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Air conditioning & Refrigeration Presentation

Air conditioning & Refrigeration Presentation






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    Air conditioning & Refrigeration Presentation Air conditioning & Refrigeration Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Draw from an infinite resource TABLE OF CONTENTS The desire for warmth in our homes is as strong today as it always has been. However, these days, when we consider heating issues, we take into account the effect on the environment as well as how economic a particular system may be. The development of modern heat pump technology proves that both can make ideal partners. Heat pumps cleverly exploit latent energy in air, water and in the ground and convert his energy into heat. This form of energy utilisation is particularly responsible because it yields benefit from the environment without destroying it. Mature technology for optimum convenience For more than 20 years, STIEBEL ELTRON has been investing time and effort in the development of highly efficient heat pumps. Today, you can reap the benefit by investing in reliable and fully developed technology, which offers you every available convenience. In the shape of a range of heat pumps for almost every conceivable demand in the field of heating technology combining comfort and economy. Heat pumps protect the environment whilst saving you money. The ratio of heating energy gained to energy spent speaks for itself: 1 kWh electrical power can yield - subject to energy source - up to 5 kWh useful energy – from the air, from groundwater or the ground of your property itself. In other words, energy that doesn’t cost you a penny to produce, which also protects the environment. We are responsible As manufacturers of products for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and DHW sector, we feel a responsibility towards protecting the environment. Apart from seeking to meet our customers’ demands, it is our ambition to translate the high quality standards we apply to our products in the most environmentally responsible way, using innovative and alternative technologies. Our heat pumps are part of the STIEBEL ELTRON modular design range, an important part of our strategy towards achieving our stated goal.
    • Time for contemplation It seems that we have forgotten how to handle the treasures of this world with care. We are only stewards or guardians of the world for future generations. Reduce emissions, protect resources The combustion of fossil fuels such as natural gas or fuel oil create emissions, amongst them, carbon dioxide, which is partially responsible for environmental damage. The substantial increase in other combustion residues also gives rise to concern, as the global warming it causes disturbs the sensitive climatic balance. Heat pump technology makes an important contribution to environmental protection. A simple principle - as yet unbeaten Comparable to the principle of a refrigerator, the heat pump function is simplicity itself: It withdraws latent energy from the air, water or ground and transfers it to the heating system. This free environmental energy is initially routed to the heat exchanger (evaporator) of the heat pump. The evaporator contains the liquid refrigerant (process medium), which absorbs the heat from the energy source and, in the process, evaporates. The compressor pulls the gaseous process medium inside where it is compressed. As pressure rises, the temperature increases. A second heat exchanger (condenser) then ensures that the heat is transferred to the heating circuit. The expansion valve finally provides the pressure reduction, and the cycle starts again. That’s how free energy from the environment is converted into useful heat.
    • Energy Savings Order EnEV [Germany] STIEBEL ELTRON heat pumps operate up to 35 % below the permissible primary energy demand to EnEV. When combined with solar heating and ventilation systems, even greater savings can be achieved. STIEBEL ELTRON heat pumps: Convincing arguments • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Utilisation of renewable environmental energy: Stored solar energy from ambient air, ground and groundwater Protection of scarce global energy reserves Energy savings Reduction of regional and global emissions (NOX, SO2, CO2) Operation with environmentally-friendly refrigerants Excellent performance factors over the entire output range, which helps save heating costs Advanced heating technology and convenient, simple operation speak for themselves Available as flexible modular system for optimum matching Compact, maintenance-free equipment Air/water heat pumps for internal or external installation Easy installation because of availability as a complete system with all accessories; i.e. STIEBEL ELTRON supplies complete systems Fully factory tested with VDE/GS designation Compliant with the requirements of the latest EnEV [Germany] Modest space requirements; separate boiler rooms are not required Very quiet operation The new heat pump manager provides heat pumps with BUS capability International Seal of Quality: awarded after testing for quality and safety
