Indo American Society - Landmark: February 2013


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Indo American Society - Landmark: February 2013

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Indo American Society - Landmark: February 2013

  1. 1. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF INDO-AMERICAN SOCIETY PRESIDENT: MR. DILIP DALAL FEBRUARY 2013 LANDMARK Cherishing the Bond of Friendship Between the Two Largest Freedom Loving Democracies in the World
  2. 2. Dear Member, With the dawn of a New Year, as we look back at the yesteryears, we find that we have successfully completed 54 years of service to the Community. IAS has been in the forefront of promoting Indo-US Educational, Cultural and Economic relations over the last 5 decades and continues to do the same. As always, IAS in its full glory will be seen in the New Year with lots of colourful activities happening this year starting with events like LaughterTherapy, Alumni meet, Medical programs etc in the very first month of the year.This year, we look forward to a mega event of honoring the Past Presidents on IAS Founder’s Day i.e. April 29, 2013 to felicitate them for their involvement in helping building up the brand image of Indo-American Society over the past years. This New Year we also look forward to ramping up our efforts to add more members to our existing fold and to encourage collaboration through activities such as education tie ups with Universities in US, cultural events welcoming artistes from India and US to show their talents reflecting culture of both the countries etc. It is crucial that our Society acts together, as one, so that we can move swiftly and boldly. This NewYear will prove to be even more challenging for us –but yet riding on a very promising time for all of us as we strive for newer heights in the year of 2013. I seek your understanding and cooperation as we work together to create opportunities out of the challenges. May I offer my best wishes to you, and to your families, for success, good health and happiness throughout 2013! Yours truly, Dilip Dalal President President Speak Office Bearers 2012-13 Mr. Sanjog Parab Vice – President & Chairman, Legal & Constitutional Committee Member of IAS since 5 years Mr. Sunil Merchant Vice – President & Chairman, Administration Committee Member of IAS since 17 years Mrs. Jayshree Sampat Jt. Hon. Secretary & Chairperson, Social Services Committee Member of IAS since 18 years Mr. Daksesh Parikh Hon. Treasurer & Chairman, Finance Committee Member of IAS since 3 years Mr. Rusi B. Khambatta Jt. Hon. Secretary Member of IAS since 38 years Landmark | Indo-American Society 3
  3. 3. Chairman’s Message It’s my privilege and take this opportunity to address you as Chairman, Publication Committee on the changes that we envisaged in the forthcoming issues of your quarterly magazine `LANDMARK` to make it more informative, interactive and entertaining. We are honored to appoint the veteran Mr. K. V. Satyamurty to accept his favorite position as the `Editor` of the `LANDMARK`who has been a member at IAS for many years and to share his expertise on the subject of Indo-American relationship. We are concerned with the lack of interaction with the US Consulate though they are widely covered in the various Medias. Every effort is being made to connect with them and to obtain feedbacks, programs, write-ups etc for our `LANDMARK` and join hands with them to improve, bond and share strong relationships with them and our President Mr. Dilip Dalal has been constantly in touch with them. We thank you for your positive response to our first issue of `LANDMARK` and for your suggestions etc which we look forward to and request you to share anything connected with the Indo-American relationship. We thank the staff of IAS especially Ms. Maria Jojo for her contributions, suggestions and support, which moulds `LANDMARK` as it available now. Many thanks to photographer Mr. Sachin Vaidya for his support. Cover design of this issue of‘LANDMARK’courtesy IAS Member, Late Dr. Arun Vakil. Hemant Ghia
  4. 4. ‘Indo-American Friendship Growing Stronger Day by Day’ India and USA are getting closer and closer to each other day by day as both the nations have one thing in common........... ’they love democracy’and have practiced it for the last decades of their productive existence as progressive nations. India is now a most valued business partner for Americans as their entire information technology is manned by Indians who have the unflinching reputation of being largest trained information technology executive level personnel qualified for their English knowledge. India is now one of the Most Favored Nations in the friendship list of the United States of America. Indians are today occupying prime positions in business and technology, politics and social service in the United States of America and winning the hearts of their people.There are many Senators and Governors elected in different states like Georgia, Washington and Seattle. President Barrack Obama rightly commented that Indians are an asset to our economy and openly acknowledges their contribution to the growth of their economy. In the present scenario of friendship and camaraderie Americans feel happy to travel to India as India is credited with fabulous tourist spots and above all it has one of the eight wonders in the world the timeless ageless immortal and inspiring‘Taj Mahal’ which is the greatest monument to‘love’since time immemorial ! We at Indo-American Society cherish the desire for greater and greater interaction between the people of America and India and have therefore specially devoted this issue of‘Landmark’for encouraging tourism between the two countries. We are highlighting the most visited and memorable tourist spots in America and inviting Americans to visit our outstanding and memorable tourist attractions starting with the famous‘Taj Mahal’of course! Happy viewing and a happy holiday in the coming summer vacations during this May season! K. V. Satyamurty Editor Dear Advertiser, Every issue of ‘LANDMARK’ (Indo-American Society’s quarterly magazine), which allows businesses like yours to benefit by grabbing advertising space. Landmark has a huge circulation and readership among elite groups of Society. Call us now, to place advertisements in the next issue, and bring your products and services to the notice of our readers. For more information or to place an AD, Please contact: Ms. Maria Jojo Assistant Secretary, Indo-American Society Kitab Mahal, 5, D Sukhadwala Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 Tel: 2207 4882 /83 Fax: 2207 1831 Email: / LANDMARK ADVERTISING TARIFFS Pages Size in cms Rates Back Cover Page 24 x 19 cm Rs. 15,000 Front & Back Inside Cover Page 24 x 19 cm Rs. 12,000 Full Page 24 x 19 cm Rs. 10,000 Half Page 12 x 19 cm Rs. 5,000 Quarter Page 6 x 19 cm or 12 x 9 cm Rs. 3,000 Note: For a contract of four insertions you will get a discount of 10 % Advertise in LANDMARK Editorial Landmark | Indo-American Society 5
