The Inbound Marketing Process
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The Inbound Marketing Process






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The Inbound Marketing Process Document Transcript

  • 1. The Inbound Marketing ProcessWhat Is Inbound Marketing?I have been banging my head around tons of search engine and social marketing processes fora couple years now and have heard the term inbound marketing several times. Now Iunderstand what it is even understand the basic concepts of how it works. But I have run intoquite a few people who don’t get it or tend to over think the whole process. Where I really loveto follow the KISS Principle.So with this simple definition and the use of a great info graphic I thought I would help somepeople grasp really what it is. This serves two purposes. One it breaks down a subject thatpeople have written 100 – 200 page books about into easy terms. And two it really is a cool infographicOk so lets get started.First I need to define inbound marketing or as Seth Godin refers to it permission marketing.Inbound marketing is based on the concept of earning the attention of prospects makingyourself easy to be found and drawing customers to your website by producing contentcustomers value. Simple huh I can’t believe I don’t charge for this stuff! I should write a bookentitled “Internet Marketing for the Moron” Being a moron myself sometimes I feel I especiallysuited to be a subject matter expert by now right? LOL<Get back on track Clint sheesh>Ok so search engine optimization social media marketing video marketing are all really methodsof inbound marketing. The concept is simple enough its the execution that take a bit of time.And truth be told if your looking to get rich quick on the internet please go back to your day jobbecause those days are over.Alright so we now know what inbound marketing is take this time to look over this graphic andsee how to actually do it. 1/3
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  • 3. P.S. If you enjoyed the article please click Like below!! P.S.S. By the way if you want some training on different marketing methods give it a second an my site will redirect to you the best system on the internet. Read More... 3/3Powered by TCPDF (