Absolute Radio Presenters Meeting


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A rare insight into the Quaterly internal Presenters Meeting at Absolute Radio in London

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Absolute Radio Presenters Meeting

  2. 2. 2012: THE STORY SO FAR
  3. 3. EURO 2012 ROCK ‘N’ ROLL FOOTBALL3.2 million people saw our Outdoor Advertising170,000 You Tube views of ‘What If’15,000 Audioboos of our Alternative CommentariesFM Commentary contributed to an amazing June & RAJAR
  4. 4. Absolute Radio Live15 hours of Isle of Wight coverage inc. Noel G & Elbow2 live shows from Hard Rock CallingColdplay – Live from the EmiratesLatitude, CornburyComing next – 80s Rewind with Carol Decker & SarahChampion
  5. 5. BT LONDON LIVE17 shows in as many daysGuests including Alan Davies, Andy Zaltzman,,Christian O’Connell plus Snow Patrol, Duran Duran& StereophonicsThe BT London Live Stage
  6. 6. BT LONDON LIVELive on-stage in front of 50,000 peopleTaken live on BBC News 24Interviw with all of the Team GB AthletesMarketing on-site promoting our coverage
  7. 7. YouTube BT LONDON LIVELots of Press & PR coverage of the showGreat client entertaining opportunityRevenue from Lloyds TSB, Mini, SEGAI also want to add how much I am loving the JohnnyVaughan sponsorship…you’re hammering the message forus in a time when we need to ramp up our involvement -Lloyds TSB
  8. 8. BT London LiveSnow Patrol, Stereophonics, Duran Duran, Paolo Nutini,Blur, The Specials, New Order.Dave Gorman in conversation with Damon Albarn.
  9. 9. CNNThe #SPANDATHON1 play of Gold for every Gold
  10. 10. 2012: PERFORMANCE
  11. 11. AR NETWORK REACH INCREASED 7% THIS QUARTER AND IS 10% UP ON LAST YEAR W3:11 W4:11 W1:12 W2:123,500 3,1773,0002,5002,000 1,7631,5001,000 500 0 Absolute Radio AR Network Source: Rajar
  12. 12. AR NETWORK HOURS INCREASED 20% THIS QUARTER AND ARE UP 3% ON LAST YEAR W3:11 W4:11 W1:12 W2:1230,000 25,09325,00020,00015,000 13,14810,000 5,000 0 Absolute Radio AR Network Source: Rajar
  13. 13. 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 0 5,000 W1:00 W2:00 W3:00Source: Rajar W4:00 W1:01 W2:01 W3:01 W4:01 W1:02 W2:02 W3:02 W4:02 W1:03 W2:03 W3:03 W4:03 W1:04 W2:04 W3:04 W4:04 W1:05 W2:05 W3:05 W4:05 W1:06 W2:06 W3:06 Total Hours W4:06 W1:07 W2:07 W3:07 W4:07 W1:08 BEST EVER IN LONDON. W2:08 W3:08 W4:08 W1:09 W2:09 W3:09 W4:09 W1:10 W2:10 W3:10 W4:10 W1:11 W2:11 W3:11 HIGHEST TOTAL HOURS FOR THE BUSINESS SINCE 2001, W4:11 W1:12 W2:12 25,093
  14. 14. LONDON ALL ADULTS 15+ WEEKDAY HALF HOUR SHARES London 15+ Weekday Half Hour Shares Rajar Q2, 2012 Absolute Capital Heart Magic Talk Sport Absolute Radio Network9%8%7%6%5%4%3%2%1%0%
  15. 15. LONDON 15+ MEN WEEKDAY HALF HOUR SHARES London 15+ Men Weekday Half Hour Shares Rajar Q2, 2012 Absolute Capital Heart Magic Talk Sport Absolute Radio Network10%9%8%7%6%5%4%3%2%1%0%
  16. 16. ABSOLUTE RADIO COC MOVES TO NUMBER TWOCOMMERCIAL BREAKFAST SHOW SHARE IN LONDON WITH A 45% INCREASE IN HOURS London 15+ Breakfast Show Hours W2:11 W1:12 W2:123,5003,000 2,5302,500 2,163 1,9352,000 1,709 1,643 1,5461,5001,000 432 500 0 Capital (Dave & Absolute Radio Heart (Jamie & LBC FM (Nick Magic (Neil Fox) Kiss Xfm (Danny Lisa) Network Harriet) Ferrari) (Ricky, Melvin & Wallace) (Christian Charlie) OConnell) Source: Rajar
  17. 17. SUMMARYHighest total audience for the business since 2001Network has significantly grown its listeners to 3.2 million, up 10% on lastyear and 7% on last quarterAbsolute Radio has grown its listeners to 1.8 million, highest in fouryears, up 7% on last year and 9% on last quarterThe Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show rose to a record 1.4 millionlisteners nationally and took the No. 2 commercial share slot in London. Theshow added almost 200,000 new listeners nationally this quarter (up 16%)and is up 111,000 on last year (+9%)AR Network in London is now ahead of Capital FM in total hours & share forthe first time in the history of the business
  18. 18. 750,000 TOTAL ABSOLUTE RADIO ACCOUNTS, 35,900 NEWREGISTRATIONS THIS MONTH, 64% VIA A MOBILE DEVICE Total Absolute Radio Account Registrations Legacy Desktop Mobile 800 Thousands 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Jun 11 Jul 11 Aug 11 Sep 11 Oct 11 Nov 11 Dec 11 Jan 12 Feb 12 Mar 12 Apr 12 May 12 Jun 12 Source: Internal server stats
  19. 19. 2012: STILL TO COME
  20. 20. ROCK N ROLL FOOTBALL – SEASON THREE WITH SKYCommentary on Absolute Radio on Digital Radio with SkyUpdated mobile Apps with additional live scores dataRock N Roll Football – Sunday. Music & Goals with Mark CrossleyBlue Square to sponsor Saturday morningsStoney, Perry & Tony Dorigo become a bigger part of the teamSEASON STARTS: Saturday 18th August – Arsenal v Sunderland
  21. 21. London DigitalMarket AnalogueRajar Q2:12 41% 59%