  5. 5. Recent Programmes Indo-American Society Members at the“Alumni Meet”on Janyary 11, 2013 Dr. Shailesh Srivastava addressing on “Role of Media in Nation Building” Members enjoying the therapy Mr. Kishore Kuvavala at a talk & techniques on “Laughter Therapy” Ms. Neeta Singhal of Rudra Science Therapy Centre Landmark | Indo-American Society6
  6. 6. Recent Programmes Members of the IAS Executive Committee with Dr. Vihang N. Vahia Attorney Michael Phulwani, Dilip Dalal, President, David Nachman & Dr. V. Rangaraj at a Seminar at IAS Dr. Vihang N. Vahia addressing the audience on “Surviving Success Althrough Life”at IAS (L to R) Mr. Dilip Dalal, President IAS, Attorneys Michael Phulwani & David Nachman at a Press Conference An engrossed audience at the lecture on “Surviving Success Althrough Life”at IAS Landmark | Indo-American Society 7
  7. 7. Recent Programmes The Indo-American Society held a Medical Seminar on “Current Status of Fevers and Infectious diseases in Mumbai and strategies for their prevention and control” on January 10, 2013. The Seminar was presided by Mr. Dilip Dalal, President of Indo-American Society. Dr. G. B. Parulkar, the Convener of Seminar presented data to explain why such a seminar was being held. Dr. Om Srivastava a very well known physician from Mumbai who is also a Consultant in infectious diseases at Jaslok, Saifee & Kasturba Hospital for Communicable Disease was one of the Speakers to the seminar. Dr. Shrivastav in his Lecture elaborated that during the last 5 - 6 years, Mumbai has witnessed presence of certain fevers in the community, during a particular season, far larger than they had noticed earlier.These fevers included dengue fever, malaria, the H1N1 infection, typhoid fever, hepatitis & lepto spirosis. Out of these fevers, he dealt in detail with malaria & dengue fever which have been creating havoc not only in the city of Mumbai but in several places in Maharashtra & all over the country. He gave details of the common symptoms of dengue namely high fever, headache, joint pains and in severe cases haemorrhaging spots on the body. He cautioned the audience that majority of the public still believe that high fever is most often caused by the common influenza. A very valuable time is lost when no physician sees the patient and the patient is taking self medication. He therefore advised that the patient wheneverthereishighfeverinchildren,pregnantwomen, elderly patients and weak patients they must instantly medical seminar by dr. om shrivastav and dr. mangala gomare consult the physician & if possible also get admitted to a nursing home or a hospital. He then explained to the audience that why some of the dengue fever result in severe shock leading to death. All this he said, could be prevented if the patient had reported to the doctor early or was admitted to the hospital at the earliest. Speaking about malaria, he explained that luckily because of the efforts made by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) the population of mosquitoes, causing malaria has gone down but unless the community & each individual person co-operates, this fatal illness will continue its toll in the community. Following his lecture, Dr. Mangala Gomare, the Deputy Heath Officer Incharge of Surveillance Cell of the Municipal Corporation gave her presentations. After explaining common causes of fevers caused by the infectious diseases, she explained that these fevers can be waterborne, airborne but those about which all are immediately concerned are the vector borne diseases like dengue fever, malaria, H1N1(New Influenza) etc. Regarding water borne diseases, she advised that although the MCGM is taking all precautions, it will be advisable for all those individuals who are more prone to infections to take water after boiling it for 10-15 minutes. In addition, she also suggested that the hands must be always cleaned with soap just before handling the food duringcookingorwhileeatingit.Shealsoadvisedthatraw vegetables should be immersed in clean water to which either potassium permanganate crystals or chlorinated drops should be added to destroy the bacteria, viruses & parasites. To a large extent, incidence of water borne Landmark | Indo-American Society8
  8. 8. Recent Programmes Indo-American Society gets Fabulous Response to Grand Finale of K. V. Satyamurty Elocution Competition 2012 V. Satyamurty the organizer of the competition since the year 1974. All the 12 finalists spoke at the Program Extempore on the topics picked by them from the box. Amongst these speakers three speakers were selected by the Judges Prof. Rupa Shah, Mr. Dilip Dalal, Ms. Shernaaz Engineer and Mr. K. V. Satyamurty. The prize winners were announced by Mr. Rusi B. Khambata, Jt. Hon. Secretary of IAS. First prize: Rotating Shield & Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs. 3000/- was given to Ms. Shrishti Pal of Seven Square Academy, Thane. Second prize: Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs. 2000/- was given to Ms. Pearl Majithia of Jamnabai Narsee School IB, Mumbai. Third prize:Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs. 1000/- was given to Mr. Rishabh Dilip Ranawat of Jamnabai Narsee School IB, Mumbai. The Chief Guest, Prof. Rupa Shah appreciated IAS for promoting