Live The Dream 3 – Ray Higdon And His Shiny Suit


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Live The Dream 3 – Ray Higdon And His Shiny Suit

  1. 1. Live The Dream 3 – Ray Higdon And His Shiny SuitNeed Sunglasses For That SuitIf you have never watched Ray Higdon talk you know what I am talking about. But this guy issmart as a whip. The downside is that he loves grey. More importantly is that he loves shinygrey suits. I don’t know what it is but his suits always shine under the lights.Ray HigdonWhat Did Ray Talk About?Ray started off his presentation talking about some things that can help you prepare to becomea speaker yourself. Now I have to admit that public speaking scares the heck out of me. By thetime I am done I am sweating like mad and my heart feels like its going to pound through mychest. But I want to start speaking at events how about you?Point 1) Develop your own personal story. Creating your story is your number on aspect inyour business. Having a compelling story will help get you in the door with your prospects orpotential business partners. No matter where you are in your life you can dig yourself out. Andtelling your story on how you did it is great. Learn the right way to present and share your storyand you will become a presenter and gain exposure. 1/3
  2. 2. Point 2) Don’t worry about making the sale all the time make relationships. Moving back topoint one have a great story is beginning of this relationship building step.Point 3) Learn to become a confident presenter. Number one on the list of the top earners ispresenting. If you learn presenting its going to be the most profitable thing you will ever learn.Exposure during webinars and at live events will get you tons of traffic and leads. It worksbecause your are getting people to see you as an authority. Plus its those on stage that aremaking the most money. You will start to hear stories that people come up and share with youon how you have impacted them.Point 4) The reason people buy hype marketing that they know is B.S. is so that they havesomeone to blame.Point 5) If you can get on stage and conduct a presentation your confindence level will gothrough the roof. On top of that you will get asked to train people in other businesses. This willcreate multiple streams of income for you. And not little incomes public speaking or being apresentor is a very high paid business model.Your Sales Funnel ~ If you don’t have a funnel your aren’t really a marketer. It doesn’t matterif it a funnel for your own products. You should create at least one or two products. It doesn’tmatter if you a beginner. You know things that other people do not. Other people overestimatethe technical abilities of others. So don’t sell yourself short. You know so much more thanmost people. Create a little mini product that you can sell the heck out of.Create a high quality giveaway. Create something that your really really proud of. It can besomething as simple as a little video or audio. If it solves the problem of your target prospectthen why not. What questions do you have? Answer them and turn that it into a little $5product. Within that audio or video promote the next item in your funnel.Audio is great because people will listen to it over and over again. They will actually listen tothem way more than they will listen to video’s. So create a free audio that points to a cheapvideo. Then have both your free audio and your cheap video point to a high quality more costlycourse.Presentation preparation ~ This tip is the number one thing that has helped presenters makemore money. You have to let the audience know early on that there is going to be somethingfor sale. Don’t surprise them at the end with an offer. You have to embrace the fact that youcannot chance somebodies life in 45 minutes. You have to give them a way to dive deeper withyou. So make sure that your upfront with them from the beginning.Leadership Branding ~ A lot of people have fantastic products but they don’t know how to gettestimonials. You can trade something for them. Trade a helpful audio or affiliate deal for theirfeedback. Make sure that you put them on your sales page for you products or give-a-ways. Give exposures to people who’s products that you bought. Getting your face on their salespages is building your exposure as well. 2/3
  3. 3. Exposure Agents ~ Content creators are constantly craving new content. There are people out there that are looking for talent to write for their website or print publications. Presenting gives you the exposure you need to get their attention. This will lead to invites to become a contributor and hopefully on a regular basis. In closing being a presenter during live events is a pretty big step for some people. I recommend that you start with creating video’s where you put yourself out to the world. Then carry over that confidence to hosting or presenting on webinars. Doing this will eventually get you on a stage. Being on stage and presenting solidifies your team. They are now are very confident that they have partnered with the right person. P.S. If you enjoyed the article please click Like below!! Read More... suit/ 3/3Powered by TCPDF (