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The loop's thinking space The loop's thinking space Presentation Transcript

  • The Loop / Thinking Space Engaging stakeholders through social collaboration for better business performance Celine Schillinger, Jan. 14th, 2013 @CelineSchill © 2014 The Loop Loop © 2014 The
  • The Loop / Thinking Space The World is Changing BEFORE NOW Company Company 2 © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space Business is Changing Too  Mounting pressure of constant change  The service economy*  Companies “lose touch as they grow” *Dave Gray, “The Connected Company” © 2014 The Loop Source: hnology-is-wiping-out-companies-faster-than-ever/ 3
  • The Loop / Thinking Space © 2014 The Loop © Joachim Stroh 4
  • The Loop / Thinking Space But Still the Same Organizations A  Optimized for business efficiency B C1 C2 C3 D4 D2 D5 E1  Specialization – vertical & horizontal segmentation: functions & grades E2 D1 D3  Overlay of standard process & structure across the business  Top-down spread of information, following hierarchical design D6 D7 “Harness control while setting & meeting expectations” Predictability © 2014 The Loop 5
  • The Loop / Thinking Space  Poor Internal Engagement Source: State of the Global Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for Business Leaders Worldwide. Gallup, October 2013 6 © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space What Work is Like Today* © 2014 The Loop *in too many organizations Source: Change Agents Worldwide, G+ Oct. 12, 2013 / T. Gilliam Brazil 7
  • The Loop / Thinking Space  Disconnect with the Empowered Customer The Internet and social media has shifted power to the consumer There is a disconnect between expected and actual customer experience *Source: Bain & Company’s 2006 survey of the customers of 362 companies) © 2014 The Loop 8
  • The Loop / Thinking Space Engagement “The intensity of an individual’s connection or participation with a brand or organization” Source: Weber Shandwick Canvas 8 report 2012 © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space What is the Problem? Human Issues Business Issues 10 © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space How Can Engagement Grow?  By command (“Be engaged!”)  Through external factors (tools, rewards, punishment, reorg…)  From the inside = make them want to […] = inspire them to […] (contribute, feel involved, do something, buy…) 11 © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space Make People Want to…: How? By connecting people around a meaningful purpose, and connecting with them. Community Connectedness Collaboration © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space EMPOWERMENT Connect people • Identify who they are, what they say, what they care for Connect with the people • Enable them to connect (easy-to-use beautiful digital tools, live events) • Go across silos • Move from broadcast comms to a conversation / co-creation • Remove bottlenecks Letting Go Identify the common purpose • Learn to speak their language • One of the 3 motivation drivers at work (D. Pink) • KSF: diversity – of talents; – of spokespersons • More than science, not just emotion • A dialogue mindset • At the Why level (S. Sinek) • Framed in a narrative No to: pure analytics or science-based, status-based, command & control, rigid processes. You are one of them, not above them. © 2014 The Loop 13
  • The Loop / Thinking Space What it Means to Work and Organizations  “Wirearchy”* A E  Behaviors shaped through the B usage of social media D C F  New collaborative technologies K J L N © 2014 The Loop G H  Millennials as the majority I M  Transfer to the Cloud workforce  Mobility and connecting to work “The Connected Company” * by Jon Husband In Dave Gray “The Connected Company” 14
  • The Loop / Thinking Space Source: m/sites/jacobmorgan /2013/09/10/theevolution-of-work/#! 15 © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space New Management Principles Forget Diffusion Conversation Top down Bottom up Hierarchy Reputation Structure Emergence Taxonomy Folksonomy Process Agility Security Transparency Silos Open networks Complexity Simplicity IT governance User driven technology Control © 2014 The Loop Adopt Trust Source: Cecil Dijoux 16
  • The Loop / Thinking Space In Practice: 3 Examples at Sanofi Pasteur A grass roots community connected around a cause, with a high impact Concrete outcomes of a strategic relational engagement plan Internal Stakeholders External Stakeholders 17 © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space Collaboration is not a long, quiet river 18 © 2014 The Loop Source:
  • The Loop / Thinking Space Resistance Against Collaborative Work No urging by management Ignorance of social communication operation, tools and potential Overestimation of risks Social stratification Perception of intermediary bodies to be challenged National & corporate culture Command-and-control culture Complacency, conformism, groupthink Silo mindset, politics Scientific culture Information overload stress 19 © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space My Proposed Framework for Culture Change 20 © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space Choose Trust © 2014 The Loop
  • The Loop / Thinking Space @CelineSchill © 2014 The Loop 22