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  • Dear Sir/Mam

    This is Shrikant from India. I think I could help your business we provide high quality image/photo editing services.
    Am working as a freelance Photo shop Designer since last 5 yrs, I have a good knowledge about all Photoshop tools. I have a small team of five Photo shop experts, who are working hard to fulfill our client’s requirements; we offer best quality, fast service in a very low price
    (Price starts from .30 $ per Image), also have a discount system for large volume of work and long term customers.
    We offer these services
    * Clipping Path
    * Removing objects, backgrounds, persons etc.
    * Photo Retouching
    I look forward for a favorable response from you, you can avail the offer of 3 tests
    Pictures by sending us email.

    With Thanks and Regards,
    Skype: maskads
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Clipping path

  1. 1. Image Clipping Path Restoration/RetouchingImage Masking Hair Masking Image Manipulation Image Colouring/Enhancement
  2. 2.  Clipping Path Solutions (CPS) is a managed Indian company with an office in Coimbatore and with a business presence in Chennai and Bangalore. We live by taking companies to use outsourcing to leverage costs and time zones to benefit their results.
  3. 3. Benefits of CPS Highly proficient in Imaging Software 100% accuracy Quick turnaround time High-quality services Cost-effective services
  4. 4. Our Services Image Clipping Path Image / Hair Masking Image Manipulation Restoration/Retouching Image Colouring/Enhancement
  5. 5. Image Clipping Path
  6. 6. Level - 1
  7. 7. Level - 1
  8. 8. Level - 2
  9. 9. Level - 2
  10. 10. Level - 3
  11. 11. Level - 3
  12. 12. Image Processing
  13. 13. Image Processing…We can transform your photographs into works of art with ourskilled digital image editing services. Outsource digital pictureediting services to CPS and benefit from our accurate, professionaland cost-effective services, that includes services like  Image Enhancement & Manipulation  Image Clipping  Photo Restoration  Real Estate Tours  RAW Processing
  14. 14. Image EnhancementCPS’s professional Image Enhancement services can transform yourdigital images to make ordinary shots look brilliant. From adjustingsaturation, color balance, contrast, brightness and density of images toapplying filters, removing or inserting backgrounds, cropping and removingblemishes, noise and grains in images, we offer professional and expertservices in quick turnarounds and at highly competitive rates.Image Enhancement services:  Density Correction  Colour Correction of Digital Images  Image Cropping  Removing Blemishes  Background Insertion / Removal
  15. 15. Photo Restoration…CPS are extremely proficient in the Removal of stains Restoring of damages due to loss of pigments and chemical coats Repairing color discoloration Bringing back of moldy, torn, cracked or folded images Restoring of custom borders Removing of album glue damage Removal of tears, dirt and scratches Adding of color to black and white photos
  16. 16. Image Manipulation…Our Image Manipulation Services employ the technique of modifying animage either by adding objects, people or things in the background orforeground. Using digital image manipulation and photoshop imagemanipulation techniques we can bring about a mixture of changes such as:  Converting photos to paintings or pencil sketch  Placing missing persons or adding persons to groups  Red eye editing, changing eye color  Background replacement  Cropping and Enlarging  Removal of spots and wrinkles  Adding a watermark to your image
  17. 17. Our Company and Outsourcing Clipping Path Solutions (CPS) was incorporated in 2010 and now has over 3 years experience in taking companies through outsourcing to leverage costs and time zones to benefit their results. Our experienced staff use plain English to describe the advantages of outsourcing and can either manage the switchover ourselves or work closely with your project managers. CPS specializes in making use of web-enabled technology to help transform part of your business into an efficient low variable cost operation. Our offering includes an efficient inbound and market research call Centre; we do not do telemarketing to sell products unless it is purely for market awareness.
  18. 18. Image Clippings - Benefits Skilled, trained and professional team of imaging experts Quick turnaround time High-quality and professional services Cost-effective services Save on time, effort and resources Latest technology and software High-end infrastructure
  19. 19. How does Outsourcing to us help you? 30% saving on your current fixed costs Trim your non-productive investment costs Time freed to spend on your clients Time to focus on core competencies A trusted and long-term partnership 24x7 accessibility Guaranteed IP concerns
  20. 20. Contact Us