IAS Landmark - February 2013


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IAS Landmark - February 2013

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IAS Landmark - February 2013

  1. 1. official publication of indo-american society President: Mr. sanjog parab february 2014 (Established in 1959) Spreading the power of knowledge landmark
  2. 2. Mr. Rusi B. Khambatta Jt. Hon. Secretary Member of IAS since 39 years from the President’s desk Office Bearers 2013-14 Mr. Arjun Bulchandani Hon. Treasurer & Chairman, Finance Committee Member of IAS since 17 years Mr. Sunil Merchant Vice – President & Chairman, Administration Committee Member of IAS since 18 years Mrs. Jayshree Sampat Jt. Hon. Secretary & Chairperson, Membership Committee Member of IAS since 19 years Mr. Daksesh Parikh Vice – President & Chairman, Corporate Relations and Publication Committee Member of IAS since 4 years Dear Members, It gives me great pleasure to share with you some of the informative initiatives which were initiated recently, in line with the changing times and expectations of our members. We have attempted to continually redefine ourselves, and towards this end, we have introduced various new services and started new activities in our organization. We have fine tuned all our programmes, events, seminars, workshop and activities – or soft skills courses, to benefit our members. We have continuously focused on the benefits to our students, which in turn will help grooming leaders of tomorrow. In this regard we have taken keen interest to organize the events which will be fruitful to them. We invited prominent speakers which would provide our young students adequate tips on selecting their career paths with the greatest possible preparations. We invited Mr. Temo Arjani Certified Public Accountant, USA, who spoke about the tax related issues qua U.S. tax obligations of green card holders who reside in India and who may have capital gains. We also invited U.S. Immigration Attorneys Michael Phulwani & David Nachman, who spoke on Update on US Immigration Law and Visas. The Dean from University of California, Irvine, Ms. Angelika Volkman, addressed about the admission regimentation in their University. This, of course does not underscore the fact that a lot of work still needs to be done, on multiple interconnected fronts. To facilitate members to keep abreast of the activities of the society, the major events are put on the web-site as also highlighted in Landmark. I hardly need to add that these myriad activities and initiatives have been made possible due to the strong support of all the members of the Executive Committee, Past Presidents, and IAS members. I would appreciate receiving your feedback, comments and suggestions to enable me to take this task forward in an even more effective manner. Please do not hesitate to get in touch through our ever helpful staff members. With warm regards and best wishes, Sanjog Parab 40th President, Indo-American Society Landmark | Indo-American Society 3
  3. 3. Indian Elections and Chai paani Indian love for cricket is only surpassed by politics. Countless discussions and heated debates over who will win and who should win or not win are held for days at a stretch, at every nook and corners across the country, except in places like Mumbai, where nothing interests people more than money. This time with an additional 120 million voters, accounting for nearly 15 per cent of the 80 crore strong voters, choosing to cast their votes, the elections will take a new turn. Undoubtedly elections will be a transformational event this time around. The Centre for Media Studies has estimated that nearly Rs.30500 crore, will be spent in this elections. This makes it by far the largest spend till date. And the second largest poll expenditure after US $ 7 bn spent in 2012 elections. But these expenses do not really take into account the other fringe expenses by the candidates which will benefit the economy. The Election Commission recently disallowed one party from offering free cups of tea. It would be taken in the expenses incurred by the candidates. Assuming that each of the supporters of the candidates standing for elections were to reach out to the 80 crore electorate and offer just one tea cup, ( cutting chai) the cost would have Rs.500 crore.If three other main parties were to do an encore this will rise to Rs.2000 crore ! This would be besides the additional cutting chais drunk by the die- hard debaters airing point on view on any and every topic. This would easily go up five fold times or Rs 10000 crore. In the last elections technology was used to reach out to the voters.Thistimewith12croreyoungvoterswillbejoiningthe veteran electorates.The usage of SMS will go up manifold. If atleast10smsweretobeusedbyvariouspartiestoreachout to 80 crore voters the cost will be another Rs.500 crore. The telecom operators are certainly not unhappy over elections. Unlessofcoursethemoretechsavvycandidatesprefertouse Whatsappandothersuchapplications. Ofcourse election expenses go far beyond chai-pani and SMS.The big parties often employ advertising and PR companies