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How Twitter Cards will Enhance Newsfeeds and Your Marketing Efforts
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How Twitter Cards will Enhance Newsfeeds and Your Marketing Efforts


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  • 1. How Twitter Cards will Enhance Newsfeeds and YourMarketing EffortsIn the near future Twitter feeds may begin to look a little more like Facebook. Twitter has justannounced “Twitter Cards” which are essentially tweets with content previews; for example ifyou tweet a link to an article your followers can see your tweet along with the article’s headlinea snippet of it @attribution and an image. How does this work and what does it mean for yourbusiness? Let’s explore. 140 Characters or Less… Plus VisualsTwitter Cards will come in three different forms: summary (for text and articles) photo and player(for videos). Now when someone posts a photo for example it will appear directly in theirfollower’s feeds no clicking necessary. For links they’ll be able to see a preview of the article orcontent (title and 200 characters) which will help them determine if they want to click and readmore. Twitter Cards will add visuals making feeds more content-rich and less an endless list oftext only. Each card can also include @mentions for the person or group who created thecontent and that’s where the real fun begins.Making Twitter Cards Work for YouRight now Twitter Cards aren’t open to everyone but they will be soon. The catch is that TwitterCards don’t just appear because someone posted a link. To take advantage of Twitter Cardsyou’ll have to add some simple meta tags to the HTML code of all your webpages. What thecode does is allow you to control exactly how your content will appear in a Twitter Card ifsomeone tweets it. You can control the preview text preview image and what @mentions areincluded. To learn exactly what code you need to add to get the right Twitter Card meta tagsvisit and get the raw data codes.Why You’ll Love Twitter CardsTwitter Cards are excellent tools for anyone who wants to maximize their social media presenceand reach. While a link to your content via tweet has always been a good thing it used to be upto the tweeter if they included an @mention of your business or not. It might not be until afollower clicked on the link (if they did at all) that they found out who created or provided the 1/2
  • 2. original content. Now Twitter Cards enable you to make sure you get an @attribution for every link image or video of yours that’s tweeted about. Your business name will be visible to many more eyes this way. In addition your custom preview gives you a chance to personally convince viewers to read more. This can result in (hopefully) a lot more traffic to your website. Is There a Catch? On the surface Twitter Cards seem great but are there potential downsides? Of course. For one thing Twitter Cards will take up more space in feeds meaning that fewer tweets are visible at one time. This could push your tweets out of view or even worse it could annoy followers into unfollowing you. Only time will tell how Twitter Cards will shake things up – are you ready? This valuable marketing article was prepared for you by Kathryn Thompson for SEOMAP – the keyword strategy experts. Read More... ng-efforts/ 2/2Powered by TCPDF (