Live The Dream 3 – Adam Chandler and Jordan Schultz Bring It


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Live The Dream 3 – Adam Chandler and Jordan Schultz Bring It

  1. 1. Live The Dream 3 – Adam Chandler and Jordan SchultzBring ItPreppy Guy and Beach BumI don’t know if you have ever heard of Adam Chandler or Jordan Schultz but they are a coupleof great guys. Now I have to admit that I thought they were related that look almost alike. Butthey arn’t they are just two guys who met at a live event and partnered up. Now don’t letJordan’s Hobo Bob look fool you this guy is smart as a whip. And don’t let AdamToday they are hosting their own live events for the industry and making tons of money.Here are the notes from their stage timeAdam ChandlerAdam and Jordan began by discussing the power of having a partner to build you businessestogether. They discussed how the mastermind allows you have someone to talk to. Thisperson could be going through the same issues that you. Or better yet they might have alreadyfound a way to solve a particular problem that you are going through.Adam talked about how video marketing is his marketing method of choice. His video marketingwhen he first got started was building 15 to 20 leads a day. He also added that today he isusing a lot of YouTube PPC in order to get leads. Adam also stated that when building videoseventually your going to run into the roadblock of running out of things to talk about. This iswhen your mastermind partner come in handy.Jordan stated that if he had to start over again today he would be using more Facebook 1/3
  2. 2. marketing. He stated that generating leads from there directly to his landing pages is his currentmethod of choice. He emphasized that whatever marketing method that your using you shouldwrite about what you learn on your site.Adam admitted that he was changing his strategy all the time and it really slowed down hismarketing. Staying consistent with your marketing method of choice is whats important. If yourgoing to use video to market and create content then stick with it. Don’t do it for a short periodof time and then go on to something else. Its this lack of consistency that is what is keepingmany people from being successful.Three Things You Need To DoJordan Schultz1) Consistency – Don’t let the overwhelm take you out of the game. Pick one or two marketingstrategies and then stick with it. Over time and it will pay off.2) Mastermind – Find a partner to work with now. This is the single most important thing that alot of successful people have done to make tons of money online. Having a mastermind partnerbuilds a great friendships. He or she is someone who you can relate to in your business realm. Also lets say you both want to hold a weekly webinar or radio show. If one of you is busy thenthe other can continue without you. This allows you both to get some time off while still buildingrelationships with the people following you.3) Create Your Own Product – Branding yourself through a product is the best way to buildauthority. Start creating a product as soon as possible.Final NotesAdam recommends that you stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on other people.When you do this your business will take off. They also discussed how you can use live events 2/3
  3. 3. to get your questions answered on video. For example if you had a video marketing question ask Adam and record his answer on video and there you go free content. This was a short presentation with some valuable tips. P.S. If you enjoyed the article please click Like below!! Read More... schultz-bring-it/ 3/3Powered by TCPDF (