and their bills on media spend, on-line and off-line, would even on a very conservative basis be a few 1000 crore. Besides promotion of the candidates and glossing over their parties achievements, companies often use elections as a means to reach out to a wider mass of viewers, who flock to television sets and radios to keep tabs on what is happening in and around their localities. With the tech savvy advertisers reaching out to gen-X over on-line media. One can ofcourse keep on adding the other costs. Transportation by cars, LCV and trucks to ferry the candidates and their supporters to the mass rallies. No wonder economists hail elections. The expenditure on elections provide a boost to the economy which translates into a higher GDP growth in the subsequent year. And unlike cricket which is also a national pastime, elections helps the public at large. Cricket on the other hand only results in higher earnings for cricketers and a few chosen few. Let us have more elections ! Polls irrespective of the outcome provides a welcome boost to GDP growth, says Daksesh Parikh Landmark | Indo-American Society4
  4. 4. Relevance of Gandhi events L to R – Mr. Ajitkumar Desai, Chairman Fundraising Committee, Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, Chairman Academics Committee, Mr. Snehal Muzoomdar, Chairman, Special Events, Mr. Tushar Gandhi, Mr. Rusi B. Khambatta, Jt. Hon. Secretary, Mr. Daksesh Parikh, Vice-President IAS, Mr. Uttam Jain, Chairman, Sponsorship Committee, Mr. Pramod Shah, Chairman, Economic Affairs Committee, Mrs. Asha A. Vakil, Chairperson, Programmes Committee and Mrs. Kiran Kamath, Secretary General, IAS A lecture on “Relevance of Gandhi” by Mr. Tushar Gandhi was held on December 11, 2013. Mr. Gandhi spoke about Bapu’s ethics, namely the pursuit of love, compassion, self knowledge, duty, self control, and so forth, as the root to such realization. The lecture was very interesting and informative and was followed by lively question and answer session. Tushar A. Gandhi, 53, was born 1960, to Arun & Sunanda Gandhi. He is the grandson of Manilal and Sushila Gandhi, second son and daughter-in-law of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba. He holds a diploma in Printing Technology from the Government Institute of Printing Technology, Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai. In 1995 he was appointed President of Lok Seva Trust, a voluntary organisation engaged in running educational and legal aid programs for the unemployed former textile mill workers in Central Mumbai. The trust was founded by his uncle Dr. Kanti Gandhi, Son of Harilal and Gulab, first son and daughter-in-law of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba. Gandhiisaprolificwriter.Healsowritesablogforthemagazine ‘The Teenager Today’ and he is invited to write for journals such as ‘One India One People’. He is associated with several organizations which work for peace and non-violence in India and counter the forces of Fanaticism and Communalism. Landmark | Indo-American Society6
  5. 5. L to R – Mr. Ajitkuamr Desai, Mrs. Kiran Kamath, Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, Dr. Kulin Kothari, Mr. Daksesh Parikh, Vice-President IAS, Mr. Sunil Merchant, Vice- President IAS, Mr. Rusi B. Khambatta, Mr. Pramod Shah, Ms. Vimla Dalal and Mr. Vinod Parekh. A medical lecture on ‘We the fortunate Ones’ by Dr. Kulin Kothari was organized by the Indo- American Society on December 19, 2013 at Lincoln Auditorium, IAS. Dr. Kothari pointed out that Poverty and blindness are the two most terrifying combination making blind people vulnerable toabuse,destitutionandearlydeath.Heemphasizedthatover45millionpeopleintheworldare blind. Of these, 18 million live in India. Over 9 million cases of blindness are caused by cataracts; and another 3 million due to refractive errors; both of which are easily treatable conditions. One person goes blind in the world every five seconds; a child goes blind every minute. (As perWHO report-2002). The statistics on blindness are staggering. For each person going blind the impact is enormous. Poverty and blindness is a terrifying combination. He also mentioned on the need to take care of the eyes. He also said that Loss of sight most often results in social exclusion, making blind people vulnerable to abuse, destitution and early death. The lecture was very interesting and informative to the lay men. The lecture was followed by lively question and answer session. “We the Fortunate Ones” events Dear Advertiser, Every issue of ‘LANDMARK’ (Indo-American Society’s quarterly magazine), which allows businesses like yours to benefit by grabbing advertising space. Landmark has a huge circulation and readership among elite groups of Society. Call us now, to place advertisements in the next issue, and bring your products and services to the notice of our readers. For more information or to place an AD, Please contact: Ms. Maria Jojo Assistant Secretary, Indo-American Society Kitab Mahal, 5, D Sukhadwala Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001. Tel: 2207 4882 /83 Fax: 2207 1831 Email: maria@indoamericansociety.org / info@indoamericansociety.org LANDMARK ADVERTISING TARIFFS Pages Size in cms Rates Back Cover Page 24 x 19 cm Rs. 15,000 Front & Back Inside Cover Page 24 x 19 cm Rs. 12,000 Full Page 24 x 19 cm Rs. 10,000 Half Page 12 x 19 cm Rs. 5,000 Quarter Page 6 x 19 cm or 12 x 9 cm Rs. 3,000 Note: For a contract of four insertions you will get a discount of 10 % Advertise in LANDMARK Landmark | Indo-American Society 7
