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The Little Booklet to Certain Wealth with No Effort by Climate World Trade
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The Little Booklet to Certain Wealth with No Effort by Climate World Trade


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Version 1.0THE LITTLE BOOKLET TO CERTAIN WEALTH WITH NO EFFORT Copyright Climate World Trade © 2012 Version 1.0
  • 2. This report was compiled and is brought to you by You are welcome to email it to any of your friends, but more-over we want you to make money with the information contained herein. Should you have any questions or need advice feel free to contact us. THE LITTLE BOOKLET TO CERTAIN WEALTH WITH NO EFFORTINTRODUCTIONOVERVIEWTHE SECRET: WHY YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ANYTHINGGETTING STARTED: THE SUCCESS FORMULA & PRACTICAL STEPS  ONE  TWO  THREE  FOUR  FIVEGO APPLES, ORANGES, AND DALLASCONCLUSION*SCREENSHOTS with our Comments
  • 3. INTRODUCTIONWe kept this little ebook short and to the point.You want to make money, and the more themerrier, and as soon as possible. You want to invest as little as possible and get out as much aspossible. This is all and only possible on the financial markets, and more specifically forex. Forex can beoverwhelming, it scares many people when they don’t know what it is all about and how it works,and you may feel you stomach gets into a knot when you look at all those charts. Relax, this short booklet is all about how to make a fortune with forex without knowing a thingabout it. A few years ago you could only enter the financial markets when you had thousands of dollarsavailable, but around 2009 it became possible to trade directly using only your computer and theinternet, with forex-companies offering trading platforms on their websites. Today you can enterthis markets with as little as 50 US dollars, and walk away by the end of the day with 400 dollars! In this little booklet we are going to give you a very simple overview of Forex, and morespecifically, on how to become rich with it without even having to understand how it all works, witha simple practical formula that we are using ourselves and that you can test yourself before takingthe leap to real wealth yourself. For the purpose of the ‘secret’ in this book for you to be guaranteed of profits, only an account withEtoro will work, not with any other forex-company. We will explain a bit further on why. If youhaven’t opened your free, demo account yet, do so by clicking here. When opening this demo(practice) account you will also get 10 000 virtual dollars to play with. Please read this document carefully, we PROMISE that it will GET YOUR MIND RACING IF YOURREALLY WANT TO BECOME RICH. There are no catches or fees that you have to fork out, you canthink of it like opening an account at an international bank.
  • 4. OVERVIEW When you take your money to the bank you don’t know what exactly they are doing with it whenyou make an investment with them, you only know they are going to pay you out an approximateamount of money after a set period, and they will never guarantee you a certain amount. We are talking real investments here, not bank accounts with the ridiculous name ‘saving’ accountswhere it is impossible to beat inflation, or policies with slightly higher interest rates than standardaccounts just keeping up with inflation. Your bank is able to guarantee you that lousy few per cents in interest for you on a standardaccount and on a few types of policies because they make ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred times moreprofit from your money when ‘playing’ it on the financial markets and stock exchanges. They spread their risk with you money, meaning they divide your money in say ten parts and putone part each into a company in the form of shares, or by buying/selling commodities and currencypairs. Learn this lesson now, because you will be doing exactly the same at Etoro to minimize yourrisk while you reap the biggest possible profits. Even when the bank’s experienced graduated brokers miscalculate and put part of your money in acompany that go bust, the other nine companies still deliver enough profit to make up for the loss,so the overall portfolio still shows a profit. (Lesson 1: In our success formula you will also spreadyour risk.)Let us emphasize it once again here: You don’t need to know anything whatsoever about forex tomake a fortune with it, and more specifically, when entering the financial markets via eToro only. To still guarantee success you will do exactly what every other millionaire is doing: 1) Get your money to work for you, and not you working for it 2) Use the experienced guys who knows what to do when you don’t 3) Copy what the real pro’s do – if they have a history of winning then you will win tooIn this booklet you will find certain terms probably unknown to you, like ‘currency pairs.’ Don’tworry for a second about that, it is not necessary at all for you to learn or even to go through theeffort of finding out what that and other terms means. As long as you understand how our provensuccess formula explained in the second-last chapter works you’ll be fine, and you will be set to startmaking money like crazy without doing anything for it, except for checking in on your account once awhile.
