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Presentation given by Prakash Baskaran at OCC Bangalore Meet.

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Pawaa OCC Presentation

  1. 1. OCC Bangalore Presentation Prakash Baskaran Control Protection © Pawaa Software Freedom 1
  2. 2. Industry Pain Points Index Control Protection © Pawaa Software Freedom 2
  3. 3. Recent Data Leak News © Pawaa Software 3
  4. 4. Recent Data Leak News © Pawaa Software 4
  5. 5. Recent Data Leak News © Pawaa Software 5
  6. 6. Recent Data Leak News © Pawaa Software 6
  7. 7. Recent Data Leak News © Pawaa Software 7
  8. 8. Recent Data Leak News © Pawaa Software 8
  9. 9. Defences everywhere Network Level Firewalls Content filters Email filters IDS, IPS, UTM Network controls Desktop Level Anti-virus Identity Mgmt Access controls Customers Device locks Suppliers & vendors Encryption Partners & Consultants VPN/WEB Remote Employees but data leaks continue.. © Pawaa Software 9
  10. 10. Source of Data Leak: Insiders Traditional Approaches Not Enough Offline activities at endpoints Clipboard and screenshots Privilege abuse Removable media Local configuration changes Logs without context Source: Ponemon Institute Too many point solutions 87% of insider attacks involved authorized User Intents not deciphered persons using legitimate commands. -US Secret Service Insider risk management Through 2008, insiders will account for majority of financial losses from computers needs to start with Endpoint - Gartner Monitoring. © Pawaa Software 10
  11. 11. Impacts of Data Leak © Pawaa Software 11
  12. 12. Drivers: DLP converging with GRC Key Driver Common thread between all these regulations is to protect information and control endpoints! © Pawaa Software 12
  13. 13. Pawaa Innovations & Product Portfolio Index Control Protection © Pawaa Software Freedom 13
  14. 14. Defences everywhere Network Level Firewalls Content filters Email filters IDS, IPS, UTM Network DLP Desktop Level Anti-virus Access controls Device locks Web Applications Encryption Customers Host based DLP Suppliers & vendors Partners & Consultants Remote Employees Pawaa Protects.. © Pawaa Software 14
  15. 15. Traditional Browser & Files Traditional Web Browsers Can trust but cannot verify. Problems Trusted users access information on Un- trusted computers No visibility beyond typical user authentication Simple user activities cause data leaks Files at Desktop Can easily walk away Clipboard Print Save as No audit trails available and compliance is tricky Files downloaded from web application through typical browsers can easily “walk away” © Pawaa Software 15
  16. 16. Sharing Data over the Web Traditional DLP Products Only covers this scenario: Many common situations where you must Trusted user, only using… share sensitive data within a context that is Fully trusted machine, as long as… not so “locked down” Under org’s full control, only within.. These use cases are often vital to a business Intranet environment being able to operate and compete! But what about… Only Pawaa has the technology for sharing Cloud/ SaaS /ASP sensitive information: Franchises and branches Over the browser, even in… Extranets Non-intranet situations, even with… Shared computers Unknown computers to Mobile staff with no VPN access Protect information accessed © Pawaa Software 16
  17. 17. Other Key Issues Traditional DLP Products Agent can be disabled Agent must be pre-installed on machine Solves these serious protection issues before protection starts Huge logs practically unusable Proving compliance = pull logs from Solves these serious workload issues multiple products and correlate them Pre-classify data (very time consuming) Agent must run all the time Solves these serious usability issues 24x7 monitoring intrudes on user privacy © Pawaa Software 17
  18. 18. Our Innovative Approach Implements as a browser wrapper Un-hackable (up to 4 keys) Downloaded once, 1st time user tries to Patented file format “wrapper”, works with access sensitive data any native format Works on un-trusted computers Preset IRM policies are auto-applied to any accessing in multiple types of file created/downloaded authentification IRM enforces who, where, when and how Agent is the conduit -- so data not the file can be consumed available if the agent is “disabled” File can only be consumed after policies are Only log relevant into, so easy to detect enforced suspicious activity Even for files already created: Policies can be modified Content itself can be updated Jointly protect against unauthorized access and unauthorized use © Pawaa Software 18
  19. 19. Demonstration For this demonstration… Non “locked down” scenario • No Intranet, no VPN • Everything is accessing web apps via a browser • Machine unknown to the enterprise PawaaWEBB has been deployed for the web application that needs protection © Pawaa Software 19