  6. 6. A lecture on ‘U.S. Harsh Taxes Affecting NRIs’ by Mr. Temo A. Arjani on December 23, 2013 was organized at IAS. This was a joint program with Indo-American Chamber Of Commerce (IACC) and the audience exceeded the hall capacity. The discussion covered a lot of aspects of the U.S Tax Law. The lecture had an overwhelming response, and the audience was invited to ask him questions. The ensuing question and answer session was lively and very topical and interesting. The points on the aspects of the U.S. Tax law that Mr. Arjani covered were: 1. When is one required to file Foreign Bank Account reporting form and what are the Implications of disregarding the requirement? 2. Should the individual consider the protection (or is it the penalty?) of ebing part of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative? 3. What are the U.S tax obligations of green card holders who reside in India and who may have capital gains? 4. When an NRI inherits real property in India and sells it how is the gain reported? 5. Are U.S. Citizens who permanenty left the U.S.a s children and who may never have filed U.S. tax returns in deep trouble? 6. If Indian relatives desire to give substantial gifts to U.S. taxpayers is there any planning that may help? (Former SEO Goverment of Maharashtra) Chairman & Managing Director ‘U.S. Harsh Taxes Affecting NRIs’ With Best Compliments from Vinod P. Parekh L to R - Mr. Ajitkuamr Desai, Dr. Subodh Kulkarni,Mr. Temo Arjani, Mr. Sanjog Parab, Mr. Sunder Advani, Mrs. Rajyalakshmi Rao, Mr. Nishith Desai, Mrs. Kiran Kamath. Infopile India Pvt. Ltd. Pitamber Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Travel Port Holiday Pvt. Ltd. events Landmark | Indo-American Society8
  7. 7. L to R – Mr. Vijay Ranjane, Mr. Ajitkumar Desai, Mrs. Kiran Kamath, Mr. Daksesh Parikh, Ms. Kavita Jha, Mr. Rusi B. Khambatta, Mr. Pramod Shah. An interactive meeting on “Awareness Session on Commodity Futures” by Ms. Kavita Jha and Mr. Vijay Ranjane of MCX was organized at the Indo-American Society on January 10, 2014. Ms. Kavita Jha spoke on the basic fundamentals governing the bullion segment, demystifying investment in gold and silver etc. The lecture was very interesting and informative and was followed by lively question and answer session. Awareness Session on Commodity Futures events Landmark | Indo-American Society 9
  8. 8. New Horizons in Respiratory / Pulmonary & Related Specialities A medical lecture on ‘New Horizons in Respiratory / Pulmonary & Related Specialities’ by Dr. Suresh V. Rang was organized by the Indo-American Society on January 16, 2014 at Lincoln Auditorium, IAS. Dr. Rang emphasized in his lecture the new horizons in the field of diagnostics and therapeutics as related to diseases of the lung, related organs, allergy and immunology particularly related to Bronchial asthma and other respiratory allergies. He also spoke on sleep studies, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Rang said that the Respiratory tract involves air, before entering the nose , from the nose down to the throat, to the airways, right up to the alveoli to the capillaries which exchange the gases. It was believed that the respiratory tract’s function was only exchange of O2 to blood & taking up of CO2 & releasing the same to the atmosphere. It has now been shown that the respiratory system, has extraordinary varied functions, immunologically, etc. in protecting the entire body against invasion via air, by unwanted & dangerous elements lurking outside the body. Further, Dr. Rang mentioned that Abnormalities in the respiratory tract, could vary from the defects in the nose to sinuses, to the abnormalities in the segments of the lungs on both sides. The lungs work in conjunction with the heart in the same thoracic cage. Chest pain & breathlessness being functional variables can be tested by the 6 minutes walk test – an easy test. Dr. Rang also touched upon the topic on Asthma, by saying that Asthma is not a disease but a syndrome which has multiple causative / aggravating factors, from allergy to infection , to exercise induced, to environmental pollution, to humidity, genetics & geographical aggravations. Asthma diagnosis and management can be done by various machines. He said that theThermoplasty is the new modality of managing difficult to treat asthma. Dr. Rang also briefly touched upon Sleep studies for respiratory related sleep disorders , as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea which leads to various detrimental/ harmful effects on the body over a period of time can now be tested in the sleep lab and managed by new treatment modalities & lifestyle changes. According to him, Sleep disordered breathing may also include