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Clikbrix.com: The QR Code & Mobile Website Solution for Real Estate Professional & Brokerages
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Clikbrix.com: The QR Code & Mobile Website Solution for Real Estate Professional & Brokerages



Detailed overview of the Clikbrix.com turnkey QR Code and Mobile Website marketing solution for Real Estate Professionals and Brokerages.

Detailed overview of the Clikbrix.com turnkey QR Code and Mobile Website marketing solution for Real Estate Professionals and Brokerages.



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Clikbrix.com: The QR Code & Mobile Website Solution for Real Estate Professional & Brokerages Clikbrix.com: The QR Code & Mobile Website Solution for Real Estate Professional & Brokerages Presentation Transcript

  • What is Clikbrix?
  • Clikbrix fuses the powerful reach of the Mobile Web with QR Code Technology, equipping individual real estate professionals, agencies and brokerages with a turnkey marketing platform that enables them to instantly create an optimized, mobile web presence—designed to easily and meaningfully connect to people on their smartphones.
    More clicks for your bricks.
  • Why Clikbrix?(that is, the landscape that shaped it)
  • Data deluge
    Every 18 months for the last decade the world has double the data it pushes to you, spotlighting the need for strategic, efficient communications New York Times, 06.07.10
  • Mobile surge
    At the same time the breathtaking growth of cellular technology—60 million users in North America, approximately 10 million in Canada—means smartphones sales are on track to outsell desktop computers before the end of 2010
  • NEW Consumer Attitude
    The marketing of real estate is no different from the marketing and crush of goods and services—online and offline—too many brands screaming at people who are not listening.
    Instead, consumers now get their information on their own terms: what I want, how I want it, when and where I want it.
  • R.I.P.
    Print Media
    The demise OF print media?
    Not necessarily—even though the response to traditional offline mediums is dismal. The role of newspapers, magazines, radio, direct mail, and signage (once primary information mediums) are now relegated to support roles. Still, when used strategically in tandem with digital media, they are effective tools to drive traffic online for more substantial information. QR Codes make this bridge to all your web presence instant.
    1440 - 2010
  • Where home buyers come from
    34% working with real estate agents
    32% internet
    15% yard sign
    7% friend, neighbor, relative
    7% home builder
    3% print media
    2% directly from seller; knew the seller
    1% home book or magazine
    1% open house (less than 1%)
  • Mobile and real estate
    87% of home buyers use the Internet to search for a home. At the same time 93% of responding real estate professionals 40 years old or younger use a smartphone to conduct real estate business, dropping only a few points to 86% of respondents older than 40.
    Center for REALTOR Technology
  • The rise of QR Code Technology
    With their mobile phone, consumers simply point and scan a QR codethen click to instantly connect to your mobile content
  • Enter Clikbrix…
    … the marriage of QR Code technology, the mobile web and on-demand content with the power to transform the real estate marketing space.
    Clikbrix enables you to efficiently, affordably and instantly express yourself as a real estate expert and to tell your story and the stories of the properties you are selling.
  • Whether standing in front of a For Sale sign, a bus shelter ad, or anywhere else you’ve applied your unique QR Code, prospective buyers use their smartphones to scan the code and instantly connect to you and your listings perfectly formatted for mobile screens.
  • How it works
  • Getting started couldn’t be easier
    Step 1
    Sign-up for your Clikbrix account
    Step 2
    Complete your Professional Profile Page form
    Step 3
    Complete Your Property Details Page forms
    Step 4
    Apply your Clikbrix QR Code to all your marketing materials
    Step 5
    Check your reports for detailed tracking information of all your pages and QR Code
  • Features that get you mobile, meaningfully differentiate and connect you
  • Professional Profile Page
    • Includes your personal headshot & company logo
    • A visual list of your Property Listings
    • All of your relevant contact information
    • One-Click phone number dialing for users
    • Include your Facebook and Twitter accounts
    • ‘About Me’ section to let perspective homebuyers
    learn about who you really are
    • Automatically allow visitors to share you Profile
    with others on Facebook, Twitter and by email
    • Short URL automatically generated for you Profile Page
    • Your Profile Page is automatically search engine optimized
  • Property Listings Pages
    • Property Photos
    • Property Specifications
    • Property Details – include all the unique details to make
    it sell
    • Next Open House – add up to 3
    • ‘Neighborhood Insider’ – write about what makes the
    property and the area special
    • Automatic Google Map to the property
    • Contact the Agent
    • Allow visitors to share your property on Facebook, Twitter
    and by email
    • Direct link back to your Professional Profile Page
  • Reporting
    • Keep track of total and unique visitors to your
    mobile & desktop Professional Page
    • Track what day of the week and what time of day
    your pages are receiving the most visits
    • Learn which properties get the most visits
    • Track how many unique and total scans your
    Clikbrix QR Code receives
    • Determine which phone types receive the most
  • You have your code, now put it to work!
  • You’re always there to meet a new prospect…even when you can’t be
    For Sale signs are just the beginning—
    CreativeQR Code applications multiply the
    value of all your printed collateral…
    • For Sale and For Rent signs
    • Building Hoarding
    • Business Cards
    • Bus Shelter Ads
    • Billboards & Other Outdoor Environment
    • Brokerage/Agency Office Windows
    • Email Newsletters & Websites
    • Sales Sheets
    • Newspaper and Magazine Ads
    • Fliers and Direct Mailers
    • Television Monitors
    • Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin Profiles
    • Car Decals, Key chains, Coffee Mugs,
    Fridge Magnets
  • Make it your own
  • Custom Clikbrix
    QR Codes
    Why have your Clikbrix code look like all the others?
    Clikbrix can help you customize your QR Code to differentiate and capture your own personal brand identity
  • Clikbrix White Label Solution
    Want the Clikbrix Solution for you own Brokerage or Agency? Our White Label Solution is for you.
    Get all the great benefits of Clikbrix, but with your Brokerage/Agency graphic branding program.
    Simply choose any URL you want and we will install the Clikbrix platform on it, as well as change the look and feel to reflect your brand.
    Plus you can take advantage of other features such as ‘Property Search’ and ‘Geo-Location’ search.
  • To see a live example of a Clikbrix Agent’s mobile Profile Page enter m.clikbrix.com/t/124 on your mobile device To see a live example of a desktop Clikbrix Agent’s Profile Pageenter http://www.clikbrix.com/profile/rickdistelContact InformationErik Goldhar, Partneregoldhar@clikbrix.comTed Geatros, Partnertgeatros@clikbrix.com
  • Thank You!