  20. 20. Demonstration Demonstration • PawaaWEBB – deploys as a browser wrapper • Acts as the required conduit – no access if not running • To access a secure URL – user downloads & installs once Instant protection No army of install engineers © Pawaa Software 20
  21. 21. Demonstration Desktop Client Only required while accessing secure URLs • Users – minimizes machine “overhead” (agent not running all the time) Demonstration • Admins – logs capture relevant activity (not logging “all activity for all users all the time”) © Pawaa Software 21
  22. 22. Demonstration Authentication Goes beyond just username and password • Communicates with server • Can work with many authentication methods (i.e., AD, SAML, OpenID, etc.) • Updates all policies • Rechecks components for tampering – config files, DLLs, registry entries, etc. © Pawaa Software 22
  23. 23. PawaaWEBB Screenshots © Pawaa Software 23
  24. 24. PawaaWEBB Screenshots File Download PawaaFILE Conversion Local File System Monitoring Application Monitoring Hardware Monitoring Network Monitoring © Pawaa Software 24
  25. 25. Demonstration © Pawaa Software 25
  26. 26. “View Policy” – Selected Highlights Can monitor individual fields (detect, alert, block) Can monitor click behavior within the browser “View Policy” – Selected Highlights Configure upload/download permissions by URL (including allowable file types) Data masking within the browser views © Pawaa Software 26
  27. 27. Demonstration Patented file format “wrapper”, works with any native format Un-hackable, but not just encrypting… Pre-set IRM policies are auto-applied to any file created/downloaded IRM enforces every aspect of consuming the file © Pawaa Software 27
  28. 28. Demonstration PawaaFILE wraps around any native format Displayed as a .paw file format Logo can carry client branding © Pawaa Software 28
  29. 29. PawaaFILE Screenshots © Pawaa Software 29
  30. 30. Demonstration File checks with server, when opened This allows updates to be applied, even on files “in the wild” IRM policy changes Even content can be updated © Pawaa Software 30
  31. 31. “HotDoc” Examples John and Eric (mobile salesmen) download the confidential price list to their notebooks John Eric Later: 1) headquarters updates the price list and 2) Eric quits. Admin makes both changes on the server When John next opens the Eric can’t use document, the price list the file, in content is auto-updated any way © Pawaa Software 31
  32. 32. Demonstration Server Console Only log relevant info, so easy to perform detection, forensics, and audits Even capture activity on files “in the wild” © Pawaa Software 32
  33. 33. Solutions with PawaaWEBB & PawaaFILE Index Control Protection © Pawaa Software Freedom 33
  34. 34. Integration with Cloud Applications Advantages of Cloud based Applications No Hardware No Software Huge cost savings PawaaWEBB & PawaaFILE Integration Complete audit trail on user behavior Control and security for the downloaded files and reports. Control over the user desktop and user activities such as print, screenshot, clipboard and other activities. Fills the missing web and file security for cloud applications © Pawaa Software 34
  35. 35. Integration with Open Source Apps Advantages of Open Source Applications Open Source Software benefits Widely popular PawaaWEBB & PawaaFILE Integration Complete audit trail on user behavior Control and security for the downloaded files and reports. Control over the user desktop and user activities such as print, screenshot, clipboard and other activities. Increases the adoption of Open source software and adoption of Pawaa products. © Pawaa Software 35
  36. 36. Integration with Smart Cards PawaaFILE with Proximity Cards Can eliminate the need for authentication Will open only the files that are authorized for the card holder Can carry the file policies on the card Will open .paw files faster and enforce the policies quicker Ideal for hospital and clinical environments PawaaFILE On Smart Health Cards Only authorized users can open the files Privacy, confidentiality and security guaranteed. © Pawaa Software 36
  37. 37. Hot Doc Feature of PawaaFILE PawaaFILE Solutions PawaaFILE knows the source, knows the user and so can automatically update the contents. Applications: Credit card statements, mutual fund statements, bank account statements, telephone or utility statements Eliminates the need for the user to frequently visit the web site to download Ensures constant interaction with the bank and the customer Customized ads for the users Increases the brand identity of the owner © Pawaa Software 37
  38. 38. PawaaDOCS – SaaS application © Pawaa Software 38
  39. 39. Thank you. Prakash Baskaran Control Protection © Pawaa Software Freedom 39