parasomnias, like sleep walking, sleep talking, bedwetting, nightmares, sleep tremors and others. Sleep deprivation effects the body in many ways causing memory loss, irritabilities etc. Hementionedthattherearevariousmethodsoftreatmentof snoring & sleep apnea. Allergy testing & immunotherapy are excellent modalities of management of bronchial asthma. Cancer lesion can be now biopsied via bronchoscopy by navigational bronchoscopy without surgery and its risks. Management of airways in the ICU has changed and improved over the years. Thelecturewasveryinterestingandinformativetothelaymen. The lecture was followed by lively question and answer session. L to R – Dr. G. B. Parulkar, Chairman Medical Programmes Committee, Mr. Arjun Bulchandani, Chairman Finance Committee, Mr. Dilip Dalal, Immediate Past President, Dr. Suresh Rang, Mr. Sanjog Parab, President IAS, Mrs. Asha A. Vakil, Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, Mr. D. K. Punjabi, Mrs. Prabha Narayan, Chairperson Publicity Committee, Mrs. Kiran Kamath and a Member. events Landmark | Indo-American Society10
  9. 9. A seminar was organized at Indo- American Society on “Update on US Immigration Law and Visas, Comprehensive Immigration Reform and U.S. Legislative & Administrative Updates” by U.S. Immigration Attorney David Nachman and Michael Phulwani on January 23, 2014. It was a paid seminar and was well attended. The lecture was very interesting and informative and attended by the students at large from Dr. V. N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies. The lecture was followed by lively question and answer session. There is no denying that Aviation is one of the most alluring, promising and a glamorous career choice. But at the same time it is confusing - if you do not have the right guidance and if you do not make right choices - you would end up making a soup of your career...... Therefore, get the right guidance and an insight into this promising career from Capt. A. D. Manek based on this rich experience fo more than 25 Years.... 1. An Interactive Session with MCX 2. “Research on Assassination of Abraham LincoIn” by Richard Zielinski, Vice-Consul, Economic Affairs, US Consulate General, Mumbai 3. “Governance to take India forward” by Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti, Chairman, BDO Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 4. IAS Founder’s Day Call for an appointment with Capt. AD Manek The Skyline Aviation Club 1st Floor, Shivam Apartments, Diagonally Opp to Joggers Park, Chikoowadi, Borivali (West), Mumbai - 400 092. Telephones: +91 22 2898 3516 / 6570 5244 Mobile : +91 98208 91262 / 98208 96262 Email: skylineaviationclub@yahoo.com / cptmanek@yahoo.com Website: http://skyline.edu.in A Seminar on Update on US Immigration Law and Visas L to R – Ms. Sangeeta Dave, Attorney Michael Phulwani, Professor Shobhana Panikar from Dr. V. N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies, Attorney David Nachman, Mr. Sanjog Parab, Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, Mrs. Jayshree Sampat, Mrs. Prabha Narayan, Mr. Sunit Survase and Mr. Pramod Shah. Forth Coming Events in april 2014 events Landmark | Indo-American Society 11
  10. 10. From a budding scientist to a successful entrepreneur- Dr. Zinobia Madan gains National recognition On February 1, 2014, Dr. Zinobia Madan was felicitated with two prestigious awards, “Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for InnovationsinHealthcare”&“JewelofIndiaAwardforLandmark Contributions in Healthcare” at a function organized by The Indian Solidarity Council in association with International Institute of Education & Management in New Delhi. Among the dignitaries who presented the awards included Dr. Bhisam Narayan Singh the former Governor of Tamilnadu & Ex Central Minister, Dr. G V G Krishnamoorthy Former Election Commissioner of India, Mr. O PVerma Former Chief Justice and Former Governor of Punjab & Mr. O P Saxena, President, All India Lawyers Forum. The second award, “The Jewel of India Award”, for Landmark Contributions in Healthcare,” has been conferred to her in recognition of her overall multifaceted contributions to the Healthcare field, in the field of research, keen involvement in guiding &executing several research projects, spearheading medical launches of several new products including Nutritionals, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnological, as a woman entrepreneur for introducing the Lifestyle Medicine concept through a Clinic approach, at ClinOma Healthcare & for imparting knowledge to groups of individuals on advantages of healthy living and how it is achievable by right lifestyle practices. Members Achievement These two awards are a culmination of the journey embarked on by Dr. Zinobia since her childhood.“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,”says Dr. Zinobia. At the age of 13, Dr. Zinobia won the Meritorious Science Award at Nehru Centre from the renowned Nuclear Scientist, Dr. Homi Sethna. This was her first step in her scientific journey. Selected by Mumbai University at 19 to undergo indepth training in research at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, Dr. Zinobia joined Jaslok Hospital for a career as a biomedical scientist. She was conferred the PhD degree in 1991 in cardiovascular research. Almost 25 years in the Pharma industry, Dr. Zinobia has made significant contributions in areas of clinical research, medico marketing, regulatory , medical writing & pharmacovigilance & headed big Research and Medical teams in leading multinational & Indian Pharma companies. Her last position in Pharma Industry was as Medical Director, Abbott Ltd, where her role involved heading all these Medical functions of India team. Currently in addition to being an Independent Adviser to Pharma Industry, through her venture ClinOma Healthcare, Dr. Zinobia has been promoting the keys to healthy living, emphasizing the importance of‘Adding Years of Healthy Life.’ In her journey of success, she feels she has a truly great life, travelling worldwide, meeting inspiring people and studying newer scientific fields of interest. Living her dreams while working for society, more importantly, she enjoys every bit of her work thoroughly. Landmark | Indo-American Society12
  11. 11. In recognition of the stellar contribution in the field of Higher Education, the ASSOCHAM Ladies League has conferred upon Principal Dr. Indu Shahani the Mumbai Women of the Decade Achievers Award for Excellence in Education and Community Development. The prestigious award was presented to Dr. Shahani by Chief Minister Shri Prithviraj Chavan on Thursday, January 2, 2014 at a felicitation ceremony held at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. The other women who also was presented with the award were; Rajashree Birla, Supriya Sule, Chanda Kochhar, Anu Aga, Brinda Somaya, Surekha Sikri, BK Sister Shivani In this regard, the Indo-American Society honoured Dr. Indu Shahani by felicitating her with an award in honor of her contribution towards Education and Community Development on February 11, 2014 at the Indian Merchants’ Chamber, Churchgate. Mumbai Women of the Decade Achievers Award Dr. Indu Shahani receiving the award from Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Prithviraj Chavan. Dr. Indu Shahani being felicitated by Mr. Sanjog Parab, President of Indo-American Society on being conferred upon her the Mumbai Women of the Decade Achievers Award. L to R – Mrs. Jayshree Sampat, Jt. Hon. Secretary, Mrs. Asha A. Vakil, Chairperson, Programmes Committee, Dr. Indu Shahani, Mr. Sanjog Parab, President IAS, Mr. Rusi. B. Khambatta, Jt. Hon. Secretary at the event held on February 11, 2014 at the Library Lounge, Indian Merchants’ Chamber. Members Achievement Landmark | Indo-American Society 13
  12. 12. Alumni Meet Feedback from a Member The Indo-American Society organized the Alumni Meet for the third time at IAS on February 7, 2014. The invitees were Alumnus, Faculties, Members of the Society, Students, Past Presidents, and the Executive Committee Members. Mrs. Jayshree Sampat welcomed each new member and felicitated them with flowers. The Alumnus shared their experiences at IAS and the courses that benefitted them. Past President Mr. Manoj Gursahani who initiated this event was present at the occasion and appreciated the efforts taken by the Past President Mr. Dilip Dalal who continued with this event in the second year and Mr. Sanjog Parab in the third year. Alumni meet at the Indo-American Society was both an inspiring and exhilarating experience for me. The felicitating ceremony was a good way to recognise the presence of the members of the Alumni and introducing the new members. It was inspiring to hear the faculties, students, members, President, previous Presidents, all of them, speaking at the same platform. It was so good of Ms. Vimla Dalal to meet and speak to each member present personally. This meet was an enlightening exchange of views and thoughts presented by the speakers. It was heartening to see the 7th and 9th grade students coming up and speaking in front of the faculties. I must mention one of the members who happens to be 80 years old but as young as 18 at heart exhibited such a lively attitude towards life. It was a lesson learnt from him to live happily against all odds.The duet song presented by the Society member couple gave a very entertaining end to the Alumni meet. Lastly, I will conclude with the thought presented at the meet that the Society aims at the image building by developing the required skills and not just the image makeover which image consultants do. Best regards Sarita Tayal Ordinary Member The Alumnus and the new members at the 3rd IAS Alumni Meet at Indo-American Society. events Landmark | Indo-American Society14
  13. 13. The Indo-American Society in association with the Indo-Swiss Society organized a ‘Smile Again - Free Dental Check up Camp’ for the members on February 19, 2014 at the Lincoln Auditorium, Indo-American Society. Dr. Amit Chavan and Dr. Dhruti Chavan conducted the camp using the latest Intra-Oral Camera for the benefit of the members of the Society. The Smile Again Team is a team of dedicated professionals based in Mumbai and is equipped with the latest and finest dental care technology.“Smile Again”team consists of eight specialists having an experience of more than 25 years and four in-house dentists specially handpicked to ensure that their patients have a painless and pleasant experience. The response was good and attended well by the members and the Executive Committee members. The Indo-American Society conducted a presentation on ‘Art of Financial Planning Session’by Mr. Sanjeeva Mathur on February 21, 2014. The presentation broadly covered on topics such as: • What is Financial Freedom? • What is Emergency? How is it planned? • What is Risk Management? Parameters to consider? Who needs it? • How to balance between Needs and Wants? • How to tackle Debt trap? • Is writing a WILL linked to age? And many more. The members were benefitted by the insight of knowledge shared by Mr. Sanjeeva Mathur. The session was followed by lively question and answer session. Dental Check- Up Art of Financial Planning Session Mr. Sanjeeva Mathur presently heads thePracticeSuccessTeamandBusiness development at Freedom Financial Planners. Sanjeeva has over 20 years of experience at both national and international markets in the financial services industry and has worked at leadership and management positions in companies like Cholamandalam and Reliance Securities. Prior to being associated with Freedom, Sanjeeva was the CMO of Financial Planning Standards Board, Sanjeeva has been a key speaker at both national and international forums. Sanjeeva holds a Master degree in Chemistry and MBA from IIM Kozikode. About the Speaker L to R - Mr. Sanjeeva Mathur, Mrs. Kiran Kamath, Mrs. Prabha Narayan, Mrs. Veera Mundraina and Mrs. Jayshree Sampat events Landmark | Indo-American Society 15
  14. 14. Workshops The Indo-Global Projects India, organized a one day seminar on 1st December 2013 at Fariyas, hotel, Lonavala. This Education and Life Skills Seminar, saw participation from principals and teachers from 15 schools & colleges. Following vendors participated in the seminar: • Computer Masti, IIT Bombay • Shaimak Davars • Edu Groomers • IIT Academics IAS goes to Lonavala Education and life Skills Seminars • ACE - Academy for Counseling & Education Pvt. Ltd. • Furtados School of Music Kiran Kamath, Secretary General, gave a brief introduction of IndoAmericanSocietyfollowedbyaPowerPointPresentation by Rashmi Pawar. The presentation included different courses offered by IAS, Events, Programmes, Workshops and Seminars. Main focus was on the courses of Personality Development, Public Speaking, for the students in Lonavala and Kids Workshop from age group of 7 to 11years. 2nd seminar was held in Don Bosco School, Lonavala on Sunday, January 12, 2014 A session was organized at Don Bosco School, Lonavala to give brief information on Personality Development, Public Speaking and Kids workshop courses to parents and students from various schools and colleges of Lonavala. Around 250 students from schools & colleges attended the workshop along with their teachers & parents.These students were from those 6 schools and colleges, who attended the seminar earlier on 1st December, 2013. The session was addressed by Secretary General, Kiran Kamath and Rashmi Pawar. IAS faculty member, Mr. S.Vishwanathan, spoke in details about the courses.The students enjoyed the demo session on Public Speaking by Mr. Vishwanathan. Interactive Session on Undergraduate and Post Graduate Education in USA by Ms. Angelika Volkman, Associate Dean, Inernational Programs, University of California, Irvine Image Building on Social Media by Mr. Pradeep Gupta on February 21, 2014. Group photo: Prncipals and Teachers from IB Schools and Colleges Megha Salvekar, Principal, Adv. Bapusaheb Bhonde High School Presenting boquet to Kiran Kamth, Sceretary General, Indo-American Society. Landmark | Indo-American Society16
  15. 15. The Indo-American Society organized a medical lecture on February 26, 2014 on the occasion of World Cancer Day 1914 Titled as “Basics in the Understanding of Definition, Classification, Incidence, Causes, Early Diagnosis, Prevention, and Recent Advances of Management of Cancer by Dr. Sujata Vasani. The Indo-American Society’s Medical Committee Chairman, Dr. G. B. Parulkar welcomed the audience and introduced the speaker, Dr. Sujata Vasani to the audience. Dr. Sujata Vasani who is a Consultant in Medical Oncology Dear Member, To add value to your membership, we have tied up with one more chain of Hotels offering 25% special discounts for our members. Below the details of the Hotels for your persual. • The Oakwood : Prominently located at Deccan Gymkhana, the Central Business District of Pune. It is designed in contemporary style with special attention to the needs of a business traveler. Restaurant : MultiCuisine Vegeterian only • HotelWoodland:Thelargest3-starhotelinthecitywith90roomscatering to Executive travelers Proximity to all major Business houses/Multiplexes/ Shopping Malls/Fast food/Prominent Clubs/Beauty Parlours. Restaurant : Palimar –South Indian Specialty Restaurant. • Sunderban Resort & Spa : Royal Heritage Residence, next to the world famous OSHO