  • 5. THE SECRET: WHY YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUTFOREX Now we get to, why Etoro only? By all means, there are hundreds if not thousands of reputableforex-companies with their own trading platforms on the Internet, and most of them are very good.All of them are strictly regulated by financial authorities, so chances of them disappearing with yourmoney is in fact smaller than your own local bank disappearing with your saving account’s funds.Etoro, however, has a distinct unique feature, a huge advantage, over all of them: A few months agothey integrated a social platform similar to Facebook (but for people interested in forex only) intotheir website. Initially it meant that you could ask the experienced guys what they think what you should buy orsell, and to chat about the nice green colour some bills have. You know, the social thing. This helpednew traders a lot, since a trader won’t stake his reputation by giving you the wrong information.But, then Etoro went a huge step further, and that is what our whole success-formula is based on:They introduced the ‘Copy Trader’ feature. Now, instead of ‘Facebook’, think ‘Twitter as well.’This is the most brilliant thing to happen in forex, ever. And only Etoro offers it. What it comes down to: The experienced traders that uses Etoro’s trading platform (calledWebtrader) use their own money to trade with, and they are hugely successful with it. These guysare trading really huge amounts, like in millions of dollars. Many of them are doing this forex-thingfor a living, they know the ins and outs, they enjoy it, and they pay their monthly bills and vacationsand yachts with the money they make this way. But now, instead of the novice trader like you having to beg on the social platform (the Facebook-model) for their attention to find out what is best to invest in, you can simply check the history andsuccess rates and other stats of all of these traders, then click one or more of them that you likemost, then select ‘Copy Trader’, and become a follower (the Twitter-model.) Etoro’s system will then copy every move this guy makes with his own money, and let your moneydo exactly the same, at the same second! Remember, this experienced guy knows what to do, andhe is using his own money to increase his fortune. This trader that you selected do not manage yourmoney and thus cannot lay his hands on it, instead your money is only following his own moneymovements. Even if he don’t like the shape of your nose he is not going to risk his own money by losing it just tospite your nose.  Etoro’s electronic system spread your risk even more: Let us suppose this one trader that youselected to copy have a 100 000 dollars of his own money invested at Etoro. (Yes, there are a LOT oftraders with that and bigger amounts invested there. They pay their monthly bills and extravagantlifestyles with the profits they make, and keep the initial capital invested.) Now let us suppose this trader of your choice put 10 000 dollars, thus 10% of his working capital,into a certain currency pair that he wants to trade. He thus ‘opens a trade’, no matter if he select tobuy or sell that currency pair. Immediately Etoro puts 10% of the money that you yourself hadinvested at Etoro on the same currency pair.
  • 6. So should the trader loses all of his 10 000 dollars, you will only lose 10% of your invested money.If you had invested 100 dollars at Etoro to check things out at first, you would’ve lost 10 dollars andnot all of your money.But… your trader won’t lose all of his 10 000 dollars. Why not? Because of the Stop Loss function.When a trader opens a trade he decides beforehand how much he is willing to lose should themarkets unexpectedly turn against him, and set the automatic system to automatically close histrade when it reaches that point. Say 20%, so he will be losing 2000 dollars and you will be losingjust 2 dollars from your 100 dollars. The other way around also applies, with the trader also setting a Take Profit limit, meaning that themoment his trade reaches a certain profit level the trade closes automatically and the profit ends upin his account. And you also make profit all the same, on your money that were copying his money’smoves, that ends up in your own Etoro account then. It is worth noting that not even an experienced trader can win on all of his trades. So what doesthe experienced trader do? He distribute his risk himself! He take his 10 000 dollars and spread itover say 5 currency pairs. No experienced trader use all of his working capital at once, only part of it,except when his experience indicates a sure-fire movement in the markets. What makes forex so great is that even if he loses on 4 of those trades, the 5th will make up in partor in full for the losses. If the trader have a history of 100% success rates you can bet that he willmost probably live up to that again and ‘win’ on all 5 his trades.GETTING STARTED YOURSELF: THE SUCCESS FORMULA &PRACTICAL STEPS STEP ONEYou will need a demo account at Etoro of course, for which you don’t have to deposit any of yourown money if you don’t have any now. But just get started with the whole forex-thing, becausemoney won’t come to you by itself, you have to lay the foundation first. Think of it like having aninternational bank account. If you haven’t already clicked the special link on our website to open your account for some reason,CLICK HERE to do so now. It is completely free and will take 10 minutes or less. Select the DemoAccount option, you get a real account as well on standby that you can switch over to with a mouseclick anytime later. STEP TWO Whenever you have it, today, tomorrow, end of the month, but as soon as possible, deposit a 100US dollars or more in your real account at Etoro, but do not use it right away when it becomesavailable. It will simply be laying there just like it would lay in your bank’s saving account, samething so far. The reason why we recommend that you deposit your 100 dollars (or 50, if you really can’t stretchto a 100) as soon as possible is because from the moment you transfer the money via your PayPal or
  • 7. debit/credit card to Etoro it may take a few days to show up there, depending on in which countryyou are. There’s another reason as well, we will get to that. Leave it in your real account first without using it, let it chill a bit there, while you get used to thefeeling of having your money touching the financial markets, with the knowledge that you canwithdraw it again to your local bank account or PayPal at any time you want. This is part of the formula we used ourselves when we started, and it will ensure that you makemoney from the first instant too when you put in in action. (Most probably already the same day,otherwise, give it a few days.) While it is laying there it is perfectly safe, it won’t become more and it won’t become less, and youcan withdraw it again to your local bank account (or PayPal account) at any time just like you do withnormal Internet banking. Just note that your money isn’t working for you at this stage.The important part of this proven formula is that your money must be ready immediately to takeaction and for that it needs to be available in your real account (but not in use), while you 1. first select some experienced professional traders (between 3-7), 2. test them for a few days to see which one(s) performs best, 3. then select only the best performing ones that you like, 4. and only then you put your real money to copy theirs. The minimum deposit according to Etoro’s rules to start with real trading is a low 50 US dollars, butwe recommend a 100 dollars or more, that will allow for much faster profits when it start copyingyour selected traders. STEP THREE Now, the very important part of the formula: While in your demo account and with your ownmoney maybe still underway to your real account and thus not yet available (international transfersmay take 2-6 days), check out Etoro’s tutorials on how to select the right experienced traders thatyou want to copy. You will see that many of them have thousands of ‘followers’ each, meaning otherpeople like you that copy them too. (And they won’t copy him if they’re not making money!) Choose between three to seven traders to copy as part of your research/test (too many tradersselected will confuse you), using your virtual 10 000 US Dollars that Etoro gave you when youopened your demo account, and not your own money at this stage. Divide that 10 000 dollarsbetween the number of traders that you selected to copy, thus each trader ‘gets’ an even amount ofvirtual money from you to trade with on your behalf. (More correctly: They don’t get to touch yourvirtual or real money, your money will only be copying their own real money.) Dividing the money equally will just make your calculations that much easier when you concludeyour test and check the performances of each. This is the stage where you ‘test’ your traders withvirtual money to see which one(s) you will choose later to copy with your real money.
  • 8. STEP FOUR At this stage your own money that you deposited becomes available in your real account, (or itmay be available already for a few days) which you aren’t using at this stage yet. Your own money isthus laying still, but ready for action. You were using this few days while waiting for your own moneyto become available in your account to test the trader(s) that you selected from amongst all thoseexperienced ones. What is important to note is that traders sometimes get on a roll for a certain period, so to speak,meaning they really excel suddenly for a few months above their average performance and seems toknow just where to invest and when to withdraw and looks like they can only make the rightdecisions all the time. This is why you need to get your own real money ready and waiting at Etoro,so that there is no delay when you want to copy such a trader. Traders also take holidays, closingtheir open trades before the time, and then your money will automatically return to your accountand not be working for you like it should. STEP FIVE This is where you conclude your ‘test’ and make a decision on which traders blow your hair back inthe style that you like.  Around 5 days after you first selected your traders and had put your virtual money on them, it istime to check what happened to your virtual 10 000 US dollars, what your selected traders that youcopied have done with it. It is easy, just check which one(s) of them had made the most money for you! Don’t worry for asecond on where they had invested their money (with yours that had thus done the same.) As longas they performed you couldn’t care less if they had bought gold even if you don’t like gold yourself. Let’s say you have selected 5 traders to copy in the beginning, by giving each one 2000 virtual USdollars. Which ones of those 5 gave you a real proper return? We think you may be pleasantlyshocked to see how ‘fat’ 2000 dollars can get in just a week! If you started out at Etoro with only a 100 dollars to test this whole forex-thing we’d say that youshould settle on two traders when taking your real money to copy their money.Made your decision on which one(s) are the best? So when logged in, click the ‘switch to realaccount’ button (you can switch back and forth between your demo and real account in a click),select ‘copy trader’ and allocate your real money to copy their every move that they make with theirown money.And that’s all there is to it. No rocket science in this formula. If you don’t like forex, and you don’twant to learn it, and you find it impossible to understand, but you still want to become rich, thendon’t learn forex, don’t try to understand it, but get your money out there on the financial markets(even if it is just a small amount at first to test the waters) and let the experienced guys multiplyyour money. That is what real millionaires do!
