Is The Google Disavow Tool For You?


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Is The Google Disavow Tool For You?

  1. 1. Is The Google Disavow Tool For You?Is It About Time?Ever since Panda and Penguin all but destroyed a ton of businesses that were relying onsearch engine optimization there have been a lot of people trying to figure out how to fix thedamage. Tons of people were going around trying to delete links that they had created. And abunch of others have been tirelessly been sending notices to sites trying to get their linksremoved.Matt Cutts announced at PubCon yesterday that Google has finally added a Disavow Links tool. SEO’s have been calling for this tool ever since Bing added theirs back in June. So is it timeto start discarding links?Here is the Matt Cutts Google Webmaster Help video on Disavowing Links:Whereas Bing’s user friendly tool simply asks you to submit a page or domain that you don’tlike Google’s comes with multiple warnings and is marked as an ‘Advanced Tool’. But reallyits pretty simple to use.From Google Webmasters BlogIn Matt’s video he also says you should be emailing webmasters multiple times with linkremoval requests before using the tool to disavow the last few links. He has obviously nevertried to get hold of the owner of a spammy links directory…If you’ve done as much as you can to remove the problematic links and there are still somelinks you just can’t seem to get down that’s a good time to visit our new Disavow links page.When you arrive you’ll first select your site. 1/5
  2. 2. You’ll then be prompted to upload a file containing the links you want to disavow.The format is straightforward. All you need is a plain text file with one URL per line. An excerptof a valid file might look like the following:# Contacted owner of on 7/1/2012 to# ask for link removal but got no response 2/5
  3. 3. Owner of removed most links but missed these this example lines that begin with a pound sign (#) are considered comments and Googleignores them. The “domain:” keyword indicates that you’d like to disavow links from all pageson a particular site (in this case “”). You can also request to disavow links onspecific pages (in this case three individual pages on We currently supportone disavowal file per site and the file is shared among site owners in Webmaster Tools. If youwant to update the file you’ll need to download the existing file modify it and upload the newone. The file size limit is 2MB.One great place to start looking for bad links is the “Links to Your Site” feature in WebmasterTools. From the homepage select the site you want navigate to Traffic > Links to Your Site >Who links the most > More then click one of the download buttons. This file lists pages that linkto your site. If you click “Download latest links” you’ll see dates as well. This can be a greatplace to start your investigation but be sure you don’t upload the entire list of links to your site —you don’t want to disavow all your links!When Should you Use the Tool?According to the advice about you should only use the tool if: You have received an unnatural links warning You have tried to contact the owners of low quality/spammy links to your site multiple times with no responseHowever as with any announcement like this from Google it’s likely that Webmasters whoaren’t ranking number 1 for their target keywords will ignore the official advice and there will bea rush to get as many links disavowed as possible.So here is what I am going to tell you. If you know that you were hit by Penguin and you know 3/5
  4. 4. which links are hurting you then use the tool.When Shouldn’t you Use the Tool?If your not sure you should use it then leave it alone. Plain and simple. Most people should notneed to use this tool.It will be very tempting to do a complete purge of your links and try and get everythingdisallowed. Especially if your not ranking high in the search engine.Think before you act or you might shoot yourself in the foot.If you’re on page 1 for a target keyword you might do much better by building some new stronglinks rather than submitting a giant list of links you don’t like to Google.It can take quite a while for Google to consider your disavow links so if you submit a list andlose rankings it will then take weeks to correct the problem.Links to Avoid/ Remove/ DisavowIf you’re an active SEO you should be aware of these anyway but as a refresher here Google’sguidelines on links: Bought or sold links – including in exchange for goods or services Link exchanges/ reciprocal links Link wheels Blog networks Automated link programs Low quality/ unrelated/ SEO link directories and bookmark sites Links embedded in widgets Blog and forum comments that don’t provide value Footer/ sidebar links across entire sites and networksMost of the above tactics have worked in the past and some report that they still do. Howeverthese are the sorts of links Google hate so if you or somebody on your behalf has been buildinglinks in this way and you are sure that it is having an adverse effect on your rankings thenGoogle’s Disavow Links Tool may just become your new best friend.What About Somebody Disavowing My LinksGoogle has stated that they have taken negative SEO campaigns into consideration. Theyclaim that their algorithm is more that capable of handling negative SEO campaigns. Now Ifollow tons of SEO forums and really I think negative SEO was something created to scarepeople. The “what if” crowd created the term and now a lot of people are afraid of it. Can ithappen? Sure it can. But if your practicing good business and monitoring your webmaster 4/5
  5. 5. tools anything the gets by Google should be easy to spot. In conclusion I want to reiterate that if you are not sure if you should use the tool then don’t. You can potentially hurt your site beyond repair. But if you are positive your previous linking campaigns were picked up by Google. And now your site has just tanked. And you have done everything else that you possibly can to fix it. Then give this tool a shot after all your rankings already suck so what do you have to lose? P.S. If you enjoyed the article please click Like below!! Read More... 5/5Powered by TCPDF (