such useful and productive programs to encourage talent for public speaking among the younger generation and complimented Mr. K. V. Satyamurty for his active contribution to encourage talent among our youth. diseases such as typhoid, gastro entities, and hepatitis can be reduced by simple precautions. Regardingtheairbornediseasessuchaspneumonia,H1N1 respiratory infections, Tuberculosis etc, open coughing in publicplacesmustbestopped.Themouthmustbecovered ideally with a mask by infected people or at least they put a handkerchief on their face & nose during the coughing to prevent sprinkling of the infected sputum in the air. Regarding the dengue fever, she showed a concern that inspite of all the efforts put in by the MCGM the number of cases and number of deaths caused due to dengue have increased in 2012 as compared to 2010 & 2011. Regarding malaria which is caused due to anopheles female mosquito the incidence of malaria fever and deathsduetomalariahavereducedin2012ascompared to 2010 and 2011 but she said more efforts must be made to reduce the incidence further. She advised the audience that mosquitoes causing both dengue & malaria breed in stagnant water and every effort must be made by each family to attend to common sources such as the water tanks, air conditioners, the flower pots containing water or any pool of water in the house or around. She said every single case of infectious disease whenever it occurs, it is the duty of each individual, his family, his doctor, the hospital to which he /she is admitted must report to the municipal authorities. She said the offices of MCGM including herself are available to give any member of the public the necessary advice. The two lectures were followed by interactive session where several questions were asked to both the doctors who patiently replied to them. TheGrandFinaleorganizedbytheIndo-AmericanSociety for the ‘Annual K. V. Satyamurty Elocution Competition 2012’ received a fabulous response as 12 finalists, the cream of the students selected after 4 elimination rounds from 230 participants and 40 schools spoke at the program. Mr. Dilip Dalal, President of Indo-American Society welcomed the audience who packed the Lincoln auditorium and introduced the Chief Guest Prof. Rupa Shah, Ex- Vice Chancellor of SNDT university and Mr. K. Landmark | Indo-American Society 9
  9. 9. She was given a standing ovation for her excellent speech by the audience comprising of IAS members, parents and finalists who participated in the competition. Mr. K. V. Satyamurty complimented the finalists for their excellent diction, stage presence and quality of speeches andcalleduponthetalentedyouthtojointhemainstream of politics and not to remain passive by-standers and critics. He quoted late US President Kennedy who had said‘Ask not what the country can do for you but ask what you can do for the country!’ He appreciated the good efforts of the Hon. President Mr. Dilip Dalal, Mr. Rusi B. Khambata, Mrs. Jayshree Sampat especially Ms. Vimla Dalal in supporting this Annual Competition which was started way back in 1974. He thanked the judges Mr. Yomesh Clark, Mr. Hariram Chaudhary, Mr. Bharat Gupta, Mr. Gopikrishna B. Bubna, Ms. Deepali Sampat supervised by Mr. Rusi B. Khambatta and Mrs. Jayshree Sampat who were present throughout for conducting the 4 elimination rounds to screen 230 participants which was not an easy task he said. He admired the dedication and sincere efforts of the IAS Staff Members, Mrs. Usha Nair, Mrs. Maria Jojo, Mrs. Shobha Shetty and all other staff for their good work. Recent Programmes Indo-US Enterpreneurial Exchange Indo-American Society can act as a conduit between US and Indian SME companies. It can facilitate identification of opportunities which could be mutually beneficial for further growth and employment opportunities to companies in both the countries.This could be done by engaging in dialogues with various stake-holders, viz investors, producers, financiers and consultants to gauge their requirements and prepared a white paper to frame more concrete proposals. Some of the other ways in which IAS can help is to: a) Explore opportunities to help US companies source quality inputs required from India to enable the US companies to become more Cost competitive and compete with the low costimportsfromChinaandothersoutheastAsiancountries. This could be further extened to service sectors. b) Help US SME companies wishing to come on exploratory mission to identify relecant markets by organising trade- fairs to enable them to target focussed customers. It can facilities/commission sector wise research reports ahead of the companies undertaking exploratory visits to ensure maximum benefits from the visits, c) US companies can offer innovative and state of the art technology products through direct marketing (which Note on USA-India People to People contact through “Business Enterpreneurial” Sector may be difficult for a stand-alone company but could work well through clusters) or through tie-ups, collaborations and even becoming partial stake owners in Indian companies. d) There are a lot of companies on both sides wishing to expand their geopraphic presence beyond their shores. Some top end companies in the medium sector have already started looking at creating production hubs overseas. IAS can facilitate interchange of ideas, facilitate initial dialogues with venture capitalists and private equity firms in India. e) Trade opportunities can also be facilitated and if required e-zine could be created and platform for communications between the various SMEs could be created and maintained by IAS. These are some of the preliminary thoughts and concrete actions could be planned once we agree to the creation of a whitepaperforcirculation.Ajointmeetingofthecoremembers of IAS and US consulate team can be organised to take the agenda forward. Dilip Dalal Economist & Financial Consultant Landmark | Indo-American Society10
  10. 10. With Best Complements From indus communications advertising public relations event management celebrity management tel: 022 66912814 /15 /16 cell: 09870448888 / 09870226677 e-mail: Landmark | Indo-American Society 11
  11. 11. Uncle Sam-osa Americans are adopting & adapting, India’s pockets of snacking perfection. Ah, samosas! By Jane Varner Malhotra Look around a bit and you will find a version of this mouthwatering snack in every country, in every cuisine—an empanada, a calzone, a pierogi, a Cornish pasty, a dumpling, a spanakopita. Savory food wrapped in a pastry served hot. What’s not to love? Americans lay claim to a number of delicious and innovative sweet pastries. For savories, however, we look to other countries and adopt, and the samosa is no exception. As Indian food becomes widely available in the United States – from urban take-out joints to the frozen-food sections of suburban grocery stores – Americans are ordering up the tri-cornered cornerstone of the subcontinent. And as we consume more and more samosas, over time we are, of course, modifying them and making them our own. A typical American might encounter her first traditional samosa by walking past an Indian market in a string of suburban shops. Drawn in by the aroma, before she knows it, she has put 75 cents on the counter and is feasting on a hot samosa and complimentary chai. Strolling happily through the aisles, the new customer discovers more than samosas for sale, of course – spices, rice and dal – and she fills up her cart with South Asian pantry staples. Indian grocery storesacrossAmericabuildcustomer loyalty through the humble, tasty, value-priced pastry. On a summer afternoon in Chicago’s Grant Park, two boys line up at a food truck during the Lollapalooza music festival, waiting to sample one of chef Suzy Singh’s famous samosas. The simple menu features three items: “The Addiction,” filled with butter chicken; the classic“aloo matar,”stuffed with potato and peas, served with tamarind chutney; and for dessert, two mini“apple pie”samosas with a caramel dipping sauce. They choose the classic. “To see these 7-year-old American boys coming up to the food truck and asking for the aloo matar samosas by name was phenomenal,” laughs Singh, who operates Suzy’s Samosas food truck during the milder summer months in Chicago.“It made my day.” Singh was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs by her Punjabi parents, who are engineers. She enjoys the mobility of the food truck, which helps expose more and more Americans to the Indian snack. She also believes that a food truck fosters experimentation. “I’m always doing R&D in that kitchen,” says the former engineer, who appeared as a contestant on the TV show “MasterChef” in 2011. “What’s beautiful about being on the truck is that you can make anything and see how it flies.” While the contents of her samosas can get creative – lamb shawarma, peanut butter and jelly, pumpkin, Nutella – she keeps her dough traditional. “You’ve got to pay homage to Landmark | Indo-American Society12
  12. 12. the Indian culture,” she says, insisting on the proper casing, the foundation for all her samosas. “Otherwise, fusion just leads to con-fusion.” Partyappetizersofferanotheravenueforsamosaintroduction formanyAmericans.Largesuburbansupermarketsselldainty, bite-sized varieties in the frozen section. Some versions from the freezer such as the “crispy samosas” from Saffron Road come packaged in boxes of a dozen, neatly arranged on a plastic tray, sealed inside a plastic bag. The appetizer samosas feature a farm-fresh veggie filling, according to the mouthwatering description on the box, with a delicate Greek-style phyllo dough. Baked for 20 minutes, these “all natural, premium hand-made” hors d’oeuvres make a tasty nibble but, despite the triangular shape, may be tough to recognize as a samosa. Another version may taste familiar, but the appearance lays bare everything that a samosa pastry works to conceal. In San Mateo, California, Indian street food fans rave about the “deconstructed samosa” sold by Curry Up Now, a brick- and-mortar restaurant with a few food trucks working the San Francisco area. Here the pastry forms the platter, and the veggies sit on top. Reminiscent of the first time your grandmother cut apart a samosa on a plate for you, this delicious approach appeals to those who want to know what is on the inside. A trip to Texas offers even more samosa creativity, with the Samosa Hut and Grill restaurant selling savory varieties like Thai chicken and cheese pizza and for dessert, a Dallas cheesecake samosa sundae topped with whipped cream. Further south in Houston, Kiran’s Restaurant and Bar serves a mushroom and feta samosa, or for a few dollars more, a tempting crab samosa. For some, nothing suits a rainy afternoon in Sunnyvale more than a spicy, old-school potato samosa. Improving on that recipe may be a challenge, but Americans continue innovating for the next generation of samosa lovers. Article courtesy Span Magazine Landmark | Indo-American Society 13
  13. 13. Avail the benefit of ECONOMY OPD Bombay City Eye Institute & Research Centre 5, Babulnath Road, Opp. Babulnath Temple, Mumbai 4000 07 Phone: 022-2367 1011/2368 2894 • email: • Website: Complete Affordable Eye Care Consultation Monday to Saturday 9.00 am to 12 noon & 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm Any further treatment including surgery at special economy charges @ Rs. 200/- Only