  • 9. GO APPLES, ORANGES, AND DALLASIf you’ve gotten this far you are probably quite excited to get started, or still a bit worried becauseforex can be overwhelming at first. We have, however, another bright red yet traditional cherry onthe cake you might like, something more ‘ordinary’ if the idea of forex still taste a bit new to you.But first, answer this question: Who is known for the phrase: “As my daddy used to say, …”?JR Ewing of the hit TV-soap Dallas of course! If you are wondering what on earth does JR Ewing (played by the actor Larry Hagman) has to dowith Etoro – nothing, as far as we know. But we do know that a point of criticism you may laterbring in against Etoro is that they keep on testing and experimenting with new things (changesunsettle most people) and one of those things was to bring in… shares. Real company shares, to be exact, like the shares everybody told you ten years ago you should’vebought in that company everybody was speaking about then, but you didn’t, and now you can kickyourself, because that company’s share price went up through the roof since then, and you would’vebeen rich today, and… you catch the point. Etoro is clearly just as innovative as the creators of Dallas in coming up with plans to get bigger. Itseems they’re not going to give up before they haven’t got a finger in every apple pie and conqueredthe financial world, so apart from only offering forex like their competitors do they are also offeringits users (like you) the opportunity to invest in ‘ordinary’ shares too. In middle 2012 we found that a page or two ‘froze’ on their website, and we had to refresh thepage to get to the actual content. This can also be blamed on Cliff Barnes or a slow internetconnection for all we know. Or it may be because Etoro went into beta phase implementingelectronic systems making trading in some well-known shares now possible for its users.Forex may be new to you, but everybody knows Google, Apple, Microsoft, Orange, and those otherbig and fast-growing companies like Facebook. We expect Etoro to eventually offer every share thatyou can currently invest in at stock exchanges, on its trading platform on your computer screen.Back to Dallas: Remember those days when JR was busy with a clever plot, just to walk into theboard room of a company saying something like: “Because of…. I’m taking you over. I’m the boss andyou’ve got to be a hell smarter than me to change that.”So if forex is too ‘foreign’ to you, why not go the real traditional way like your daddy did, and buyshares in a company such as Apple, starting with as little as 50 dollars!? Now we’re not saying you’regoing to follow in JR’s footsteps and buy Apple out from under its directors’ noses (not with 50 USD,anyway), but won’t it be nice to say you own shares in such a well-know company, and over tenyears its value will be much more. So if you buy some shares today and sell then…Our comment about this: 1) We could’ve fit the info of this page into one paragraph!  2) Buying ‘ordinary’ shares is safer than trading currencies and commodities on the financial markets, but it will take much longer before you can call yourself rich 3) If you’re still having any doubts if you should do the forex-thing, use only 50 dollars to copy a professional trader and put the other 50 in shares, and see which one works best for you.
