Matt Rechenburg - Save big bucks with Cloud Computing


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Save big bucks with Cloud Computing

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Matt Rechenburg - Save big bucks with Cloud Computing

  1. 1. My name: Matt Rechenburg My function: Project Manager of openQRM My business: CEO openQRM Enterprise My goal: Efficient (Cloud-) Computing … in short about myself
  2. 2. Cloud Computing ? Grid Computing Utility Computing Virtualization Automated deployment Distributed computing SAAS
  3. 3. OpenQRM = Complete Datacenter Management … including Cloud Computing, rapid Deployment, automated monitoring, high-availability for all services, support for multiple Virtualization and Storage Technologies, an open and fully documented API, centralized backup/restore, transparent P2V/V2P/V2V migration, support for private/public/hybrid Cloud Computing, automated Power-Management and more. All that of course fully open-source avoiding Vendor Locking !
  4. 4. So how to save money with Cloud Computing now ?
  5. 5. Let's have a look at modern Datacenters ... Datacenter providing Services. Datacenter have different Requirements . Running a Datacenter Costs money.
  6. 6. Physical Datacenter Requirements <ul><li>Datacenter require physical space
  7. 7. Datacenter consists of physical server
  8. 8. Physical server consuming power
  9. 9. Physical server consuming climate </li></ul>All those requirements scaling up linear by the number of physical Server.
  10. 10. Service Requirements <ul><li>Installation of new Server
  11. 11. Configuration of Services
  12. 12. Network Administration
  13. 13. High-Availability
  14. 14. Monitoring
  15. 15. Backup/Restore
  16. 16. Updates
  17. 17. ... </li></ul>All those requirements normally require lot of man (sysadmin) power and are scaling up exponential by the number of managed systems.
  18. 18. Systemadministrators are the bottleneck in large Datacenters
  19. 19. So let's just move ” everything” into a Cloud!
  20. 20. But wait a moment … … isn't a Cloud not just part of a Datacenter ?
  21. 21. OpenQRM is MUCH more than just a Cloud ! Some unique facts about openQRM: You can use openQRM to ”deploy” other Cloud Systems via the openQRM Cloud! You can deploy physical machines via the openQRM Cloud! Cloud Appliances requested by the Users can of course be HA! OpenQRM Cloud supports all mainstream Virtualization Technologies! OpenQRM's ”N-to-1” Fail-over saves 90% of your idle stand-by Server. Integrated automated Power-Management automatically scales the openQRM Cloud! Integrated Cloud-Billing System makes charging easy! With openQRM you have a complete overview about your Datacenter! OpenQRM provides an open API which makes integration into existing processes easy! OpenQRM is fully open-source and helps to avoid Vendor Locking!
  22. 22. So how to save money now ?
  23. 23. Automate your complete Infra-structure! This saves your sysadmin time.
  24. 24. Make the sysadmins more efficient! Provides more sysadmin time.
  25. 25. Use CloudComputing when it makes sense! Does not consume sysadmin time. QA Development Production with workload-peaks
  26. 26. Use ”intellegent” HA to save hot-standby's. Directly saves power costs. ” N to 1” fail-over Production Stand-by
  27. 27. Use power management to power off unused resources in your DC automatically! Directly saves power costs.
  28. 28. Make your own experiences with openQRM Cloud ! Free public Demo Cloud :
  29. 29. Many thanks !!! Matt Rechenburg Project Manager openQRM CEO openQRM Enterprise GmbH [email_address] Enjoy CloudCamp Hamburg