Commune. A meditation hotel, ideally located next to the Osho Commune International. A distinctive art deco building with large palatial rooms and plush antique furnishings situated amidst lush green surroundings reminiscent of the style & splendor of the bygone royal heritageoftheMaharajas.Restaurant:Dario’s–AuthenticItalianRestaurant of town. Sohum Spa : Complete Wellness Experience offering exotic & highly relaxing Body Therapies. World class Holistic Yoga sessions. Hope members will avail the opportunity ! To avail the discounts please carry with you IAS Membership card. If you need any further information please feel free to contact. Kiran Kamath , Secretary General, INDO-AMERICAN SOCIETY Kitab Mahal, 5, Sukhadwala Marg, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001. • Telephones : 2207 4882 / 83, 2200 4769 • Fax : 2207 1831 E-mail : info@indoamericansociety.org • www.indoamericansociety.org Medical lecture on World Cancer Day Tie ups and Stem Cell Therapy introduced the subject on Cancer and mentioned about the different types of Cancer, Causes of Cancer and Prevention of Cancer. Dr. Vasani also gave an idea of the incidence of Cancer in the world in comparison to incidence in India. Further, Dr. Vasani also mentioned on the use of the Bone Marrow, Stem Cell Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine, Chemotherapy and Medical Oncology in the advances of management of Cancer. The lecture was informative and interesting and benefitted the participants. L to R – Mr. Pramod Shah, Dr. G. B. Parulkar, Mrs. Asha A. Vakil, Dr. Sujata Vasani, Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, mother of Dr. Sujata Vasani, Mrs. Prabha Narayan and Dr. Navin Vasani events Landmark | Indo-American Society 17
  16. 16. One of the biggest concerns voiced by critics of India’s growth story is about the limited job opportunities. And the arguments arebasedonthelargenumberofeducatedpeoplecomingoutof schools and colleges and the limited job opportunities based on the growth of existing businesses. However they fail to take into account the non-linear growth of small enterprises, forgetting that India is a land where several thousands of enterprises will also grow in the future, giving ample job opportunities for the skilledandsemi-skilled.JumbokingVadapavisonesuchexample. Started by a young graduate Dheeraj Gupta, soon after he completedathree-yearcourseinHotelManagementandanMBA in Finance from Symbiosis, this tiny enterprise has now become yet another success story of an entrepreneur who wanted to do something different. Armed with a degree from a prestigious university, Dheeraj Gupta, set out to do something most unique and innovative - brand the vada pav. At Jumboking, the retail QSR chain he founded in Aug 2001, he standardized the vada pav, made it a scalable model, and took it tomarketsoutsideofMumbai,givingitanationalpresence.What started as a tiny enterprise, the idea clicked. Gupta’s methodical and meticulous approach, ensured standardisation across products and services.With its focus on hygenine, quality of food and taste, Jumboking has become a favourite amongst the youth and the people on the go. Gupta says “ We maintain hygiene in the quality of the food we supply and keep taste, standardization and convenience in mind.” Operations are simplified, and all of this is put in manuals for easy and smooth execution. He firmly believes in the power of innovation. This trait is thus encouraged in his team and by his extended family of franchisees too. Recognized as one of the youngest thought-leaders in the franchising industry, Dheeraj has won several awards in this field such as the Award for New Concept Franchising and Award as Innovative Franchisee model in 2007. A member of the jury of the ET retail awards in 2010, he also chairs the Certification Committee for Franchising Association of India. In March 2014, he authored a knowledge paper on Franchising, which was applauded and well received by the industry. Dheeraj’s approach has been pioneering, with an unrelenting focus on innovation and operational excellence. From a tiny one city store, Jumboking, has a presence in 11 cities, Mumbai,Thane,Bangalore,Aurangabad,Mysore,Delhi,Amravati, Indore,RaipurandPune,Lucknowisgoingtosellits100millionth vada pav. And the appetite to grow in still unsatiated. Gupta explains that“we’re always on the lookout for 150-200 sq feet stores, in high traffic areas, mall food courts, railway stations, high streets, college hubs and IT parks.“Jumboking is the ATM of the food industry,”he points out.“We answer a precise consumer need, when people are on the move.There are larger 2000 sq feet restaurants, more like banks.The consumer today needs banks as well as ATMs.” It’s not just about grey matter for this pioneer. Dheeraj recently completed the 42 km run at the Standard Chartered Marathon and running is a daily morning habit. Sprinting past different neighborhoods, he observes the flow of people at work, no matter which part of the globe he’s trotting. An avid reader of business biographies, the ace businessman is also interested in books that focus on personal growth, mastery and innovation. Jumboking is just one such enterprise of a person who could think differently and acted on his dreams. It is entrepreneurs like Gupta who will make a difference to India’s problem of providing employment to the educated masses in the coming years. Jumboking, one man’s dream of thinking differently APPEALTOTHEMEMBERS The Payment of Annual Membership Fee for the Year 2014-2015, From April to March Dear Members, • The IAS thanks it Members who have paid their Membership Fee for the current financial year (2014-15) • The IAS request those who have not yet paid their membership fee, to make the payment as soon as possible but preferably before 31st March 2014 on the basis of letter already sent to you. • We look forward to receiving your renewal and giving us the opportunity to continue to serve you. • Any changes in your email ID, please send the same to below mentioned email id. For more information pl. contact: Mrs. Shobha Shetty, Programme-Asst, Membership Indo-American Society, Kitab Mahal, 5 D, Sukhadwala Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 Tel: 22074882/3, 22004769 Email: shobha@indoamericansociety.org Article Jumboking, one man’s dream of thinking differently Landmark | Indo-American Society18
  17. 17. Editor: Daksesh Parikh Designed & Printed by : Fezisons Introducing New Courses • Kids Workshop (Age Group – 7yrs to 11yrs) • Language Courses: French / German / Spanish Workshops at lAS • Secretaries / Administrative Professionals • Reception cum Customer Service Skills • Public Speaking & Communication Skills • Leadership Development • Letter of Credit Corporate Training • English Usage and conversation • Advanced English Conversation • Communication and Presentation Skills • Personality Development and Grooming • Corporate Etiquette and Social Skills IAS COURSES INDO-AMERICAN SOCIETY Kitab Mahal, 5, Sukhadwala Marg, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001. Telephones : 2207 4882 / 83, 2200 4769 • Fax : 2207 1831 E-mail : info@indoamericansociety.org • www.indoamericansociety.org EXIM The EXIM program helps you become a successful Exporter-Importer. The course focuses on Markets, Business Methods and EXIM Policies, Customs and Cenvat. It is an in-depth informative and practical training program with individual guidance. To date, IAS retains the reputationof being a trail-blazer in the arena of corporate management, skill development in various fields, and self- development. We offer companies the option of choosing from our various standardized training modules, or going in for customized training programs that meet specific requirements. For More Details Contact: Indo-American Society Kitab Mahal, 5 D, Sukhadwala Marg Next to New Excelsior Cinema, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 Tel.: 2207 4882/3, 2200 4769 Fax: 2207 1831 Email: rashmi@indoamericansociety.org Web: www.indoamericansociety.org Since 1963, IAS has been a pioneer in the field of corporate training and development – Its short-term courses and seminars, in the area of self development, particularly, have enjoyed immeasurable success over the years, Today, its training programs topics as varied as Public Speaking & Communication Skills, Fast Reading & Memory Efficiency, and professional training courses like Photography, and many more- The list is almost endless! IAS training programs are much sought after, by small companies and large conglomerates alike. English Usage & Conversation To help improve English conversation, the course deals with conversational style and grammar. It includes basics of tenses, articles and prepositions; and gives you useful tips to carry out conversations in different circumstances. Advanced English Conversation This course helps to develop greater fluency in language. It teaches the participants correct usage of grammar; helps them to develop vocabulary, and instills confidence for expressing thoughts correctly through sessions of debates, impromptu speech practicing, etc. Personality Development The Indo American Society’s Personality Development programme focuses on you—the participant. It helps you understand yourself and work towards a more positive identity, build your self-confidence and learn the art of problem solving. Excellence in Public Speaking & Communication Skills The Public Speaking Course concentrates on developing effective public-speaking skills. It gives you the tools you need to develop the courage to address a large crowd, even with just a basic knowledge of English! Overcome problems with expressing yourself confidently and being understood, and learn how to be an engaging speaker. Fast Reading and Memory Efficiency The programme is ideal for students seeking to increase their learning capacities.This program helps you to become smart in a different way - by using your brainpower to the maximum. Photography This course helps you get the whole picture of photography! It makes you understand and master your camera, its accessories, and learn technique in a systematic and scientific way. it teaches you the basic principles behind capturing creative photographs.