • Zero coding with our plug-ins. • One API to access an entire category of services. • Consistent APIs between Hubs. 5 times lower cost of ownership! • Elements are priced at a fraction of initial development cost Give your customers more options! • Maintenance is included! • Expand your market reach by integrating with all of the services your customers are using. • Monitoring and logging for all of your services, all in one place. • New „Elements‟ are released monthly. • You don‟t have to worry about customer authentication, we handle it for you! Confidential & Proprietary
  9. 9. INTEGRATE FASTER Select It Provision it Tag It Integrate It Monitor It Maintain It Select from a growing catalog of cloud service connectors (Elements) Provision your Elements either from our console or directly via API calls „Tags‟ enable highly granular, searchable tracking and monitoring Integrate to a category (Hub) and automatically connect to multiple cloud services Alerting, Logging and Analytics all in one place for all of your cloud services Sit back and relax when your app is done; we maintain the Elements for you Confidential & Proprietary
  10. 10. SECURE LOGIN • Secure access to the Elements Manager User Interface • Multiple single sign-on options including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, GitHub and many others
  11. 11. SELECT ELEMENTS • Select Elements from our extensive catalog • Adding an Element is as simple as selecting Add Element and following the provisioning wizard
  12. 12. PROVISION ELEMENTS • Enter / Validate the configuration associated with this Element Instance • Credentials remain in place indefinitely – until the Instance is deleted • Supports unlimited number of credentialed Instances
  13. 13. AUTHENTICATION VIA CLOUD SERVICES • OAuth Provider is via the selected Cloud Service Vendor • No fussing with User Credentials or User Tokens – handled within the Element Instance
  14. 14. TAG ELEMENTS • Tags uniquely identify each instance of an Element • Provide a quick way to label, track and report usage by instance • Tag by environment, application and/or any other designation (e.g., region, division)
  15. 15. ELEMENT Instances • Once provisioned, the credentialed Element is an Element Instance. • A Token is used to directly access an Element Instance – and interact on behalf of the credentialed User • Supports an limited number of Element Instances
  16. 16. MONITOR MY ELEMENTS • Consolidated monitoring and alerting for all of your Elements • View the throughput, performance, usage and capacity for each Element • Alerts are triggered based on thresholds • Access details for each element
  17. 17. MAINTAIN MY ELEMENTS • Element Manager consolidates all of your Vendor alerts and notifications into one place • All log activity for each API call is organized and consolidated for quick reference • View log activity by elements and tags – across any date range
  18. 18. MULTIPLE CODE CHOICES • Plug-in code is provided in both Java and Ruby (C#, PHP, Python on the way)
  19. 19. GITIT INSTANTLY • When logged in using GitHub account, code can be automatically pushed to your repository
  20. 20. DOWNLOAD CODE The code can also be easily downloaded directly.
  21. 21. VIEW DOCUMENTATION • You can view the documentation for all our Elements by following this link: •
  22. 22. INTERACT WITH ELEMENT INSTANCES Element Instance: 8e7c2fa63e8755227a8c1ebcf17ef12d Element Your App Element Element Instance: c7a0116a765d3526c601d882a0eb0a9f Element Element Instance: 39f69d3c3ee0a0224ba70a0a8ed62da2 Element Element Instance: 9a31f3a38325b5cd80599ae82a2523df Element Element Instance: 0eecb67c9c2b26ddf287e960e6c7a9b3
  23. 23. ELEMENTS DELIVER VALUE One API integrates entire Categories of Services! • • • • • • Uniform APIs dramatically reduce the cost & time to integrate Multi-tenant connectors enables unlimited user accounts Quick Integration with code plug-ins for Java & Ruby Easy support with Consolidated Monitoring, Logging and Alerts Rapidly Growing Catalog increases services you can offer We take care of the API Maintenance for you Confidential & Proprietary
  24. 24. TESTIMONIALS Customers, Press and Analysts “The Cloud Elements Documents „Elements' take a huge amount of pain away from us. Not having to worry about ongoing API changes from the various cloud document storage providers means that we can integrate with their services much faster, on a larger scale and more reliably than we could on our own.” -Slidefish, CEO, Neil Smith "Using Cloud Elements' 'one-to-many' approach is allowing us to integrate to all of the leading cloud document services in less time than it would have taken us to integrate to just one service." -Marc Haverland, CTO, TrackVia “…some iPaaS solutions are no longer an ideal option for SMEs… Cloud Elements fills this gap with a lightweight and “one-to-many” approach that helps reduce the development effort involved in cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premise integration.” -Saurabh Sharma, Senior Analyst, Ovum “If you‟re a developer who wants to connect your application to the popular cloud storage options, wouldn‟t you rather write to API as opposed to a half dozen or more?” Confidential & Proprietary -Barb Darrow, GigaOM
  25. 25. CONTACT US Gary Gaessler VP Sales & Marketing " PHONE t 1(303) 570 0003 % Confidential & Proprietary EMAIL Social  @ggaessler