    • Intelligent, powerful and economical In spite of their high output, WPL series air/water heat pumps require surprisingly little space. The new powerful scroll compressor provides cost-effective heat all year round. It delivers substantially greater efficiency and ensures exemplary performance factors plus excellent heating output. Even in winter, when it really matters. Energy costs can be further reduced when combining the heat pump with a solar heating system. At a glance • Energy source: Ambient air. Application range: –20 °C to +30 °C outside temperature • Suitable for mono and dual-mode applications • Mono-energetic with backup heating without a second energy source, applicable for heating accommodation up to approx. 270 m2 • Internal or external installation • Optimum combination with solar heating systems • Three-stage operation Summer or winter – inside or out Suitable control units and solar buffers enable an optimum combination with a solar heating system. This utilises free environmental energy at every level. The WPL utilises ambient air down to –20 °C, to provide comfortable heat and hot water with a flow temperature up to 60 °C. The WPL is easily installed, not only indoors, but also outside, making it particularly suitable for modernising older properties. The galvanised casing is tough enough to resist even the hardest weather conditions and other environmental influences. The “old” boiler room can surely be put to better use. How about a new hobby room? At a glance • Use with under floor heating or radiator systems: Low temperature heating systems offer higher performance factors • For complete heating water provision up to + 60 °C, even at – 20 °C outside temperature • Simple installation, a good idea even in modernisation projects
    • Economical and efficient high performance - all year round
    • Innovative and convenient: The WPF compact heat pump Compact WPF 5..13 SOL heat pumps represent an intelligent system which utilises free energy from the environment and additional solar energy for the production of domestic hot water (DHW) and to backup central heating. Thanks to its outstanding sound insulation, it does not need to be banished to the cellar, but can be installed in a hobby or utility room instead. The new high performance refrigerant, R410A, also makes no demands on ventilation. The WPF models already include almost all functional elements for your heating system. The attractively designed casing houses the diverter valve for DHW loading, the immersion heater element, the WPM control unit and much more. At a glance • Four sizes for detached and two-family homes • Energy source: Ground. Application range: – 5 °C to + 20 °C brine temperature • Suitable for well installations, ground collectors/ground probes • High annual performance factor • Low installation costs • Including integral solar and heating system controller • Extremely quiet operation Your choice: Ground probe or ground collector Whether ground probe or ground collector – the decision is subject only to the size of your property and the ground conditions. For smaller properties, ground probes, which penetrate the earth to a depth of 100 m, are more suitable. The ground collector simply requires more space - because it is laid at a depth of 1.2 to 1.5 m. A detached house with a heat demand of approx. 8 kW requires a collector area of approx. 250 m2
    • How it works: Inside the evaporator, the brine (anti-freeze/water mixture) heated under ground, transfers heating energy to the refrigerant. This causes the refrigerant to evaporate, the compressor increases the pressure and thereby the temperature, enabling a second heat exchanger to transfer heat to the heating water. This liquefies the refrigerant again, and pressure is reduced by the expansion valve. This transfers 75 % of the heating energy from the ground into the living space. Specification: WPF (SOL) high performance brine/water heat pumps
    • Optimum utilisation of groundwater energy The four sizes of WPF heating system heat pumps cover every demand for detached and two-family homes. The WPF delivers exemplary performance - not only in brine/water, but also in water/water operations. Pre-requisites for the water/water operation are two wells (delivery and return wells) and groundwater in adequate quantity and quality. This energy is transferred to the heating water via the heat exchanger and is utilised to optimum benefit. Subject to heat demand, the heating water can be raised to between 15 °C and 60 °C. The groundwater inlet temperature range lies between +7 °C and +20 °C. In our latitudes, the groundwater temperature remains relatively constant, even in harsh winters. The integral heat pump regulator enables a solar heating system to be connected to the heat pump for DHW loading. The SOL version loads the SBK 600/150 solar combination cylinder, thereby providing optimum utilisation of solar energy for DHW loading and central heating. Combined with a solar heating system from STIEBEL ELTRON, they create an unbeatable team which further reduces energy costs. At a glance • • • • • • • Four sizes for detached and two-family homes Energy source: Groundwater. Application range: + 7 °C to + 20 °C water temperature For automatically raising heating water up to + 60 °C over the entire output range Suitable for all operating modes Extremely quiet operation High annual performance factor Including integral solar and central heating control Your choice: Ground probe or ground The four sizes of WPF heating system heat pumps cover every demand for detached and two-family homes. The WPF delivers exemplary performance - not only in brine/water, but also in water/water operations. Pre-requisites for the water/water operation are two wells (delivery and return wells) and groundwater in adequate quantity and quality. This energy is transferred to the heating water via the heat exchanger and is utilised to optimum benefit.
    • How it works: The water/water heat pump requires two well holes (delivery and return well). Warm groundwater is extracted from the delivery well and cooled down as low as 5 °C. Afterwards it is reintroduced into the groundwater via the return well. The energy extracted from the groundwater (up to 80 %) can cover nearly 100 % of your heating requirements for a full 12 months of the year. Specification: WPF (SOL) high performance brine/water heat pumps
    • More output: WPF..M modular versions More output: WPF..M modular versions WPF..M systems are extremely flexible. Subject to requirements, they can be used as water/water or as brine/water heat pumps. Three basic models with a rated output of 10, 13 and 18 kW (brine operation) reliably supply living space with free energy from the environment and efficient heat – for central heating and DHW alike. Combining up to six heat pumps and two controllers can achieve an output of approx. 100 kW. The WPF..M series is based on a modular design, which is flexible enough to meet a variety of performance needs, and can be matched to the most wide ranging requirements. For example, these heat pumps can also be used for heating swimming pool water. As an alternative, the compact WPF series offers just the right package for use in conventional detached or two-family homes (see pages 8–11). Naturally, both systems can be used in water/water or in brine/water operations. Specification: WPF 10/13/18 M modular versions
    • A perfect match for every demand STIEBEL ELTRON modular systems are designed to meet high output requirements. Clever combinations enable output stages in three kW steps to be achieved. This permits the high performance factor of these systems to be reached, even in spring and autumn or during partial load conditions. Installation is made easy by a uniform casing and identical connections. Suitable accessories deliver the realisation of special requirements using standard “building blocks” and components. At a glance • • • • Three basic heat pumps build up to five sets, all offering identical connections Suitable for water and brine operation Wide output range up to 35 kW with brine operation Excellent output matching up to 48 kW with water operation Specification: Water/water heat pump sets - brine/water heat pump sets
    • Using the TFS telephone remote switch, you can control your heat pump even from your mobile or from a mainline phone. This makes the timely starting of your central heating or DHW loading before you arrive as easy as calling home. User convenience which also helps to save energy. DFÜ controllers DCo aktiv and DCo With the DCo DFÜ controller you are always in “safe hands”, because it connects you to your customer service via any commercially available modem. This enables your contractor to adjust parameters from afar, to diagnose your system and to remedy faults, should something have gone awry. A data interface is an integral part of the WPM. The DCo aktiv can issue messages, even during fault conditions. Buffer cylinders SBP 100, SBP 200 E, SBP 700 E, SBP 700 E SOL The SBP buffer cylinders with 100, 200 and 700 liters capacity are the perfect companions to heating system heat pumps. These reduce the heat pump cycling, and the CFC-free thermal insulation keeps heat losses down to a minimum. The SBP 100 fits on almost any wall. For any demand • SBP 100, 200 and 700 with buffer volume matched to every system • Also easy combination with alternative heating systems • Problem solvers for complex heating systems • Excellent CFC-free thermal insulation • The SBP 700 E SOL offers optimum integration into a solar heating system via a bare-tube heat exchanger with 2.0 m2 surface area for heating backup
    • DHW cylinders SBB 150 WPF, SBB 300 WP, SBB 400 WP SOL The high quality, freestanding SBB series cylinders for domestic, commercial and industrial use, are suitable for any number of draw-off points. These cylinders deliver DHW in a very cost-effective way. The SBB 150 WPF can be easily wall mounted. Always well supplied •Suitable for any number of draw-off points •Large water volume = short heat-up time •Generous heat exchanger area required for heat pump systems •Excellent CFC-free thermal insulation •Low heat losses •Heat exchanger not prone to scaling •For domestic, commercial and industrial use •Simple installation •The SBP 400 WP SOL offers optimum integration into a solar heating system via a generously sized bare- tube heat exchanger with 1.4 m2 area Combination cylinder SBK 600/150 The SBK 600/150 combination cylinder was designed as DHW cylinder with the added facility of backing up central heating. It contains approx. 150 litres DHW and a buffer with 450 litres capacity. This cylinder was specifically developed for combining heat pumps with solar heating systems. For heating backup too • • • • • Universal application for linking up with one or several heat sources Generous heat exchanger area Heat exchanger for boiler, solar heating or heat pump operation Excellent CFC-free thermal insulation Particularly recommended for combinations with WPF. SOL heat pumps
    • NEXT STEPS We hope the slides presented in this guide will beneficial to you and your customers! Good luck! Socialise with Us! Web: www.climatecontrolse.co.uk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClimateControlSE Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCSELtd