2. Sun CloudCloud Camp Las Vegas 2009 05/18


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Sun Microsystems Lightning Talk Presentation at CloudCamp @ Interop by Dan Butzer

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2. Sun CloudCloud Camp Las Vegas 2009 05/18

  1. 1. > SUN CLOUD COMPUTING Data Center Engineering Daniel.Butzer@sun.com http://blogs.sun.com/SunCloudOps
  2. 2. SUN LAS07 Data Center @ SuperNAP •Facility Engineering, Owned and operated by Switch Communications here in Las Vegas •Building out in 6 phases to help keep cost to clients (and thus our customers) as low as possible •Will be one of the largest data centers in the world when fully occupied •Sun Cloud Engineering operates systems in 4 of the 7 SwitchNAP data centers here in Las Vegas •Modular Design for power and heat processing at extreme density
  3. 3. SUN LAS07 Data Center @ SuperNAP •When full, 7000 racks, 146 MVA power, 30,000 tons of redundant AC (ten football fields under one roof!!) •PUE, i.e., ratio of total power infeed to productive power used by computers, storage, etc will be made public, expected to be among the best in the world, (Watch out for gaming on PUE claims! ) •Approx 6000 hours per year of free cooling by venting heat and bringing in HEPA filtered outside air, WHILE controlling humidity with 100% SLA • “Government” security
  4. 4. Deployment Specs – LAS07 • 4 containment units (TSCIFs) in 3000 square feet of space. Design allows for growth is 1 rack increments, 3Megawatts (x2) planned for this space = 1000 watts sq ft. • 200+ Pallets of gear received and deployed over 8 weeks start to finish • 12000+ Configuration Items in the CMDB Start here & here • Sun Blade X6250, 32GB, 2x Quad Core Xeon Grow here JUST IN TIME • “Fishworks” Amber Road 7410/J4500 • 5x Force10 “E” Switches • IP based Storage Area Network • Scales Up to 40 Gigabits Internet Ingress • JUST IN TIME MANUFACTURING = COST MANAGEMENT • More security processes, cameras, sensors than this casino • Multiple path connectivity and mechanisms between campuses • Process oriented equipment isolation, ie, Backup libraries and staging storage in one building with different access controls than the building containing the devices to be backed up
  5. 5. “This is Never going to fit”
  6. 6. Everything in its place...
  7. 7. See For Yourself •Tours Tues 1:00pm, 3:00pm and Wed 9:30am 12:30pm, 3:30pm •Tickets Here or Visit Force10's Display •Sponsored by Sun, Force10 & SwitchNAP •Government Issued Photo ID, & Signed Release / NDA required •Departs from Mandalay Bay
  8. 8. > THANK YOU daniel.butzer@sun.com http://blogs.sun.com/SunCloudOps