  14. 14. Recent Programmes Mr. Jay Chauhan a lawyer and Deputy Judge in Canada had visited India during the Republic Day. On the occasion he addressed to the Society members on January 25, 2013 on the “Indo-US Relations”. Mr. Chauhan declared to the assembled audience that it is an honour and privilege for him to speak at the Society on the ‘Indo American Relations’. He explained briefly the historical development of both India and America which has some common values and historical experience which draws the two major countries together in the future. US constitution was founded on the principle of equality of each person and his or her right to vote for the future of the country. About 250 years later, America built a society and democracy that today permits a person with black background to be the President, place a man on the moon and possess the strongest military power that history of mankind has ever known. The constitution of India was enacted on the Republic Day in 1950, which espouses the right of each Indian citizen to be free and equal in a democracy. Indiangeniushassucceedednotonlydevelopingthenuclear weapon,inkeepingwithitsdefenceneeds,butalsointhelast 20 years demonstrated both inside the country and outside, where many Indians now live, that India within a time span of 60 years is on a path of being the fourth largest economy of the world based on purchasing parity measurement. In regaining its status among nations of the world, India, unlikeChina,andPakistan,haschosenthepathofdemocracy and human rights, and free enterprise, which are values which are shared both by India and United States. America benefited a great deal from the skilled manpower and investment from Europe during 250 years of its industrial Indo-US Relations lecture development. India’s fear of foreign domination fuelled by the memory of the last thousand years of foreign rule, has restrictedforeigninvestment;buttheserestrictionsarebeing relaxed as India gains confidence. India is coming out of the memory of racial prejudice imposed by the outsiders and regaining confidence needed for Indians to trade and those abroad to show their skills and accomplishments as seen in many technical companies in US, Canada and England. Projecting in the future, US and India have a lot in common to work together to develop their economies and trade, along with helping the rest of the world to adopt the path of democracy and free enterprise to develop their respective societies. To achieve this path India needs to improve their democratic and legal institutions along the lines of what Gujarat has recently shown where the industrial growth rates match those of China. India- US relations merit a closer look on the side of US with a view to seeing the long term future rather than the short term military and economic advantages. Mr. Jay Chauhan addressing the members OBITUARY The Indo-American Society condoles the death on Saturday, March 9, 2013 of Mr. Viren Shah, Past President and a member who had served on the IAS Executive Committee for a long time. Landmark | Indo-American Society 15
  15. 15. Washington, Feb 20 (IANS) Slavery has been finally abolished officially from the whole of United States - 148 years after Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation declaration - thanks to an eagle eyed Indian-American professor. The state of Mississippi finally ratified the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery only earlier this month, due in some measure to Dr. Ranjan Batra, associate professor of neurobiology and anatomical sciences at the University of Mississippi Medical Centre. Batra, who became a US citizen in 2008, last November started looking into states ratifying the amendment after watching Steven Spielberg’s“Lincoln”depicting the political fight to pass it, according to The Clarion Ledger, a state newspaper. As Batra learnt from website, after Congress voted for the 13th Amendment in January 1864, the measure went to the states for ratification. On Dec 6, 1865, the amendment received the three- fourths’ vote it needed when Georgia became the 27th statetoratifyit.Statesthatrejectedthemeasureincluded Delaware, Kentucky, New Jersey and Mississippi. In the months and years that followed, states continued to ratify the amendment, including those that had initially rejected it. New Jersey ratified the amendment in 1866, Delaware in 1901 and Kentucky in 1976. By Arun Kumar | IANS India Private Limited Buttherewasanasterisk beside Mississippi. A note read: “Mississippi ratifiedtheamendment in 1995, but because the state never officially notified the US Archivist, the ratification is not official.” Batra, according to the Clarion Ledger, then told colleague Ken Sullivan who called the National Archives’ Office of the Federal Register to inform them that Mississippi was yet to ratify the 13th Amendment. Sullivan was able to retrieve a copy of a 1995 Senate resolution, which passed both the Mississippi House and Senate, that ratified the amendment to abolish slavery, but it was never sent to the Office of the Federal Register. Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann sent the Office of the Federal Register a copy of the 1995 Senate bill and on Feb 7, Mississippi finally ratified the 13th Amendment. “Now it’s officially filed and recorded,” Sullivan told the Clarion Ledger. “There’s no asterisk by Mississippi any more.” “Mississippi gets a lot of bad press about this type of stuff and I just felt that it is something that should be fixed, and I saw every reason that could be done,” Batra told ABC News. “Everyone here would like to put this part of Mississippi’s past behind us and move on into the 21st century rather than the 19th,”he said. Sullivan also remarked on the unlikely pairing of an immigrant from India and a life-long southerner working together to resolve the oversight. “You have Dr. Batra, who is the immigrant and me who is the native-born, life-long resident of Mississippi, it was a unique pair,”he said. (Arun Kumar can be contacted at Indian American helps end slavery in US - officially! Landmark | Indo-American Society16
  16. 16. Five eminent people, includ- ing three nonresidential In- dians, were presented Global Visionary Awards by the Vi- sion Foundation of Ahmeda- bad at a special function in Ahmedabad on March 6. Plaques were presented to the awardees by J. N. Bhatt, chairman of the Gujarat Hu- man Rights Commission. A citation and Gandhi chart has were also presented to them. The recipients were: Dipak Jain, former dean of INSFAD; M.V.Tanksale, Chairman and managing director of the Central Bank of India; Dr. V. Ramadoss of Seychelles; Dilip Dalal, economist and financial consultant from Mumbai; and Nirmal Sinha, marketing expert; Naren Shah, founder chairman of the Vision Foundation aims to honor achievers to express society’s gratitude to them and provide inspiration and rome models for the younger generation, he said. Workshops Global Visionary Awards Presented in Gujarat Seen from the left are, Sinha, Ramadoss, Shah, Bhatt, Tanksale and Dalal. Recent Programmes A workshop on Leadership Development. Participants at the workshop A workshop on Cyber Security. Participants at the workshop A workshop on Brand Building on Social Networking. Participants at the workshop A workshop on Letter of Credit and UCP 600. Participants at the workshop Landmark | Indo-American Society 17
  17. 17. IAS Down Memory Lane April 24th is a memorable day for Indo-American Society. It was on this day that IAS came into existence. Sir Homi P Modi the first President of the Society along with Ellsworth Bunker, the then US ambassador to India formally announced the inauguration at the erstwhile Greens Hotel in Mumbai. Over the five and a half decades since its inception IAS has steadily grown from strength to strength under the leadership of luminaries drawn from India and the US. The Past Presidents includes G L Mehta, Harish Mahindra, Nani Palkhiwala, Y P Trivedi, Nana Chudasama, Viren Shah, Adi Godrej, Keshub Mahindra, Pradipji Madhavji, S Ramadorai, B R Barwale. Each president has contributed their mite in their own way and shaped the fledging Society formed essentially to foster closer friendship and understanding between people of India and America. It would take reams and reams of paper to highlight or recognise the contributions of each President individually. Who can forget the work done by Founder President Homi Modi and G L Mehta who shaped the destiny of the List of Indo-American Society’s Current & Past Presidents Name Year Sir Homi P. Modi (First President) 1959-61 Mr. G. L. Mehta 1961-69 Mr. Harish Mahindra 1970-71 Mr. J. V. Bhagat 1972 Mr. Navin T. Khandwalla 1973 Mr. G. N. Somani 1974 Mr. Nana Chudasama 1975-76, 79-80 Mr. Y. P. Trivedi 1976-77, 82-83, 83-84 Mr. Girish K. Chitalia 1977 (Up To June 1978) Ms. Veena J. Mehta 1978-79 Mr. Shafi Thanawala 1980-81 Mr. D. M. Parekh 1981-82 Mrs. Gool Panthakey 1984-85 (Up To Dec 1985) Ms. Vimla Dalal 1985-86 Mr. N. M. Brahmbhat 1986-87 Mr. H. R. Prasad 1987-88 Mr. Anil Mehta (July 1, 1988 - Sept. 24, 1988) Mr. Norman D. Hyett (Dec. 23, 1988) Mr. Nani Palkhivala 1989-90 Mr. Viren J. Shah 1990-91 Mr. Keshub Mahindra 1991-92, 92-93 Mr. Adi Godrej 1993-94 Mr. Dan Milton 1994-95 Mr. Jasu Shah 1995-97 Mr. Dennis Grubb 1997-98 Mr. Pradip Madhavji 1998-99 Mr. Kevin Murray 1999-2000 Mr. Brian Brown 2000-2001 Mr. S. Ramadorai 2001-2003 Mr. Sanjay Nayar 2003-2005 Mr. Dominic Price / Mr. Shamsunder Aggarwal 2005-2006 Mr. V. Balachandran 2006-2007 Dr. B. R. Barwale 2007-2008 Mr. Chandrasekharam Tatapudy 2008-2009 Dr. V. Rangaraj 2009-2010 CA Snehal Muzoomdar 2010-2011 Mr. Manoj Gursahani 2011-2012 Mr. Dilip S. Dalal (Current President) 2012-2013 1961 July 10, 1961: Honorable Shri Y.B. Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra (from right – seated first) opened the new premises of IAS at Kitab Mahal, Fort, Mumbai. Robert M. Carr, US Consul General in Bombay speaks on the occasion. 2001 Robert D. Blackwill, US Ambassador to India with IAS President Brian Brown at the IAS reception in his honour. Landmark | Indo-American Society18
  18. 18. IAS Down Memory Lane 55th Founders Day Celebration55th Founders Day Celebration Date: Monday, April 29, 2013 Venue: Indian Education Society, Bandra, Mumbai Time: 7.00 pm Dignitaries gracing the occasion:Dignitaries gracing the occasion: Mr. Peter D. Haas, US Consul General Chief Guest Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Shahani, Dean H R College of Commerce Guest of Honor Mr. Jignesh Shah, Chairman Financial Technologies Ltd. Guest of Honor Mr. Keshav Murugesh, Vice- Chairman, NASSCOM Special Invitee organisation from 1961-69 in securing a good premise in Kitab Mahal. A premise which was inaugurated by Shri Y B Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharastra in 1961. It is this very premise which still houses the various activities of the Society. Lincoln Auditorium though small by today’s standard has hosted dignitaries from various fields at several memorable functions. The strong growth in membership over the years made it difficult for members to stay in touch. And this was one of the reasons which gave birth to Landmark the house magazine of the society in 1974. Through this magazine we were able to communicate with our members and brief them of the events in the past and also provide them with a calendar of forthcoming events. The work done by the various Presidents who have devoted their valuable time in giving shape to the organisation has won accolades from one and all. US Consul General, Paul Folmsbee at the 50th Founders Day Celebration praising the work of IAS in building bridges with the people of America for the past 5 decades described it as“a phenomenal achievement.” Like everything else, IAS role has been changing dramatically over the years and 10 years from now IAS may be undergoing a radical transformation. While the contours of the bridge between the two democracies may change the objective would still remain the same viz strengthening the relationship between the two democracies. Itisdifficult,neighimpossibletorecordallthememorable events in one page. However we promise to bring a commemorative volume highlighting the activities of the Society in the past and its foreseeable road-map chartering out the shape of things to come. For the present we at IAS salute our Past Presidents and as a humble token of our appreciation to the work done by them, plan to felicitate them at our Founders Day Celebrations planned in Mumbai, later this month. We invite all our members to turn up at this memorable occasion. Daksesh Parikh Chairman, Economic and Finance Committee 1984 Dr. Karan Singh, Member of Parliament speaks on ‘Thirty-five years of Indian Democracy – Triumph and Tragedy’ Landmark | Indo-American Society 19
  19. 19. Since 1963, IAS has been a pioneer in the field of corporate training and development – Its short-term courses and seminars, in the area of self development, particularly, have enjoyed immeasurable success over the years. Today, its training programs topics as varied as Public Speaking & Communication Skills, Fast Reading & Memory Efficiency, and professional training courses like Photography, and many more- The list is almost endless! IAS training programs are much sought after, by small companies and large conglomerates alike. English Usage & Conversation To help improve English conversation, the course deals with conversational style and grammar. It includes basics of tenses, articles and prepositions; and gives you useful tips to carry out conversations in different circumstances. Advanced English Conversation This course helps to develop greater fluency in language. It teaches the participants correct usage of grammar; helps them to develop vocabulary, and instills confidence for expressing thoughts correctly through sessions of debates, impromptu speech practicing, etc. Personality Development TheIndoAmericanSociety’sPersonalityDevelopmentprogramme focuses on you-the participant. It helps you understand yourself and work towards a more positive identity, build your self-confi- dence and learn the art of problem solving. Public Speaking & Communication Skills The Public Speaking Course concentrates on developing effective public-speaking skills. It gives you the tools you need to develop the courage to address a large crowd, even with just a basic knowledge of English! Overcome problems with expressing yourself confidently and being understood, and learn how to be an engaging speaker. Fast Reading & Memory Efficiency The programme is ideal for students seeking to increase their learning capacities. This program helps you to become smart in a different way - by using your brainpower to the maximum. Photography This course helps you get the whole picture of photography! It makes you understand and master your camera, its accessories, and learn technique in a systematic and scientific way. it teaches you the basic principles behind capturing creative photographs. Introducing New Courses • Music Class Workshops at lAS • Secretaries / Administrative Professionals • Business Communication and Etiquette • Public Speaking and Communication Skills • Mind Mapping for Business • Reception cum Customer Service Skills • Kids Workshop on Speech and Drama Corporate Training • English Usage and conversation • Advanced English Conversation • Communication and Presentation Skills • Personality Development and Grooming • Corporate Etiquette and Social Skills IAS COURSES INDO-AMERICAN SOCIETY Kitab Mahal, 5, Sukhadwala Marg, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001. Telephones : 2207 4882 / 83, 2200 4769 • Fax : 2207 1831 E-mail : • Editor : K. V. Satyamurty Designed & Printed by : Fezisons For Internal Circulation only EXIM Course The EXIM program helps you become a successful Exporter- Importer. The course focuses on Markets, Business Methods and EXIM Policies, Customs and Cenvat. It is an in-depth informative and practical training program with individual guidance. To date, IAS retains the reputationof being a trail-blazer in the arena of corporate management, skill development in various fields, and self-development. We offer companies the option of choosing from our various standardized training modules, or going in for customized training programs that meet specific requirements. For More Details Contact: Indo-American Society Kitab Mahal, 5 D, Sukhadwala Marg Next to New Excelsior Cinema, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 Tel.: 2207 4882/3, 2200 4769 Fax: 2207 1831 Email: Web:
  20. 20. The year was 1981, the start was humble and the ideals high. NM Medical, born out of a passion to pioneer and excel in the field of preventive diagnostics, today conducts over 1,25,000 health screening tests every year and is quietly redefining preventive and diagnostic imaging healthcare in India. NM Medical’s commitment to quality and complete satisfaction of its patrons has been unwavering. Its long list of patrons - which includes overseas, high-end corporate and insurance patrons - would vouch for the same. NM Medical is on the panel of every insurance company in India and is empanelled with over 200 companies to conduct pre-employment and annual executive health check-ups for their employees. NM Medical currently employs a team of 250 caring professionals including more than 50 doctors, and is associated with the leading diagnostic equipment manufacturers in the world such as Siemens, Philips, and General Electric to ensure that its centres have the latest technology introduced worldwide. The equipment in use at NM Medical is the same as in use at Johns Hopkins Medical Centre, Mayo Clinic, and other such internationally renowned healthcare institutions. The test results from NM Medical confirm to the international protocol and are accepted the world over. The quality of the tests are reflected in the fact that over 10,000 doctors trust NM Medical to provide diagnostic services to their patients, day in and day out. NM Medical Special Package for IAS members NM MEDICAL PROFILE NM Medical is designed to de-stress and perhaps add a bit of fun to the realm of preventive healthcare. It creates a refreshingly different healthcare experience as it is free from the stressful smells, exposure to sick patients and shuffling across various departments on different floors, commonly associated with health check-up at hospitals. The waiting lounge at NM Medical is inspired by the insides of a luxury jetliner with a business and entertainment centre and Guest Relation Executives providing personalized service. NM Medical currently operates 7 exclusive diagnostic and preventive healthcare centres (in Mumbai and Bangalore) and has channel partners in all the other major metros of India, thus providing nationwide services. OUR DIAGNOSTIC TESTS: Pathology, Digital X-ray, ECG, Stress Test, 2D Echo, 4D Sonography, Mammography, DEXA Bone Densitometry, High Strength 32 channel MRI, 64 slice Cardiac CT Scan. SOME OF OUR HEALTH CHECKUP CLIENTS: Reliance Industries, Reliance ADAG, Larsen & Toubro, Tata Consultancy, ICICI Bank, Siemens, Philips, Sahara Group, Exxon Mobil, Wipro, Intel, State Bank of India, Reserve Bank of India, Star TV, Castrol India Pvt Ltd, Via com 18, BSNL, Air France etc… Please visit us on for more details.
  21. 21. NM Gold Plus Health Plan Pathology • CBC + ESR Tests for Diabetes • Blood Sugar Fasting • Blood Sugar Post Prandial Tests for Liver Disease • Bilirubin (Total, Direct, Indirect) • SGOT • SGPT • GGTP • Proteins (Albumin, Globulin, A/G Ratio) • Alkaline Phosphatase Tests for Heart Disease • Triglycerides • Cholesterol • HDL Cholesterol • LDL Cholesterol • VLDL Cholesterol • LDL/HDL Ratio • Cholesterol / HDL Cholesterol Tests for Kidney Disease • Urea • Creatinine • Uric Acid • Calcium Thyroid Hormone (T3 T4 TSH) Urine Routine Diagnostic Tests • Digital Chest X-Ray (Reports) • ECG • Sonography Abdomen & Pelvis • Stress Test • Dexa Bone Densitometery • 2D Echo • Pap Smear (For Women) • Mammography (For Women) Consultations • Physical Examination • Dental Checkup • Eye Checkup • Diet Consultation • Gynaecological Examination (For Women) Glycosylated Haemoglobin PSA For prostate Cancer Complimentary breakfast will be provided Normal Rate: Rs. 8,950/- For Indo-American Society Members: Rs. 7,500/-
  22. 22. NM Platinum Health Plan Pathology • CBC + ESR Tests for Diabetes • Blood Sugar Fasting • Blood Sugar Post Prandial Tests for Liver Disease • Bilirubin (Total, Direct, Indirect) • SGOT • SGPT • GGTP • Proteins (Albumin, Globulin, A/G Ratio) • Alkaline Phosphatase Tests for Heart Disease • TLDH • Triglycerides • Cholesterol • HDL Cholesterol • LDL Cholesterol • VLDL Cholesterol • LDL/HDL Ratio • Cholesterol / HDL Cholesterol Tests for Kidney Disease • Urea • Creatinine • Uric Acid • Electrolytes • Calcium Cancer Risk Markers • PSA (For Men) • CA 125 (For Women) Thyroid Hormone (T3 T4 TSH) Urine Routine Diagnostic Tests • Digital Chest X-Ray (Reports) • ECG • Sonography Abdomen & Pelvis • Stress Test • 2D Echo • Pap Smear (For Women) • Mammography (For Women) • Dexa Bone Densitometery • Body Fat Analysis Spirometery Carotid Colour Doppler Consultations • Physical Examination • Dental Checkup • Eye Checkup • Diet Consultation • Gynaecological Examination (For Women) Specialised Investigations • Glycosylated Haemoglobin • Vitamin D • Vitamin B12 Complimentary breakfast will be provided Normal Rate: Rs. 15,000/- For Indo-American Society Members: Rs. 12,500/- Cardiac CT Angio: Normal Rate is Rs. 12,500, for Indo-American Rs. 10,000/- Whole Body MRI: Normal Rate is Rs. 25,000, for Indo-American Rs. 20,000/-
  23. 23. Health 360, Marine Lines Darya Nagar House, Next to ICICI Bank, Maharshi Karve Road (Queens Road), East Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400 002. Tel. No.: 4342 9999 Contact Person: Ms Yamini (Open from Monday – Saturday) NM Medical, Chowpatty Mehta House, 36, Pandita Ramabai Road, Chowpatty, Mumbai - 400 007. Tel. No.: 4342 5555 Contact Person: Ms Sharmila / Ms Tasneem (Open from Monday – Saturday) NM Medical, Khar (West) Summerville Apartments, Junction of 14th & 33rd Road, Off Linking Road, Khar (West), Mumbai - 400 052 Tel. No.: 4342 8888 Contact Person: Ms Sherry / Ms Anne (Open from Monday – Saturday) email: • web: Cardiac CT Whole Body MRI Now, get a comprehensive evaluation of the health of your heart in just a few minutes! Simply walk in for a Coronary CT Angiography on our Cardiac CT Scanner to identify any blockage in the arteries that supply blood to your heart. The test provides information on whether any blockages are present, location of block, percentage of stenosis, and nature of the plaque. The test is safe and is not an invasive procedure unlike conventional catheter angiography. A normal report Now, in just 45 minutes, get a complete screening from head-to-toe on India’s fastest and most patient friendly MRI with wide bore for maximum patient comfort. Whole Body MRI evaluates all the organs in the body including head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, musculoskeletal, and whole spine. rules out possibility of a coronary artery blockage in the near future. Coronary CT Angio is also extremely useful in evaluating patency of stents and the condition of the bypass graft post-CABG. A preliminary screening of the arteries can also be done just by evaluating the Calcium Score. A low Calcium Score is synonymous with low clinically significant soft plaques in the coronary arteries. The Calcium Scoring test can be completed in a matter of seconds. • Is completely harmless with no exposure to radiation. Fully non-invasive with no injection of contrast. • Has no side effect. • Requires no prior preparations. • Complements other diagnostic investigations such as Sonography and Colour Doppler for a more thorough evaluation of any disease. Our Branches for Health checkups: NM Medical, Mulund (West) 8th Floor, Corporate Centre, Nirmal Lifestyles Mall, LBS Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai - 400 080 • Tel. No.: 4342 7777 Contact Person: Ms Meenakshi / Ms Aditi (Open from Tuesday – Sunday) NM Medical, Borivali (West) Swastik Bldg., 18/6, R C Patel Road, Chandavarkar Cross Road No. 2, Next to ICICI Bank, Borivali (West), Mumbai – 400 092. Tel. No.: 4342 4444 Contact Person: Ms.Leena/ Ms.Sarika (Open From Monday - Sunday) NM Medical, Bangalore Tower A, Corporate Block, Diamond District, Airport Road, Bangalore – 560 080 • Tel: 4046 6464 Contact Person: Ms Meenakshi / Ms Sarita (Open from Monday – Saturday) NM Medical, Pune Fortaleza, Kalyani Nagar, Pune 411014 • Tel: 020 2660 0505 Opening Feb 2011 For More Details Contact: INDO-AMERICAN SOCIETY Kitab Mahal, 5, Sukhadwala Marg, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001. Telephones : 2207 4882 / 83, 2200 4769 • Fax : 2207 1831 E-mail : •