  • 10. CONCLUSION As you will understand, the most important thing for you to do is to select the right experiencedtraders who do this for a living. This isn’t difficult at all, there’s literally thousands of experiencedguru’s on there with more knowledge than your own local bank’s broker have, and you don’t have topay them any of those fees that your bank have such clever names for. If you do Facebook and/orTwitter you will love Etoro, because of the similarities in the platforms. All the statistics, like which traders are the most successful, which ones make out the top 100 outof the 2 million traders on there, which ones trade regularly for a living, which ones do high risk andwhich ones do medium or even low risk, all that and more is all available to you. And if you aren’thappy with a trader’s performance with your money, simply ‘un-copy’ him. That’s like firing him!  Etoro realise the importance of this aspect for novice traders and had spent a lot of time with theirtutorials on how to get the right traders that will suit your needs and risk-profile best. In our opinion,if you want to save yourself time and still select some of the best traders, select traders that fallsunder the top 100. They didn’t end up on that stage without good reason, and they are all veryproud of that. A good number of them had tripled their money within a few months, and if yourown money were following them… Millionaires became that by having their money working for them, and when they do not have theknowledge of how to accomplish that while they want to do what they enjoy in the meantime withtheir lives, they simply hire the right guys who knows how to multiply their money for them. You are going to do exactly the same at Etoro, by using an experienced trader that knows what heis doing, but without having to pay him any consultation fees or transaction fees, and getting everycent profit that your money is making right back in your wallet. This is where we talk percentagesranging between 2% and 300%, sometimes in just one day! That means you can double or eventriple your money, in just one day (not always, okay? But it does happen), without having to doanything while an experienced trader makes the buy/sell decisions.The whole secret in building wealth lays in there that your money is going to instantly copy everymove that experienced traders are making with their own money. They make money, you makemoney. They enjoy trading on the financial markets, they do it for a living, they know how, but youdon’t have to while still making money on autopilot!Now give it a go, and when you’ve made your first million be sure to remember us.  In the next fewdays you will receive an email or three from us with further tips and advice, so check your emails forany emails coming from CWT or Climate World Trade. If you have any questions, feel free to send usan email about it at
  • 11. SCREENSHOTS WITH OUR COMMENTSThe random screenshots shown below was taken on 13 September 2012 from one of our brokers’accounts and on Etoro’s website itself, and we’ve added some comments next/underneath it. By the time of writing these 5 people were the top brass amongst the guru traders. As you’ll see, age have got nothing to do with making money. (How old can this guy with the nickname Malsolo be?) He doesn’t have a 100% success rate (95% is pretty good, still), so our broker copied him. Can your bank pay you interest of 45 per cent or more? Remember this was his overall gain, with losses already accounted for. So despite losses (no trader can win all trades all the time) he still had made a very decent net profit so far, as well as his followers. He has a reputation for ‘playing’ very safe.A screenshot of our broker’s account. Worried about the red under ‘gain’? When you get startedyou will get used to it, because it will eventually turn green (profit) if you know what you’re doing. Ifyou don’t, just select and copy traders like our broker do. He expect the red above to turn greeneventually, simply because when he clicked the ‘history’ tab it showed that all of the traders hadturned a profit in the past for him, after those trades also started out looking like the above.Interestingly enough, the two in the green show that none of them are currently trading, probablyon holiday or waiting for something specific in the markets to happen. (So ask them on Openbook,Etoro’s version of Facebook, where they are.) Unfortunately it also means that our broker’s moneythat is suppose to copy these two guys is back in his account, inactive and not working like it should.So our broker decided to axe utest557, to ‘un-copy’ him. Moksel1972’s track record for makingmoney for our broker saved him though.
  • 12. Our broker selected ‘Close’ next to utest557, the screen above popped up, and utest557 got fired.Hey, we’re not saying he’s a bad trader, as we know our broker this utest-guy would be pretty good.But the above just shows you how quick and easy you can un-copy a trader, and all the money thatyou allocated to copy his money will instantly move back to your own account, laying there till youdecide to copy another trader or to trade with it yourself.Below is a screen shot of what the selected brokers that our broker copy have achieved with theirown money, and thus the same happened to our broker’s money. Keep in mind Malsolo is a verysafe trader, (other traders trading higher risk would gave higher returns) but despite that returns ofaround 5% a day on an investment is something that no bank will ever get even close to paying you.Yeah, most banks will agree to pay you 5% PER YEAR. Going with Malsolo gave that often PER DAY.
  • 13. Above: A screen shot of one of the live candle-stick charts that Etoro provides for Oil, the 5-minutechart which is used most commonly. Looks scary, huh? But what happens here is called a ‘downward trend’, and everybody that had opened a trade ataround 10:00 on 12 September, choosing ‘sell’ instead of buy, would’ve made a fortune (justdepending on how much you had put on the trade, and which risk-level you selected) by midnightthat same day! Yep, even 1000% + profits!The golden rule in forex, simply put: If the trend line goes down (like above) select the button Sell,and when it is the opposite, with the prices rising in an Upward Trend, select Buy. Chances are morelikely that the trend will continue, instead of going the other way, so follow the general trend whendeciding if you should buy or sell. The moment it starts going the other way, just close your trade toprevent losses, and keep an eye on the news (called fundamental analysis) for political events thatmay have an effect on the markets (remember the Iranian government official?)When that line is just hanging around in the middle of the chart the whole time, not knowing if itshould go up or down, do not open a trade. When it is like this, approximately the same volumesare being sold as the volumes that are bought, causing it to hover like a chicken in the middle of theroad. So stay out of that road till the chicken decides which side of the road he wants to be.When only looking at the charts it is called a Technical Analysis. (But the gurus say you are ‘studying’them.) Experienced traders however, uses both Fundamental and Technical before they make a decisionto enter a trade, and whether to buy or sell. So if you’re not in the mood for watching the news andfind the charts unsettling for your stomach, simply copy an experienced trader, he’s doing it anyway.You can bet he’s sitting with a Twinkie on his couch, watching news then sports then news again,
  • 14. occasionally stretching for his laptop and hitting Buy or Sell on it. And he enjoys it! (The Twinkie isgood too.)What we at CWT recommend for you to do right away, is to put some real money in your realaccount, then use that real money to copy traders (that you tested beforehand like explained earlierin this document), while you yourself take your virtual money away from those traders, and playwith the virtual money yourself. While your real money is then in experienced hands and makingyou money you can lose virtual money like crazy and still feel good about it. Last screenshot below is the different methods that Etoro accepts on how to get your real moneyinto your Etoro account, and how to withdraw it whenever you want. So you don’t necessarily needa PayPal account. Something that we just want to mention: Depending on in which country you are and what kind ofcard you have, you may also be able to use your debit- or check card if you don’t have a credit card.For security reasons your debit/check card must have the three extra digits (called CSV-number) atthe back that doesn’t appear in the front. Otherwise, just open a PayPal account at www.PayPal.comIf you’ve gotten this far and still couldn’t made up your mind if you should take the leap, then clickthe picture below and get on the road to financial freedom and get your money working for you.We hope you enjoyed reading this document, our English is not always the best, and all the wordswe know are really now finished.  Let us know if you have any questions, we may just be able tohelp. Or check out Etoro’s extensive help section or use their Live Chat-function.The CWT-management Team.
  • 15. DISCLAIMER & TERMS OF USE OF THIS DOCUMENT:Climate World Trade recommends Etoro because we believe they are the best in the forex-industry.Climate World Trade (“CWT”) has differentiated proprietary trademarksfrom descriptive terms in this document by following the distinctive writing style used by theauthor and/or the trademark holder. All product names and/or logos are copyrightsand trademarks of their respective owners. None of these owners has authorized, sponsored,endorsed, or approved this publication and are included by the author’s recommendation.The author(s) and publisher, CWT, have made their best effort to produce ahigh quality, informative and helpful training guide. They make no representation of any kind withregard to the completeness or accuracy of the contents of the book. Theyaccept no liability of any kind for any losses or damages caused or alleged to be caused,directly or indirectly, from using the information contained in this document.Screenshots in this book are directly from publicly accessible file archives. They are used as“fair use” under 17 U.S.C. Section 107 for news reportage purposes only, to illustrate various pointsthat are made in the book. Text and images available over the Internet may be subject to copyrightand other intellectual rights owned by third parties.All rights reserved worldwide.This publication may not be changed in any way. It may be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted,or reproduced in any way, including but not limited to digital copying and printing.This document may be send and/or distributed to anybody interested but no content may be changed.Copyright Climate World Trade © 2012CLIMATE WORLD TRADEimporters.exporters.distributorswww.ClimateWorldTrade.comE-mail: