Make Money Online With Hubpages 3 ) 3 Hubs That Get A Large Amount Of Search Traffic


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Make Money Online With Hubpages 3 ) 3 Hubs That Get A Large Amount Of Search Traffic

  1. 1. Make Money Online With Hubpages 3 ) 3 Hubs That Get A LargeAmount Of Search TrafficMaking money online by having HubPages is just one of many ways that will make money online. And that i would be willing to bet the vast majority of HubPages freelancers began their "career"together with HubPages with this ambition. Sure as shooting there are many who have succeeded,remember , though , unfortunately, many have never actualized their online-money-making goals, notto say grander dreams of becoming the second HubPages success story.While I have only been really writing on HubPages pertaining to five months, I have been linked toweb design for more than ten years, buying me the ability to more easily distinguish a "search enginefriendly" heart when I see one. By using an understanding of the HubPages feature and experienceon how to find search engine traffic, I am each believer that you can make money online withHubPages.Rest assured, finally this is not another hub a brimful of tips and tools the ways to optimize your hubsto search engine traffic. Rather, this is an in-depth look at thirdly hubs that have actually becamepopular at getting lots of search engine optimization traffic. And we all know a search enginetraffic is the key to creating money online!The fact of the matter is quite simple: want to make money online by having HubPages then youhave to get search engine traffic. One superior way to figure out how to accomplish this can beexamine hubs that have became popular in bringing the most search engine optimization traffic toHubPages.Not to give away the "giving up " ahead of time, but after setting 3 of the top-search-engine-traffichubs under the microscope, some startling discoveries were made. If you are interested in learninghow all those 3 hubs have became popular in the search engine traffic golf game , then this isa must-read faq !The 1989 baseball film, Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner, made popular the saying:If you build it, definitely come.Although the prophecy in this tv show is eventually fulfilled times many onlookers coming to rayKinsellas baseball field in the midst of an Iowa cornfield, exactly the is not at all true for manyfreelancers at HubPages, or somewhere else on the web.A exceptional money-making idea is not plenty of to make money online, nor is truly a well-writtenhub. Readers must come to your hub.That is why organic search serps traffic is a necessary to making dough online!The Make Money Online with HubPages tutorial guides you through strategic hubs written by threea number of authors, each of which get a good deal of organic search engine traffic.Explanations as to why each heart manages to get a lot of search engine optimization traffic, as well
  2. 2. as an examination having to do with key hub components is usually described for each of thestrategic hubs.You will find that the reasons for search engine very good vary for each of the strategicsuccessful hubs so you will need to be sure and read this faq in its entirety!Please note that the three hubs who definitely have succeeded at ranking now on search engines andgetting click-through are not displayed in any some order in this tutorial.TIP: Since a lot of very valuable information might possibly be gathered from this tutorial, you mustbookmark this hub pertaining to future reference.Lets get started...3 Hubs that Get Lots of Search Engine guests :In a nutshell, Marks hub is successful because of seal ! As an SEO consultant not to mention internetspecialist, Mark in addition to writes about a topic by having which he has first-hand experience(making money online), but he puts all his SEO not to mention internet know-how into play in onesuperbly crafted heart. And it certainly helps a Mark has picked each wildly popular evergreen topic.Content:A smaller less than half way through the heart , "Making Money Online," Mark makes the purposethat content is king. That is correct it is, and Mark sure as shooting practices what he preaches! Hishub is chock-full of valuable money-making joyful and its not sparse. In , his hub tips some of thescales at over 4,thousand words.In Marks blog, "How to Improve search engine ranking ," found at his internet marketing online , Markstates:Most people attempting to industry a product or service over the web are faced with... Generatingsearch engine traffic to their web pages through seo.My most the most popular way – which is very often ignored by the internet marketing and earnmoney online brigade – is to write decent content in the first place.And seal definitely accomplishes the goal of coming up with "decent content" in his "generatingincome online " hub.Keywords:But Mark admits around "Making Money Online" that content is not the only component to succeedingin to search engine marketing/search engine standing game. He writes:I still think that content is King, but more healthy feeling Queen of keyword research with his fantasticPrince of link building, some of the King will fail.Marks use of this selected keywords (making money online) not to mention keyword variations isreadily totally obvious in his hub. Woven even though , keywords can be found both indoors headingsand body content. Furthermore , Marks hub has sparked a lot of commenting activity with hisfantastic comments left include many different usages of the keywords not to mention keywordvariations. And do you know what ? The text and keywords around comments is picked up times
  3. 3. search engines too.Hubs Age, Activity and giving :Typically when any other cylinders are clicking, each well-aged, yet active heart does very well insearch serps results; Marks hub got published approximately 2 years gone by. But, search enginesalso position websites and hubs more effectively that have updated activity -- that are fresh. In the 2+years that Marks heart has been published it has accepted 270 comments, and each emergingcomment "updates" his heart , so to speak.Furthermore, Marks hub has been shared many different times. Take a look at the image before youstart of this section containing some of the hubs title; notice that "generating income online " hasbeen shared on twitter a lot.In realization , "Making Money Online" by Mark Knowles gets lots of search engineguests since the hub:• Is about a very popular evergreen topic• Is useful, well-written, and content-rich• Effectively needs keywords and keyword variations• Sparks commenting and giving activitycheck out HUB: Making Money Online by Mark KnowlesWhereas Mark Knowles hub comfortably tackles an evergreen subject matter matter in 4,200 term ,"The NEW iphone 5 * Coming June 2012" comfortably tackles a currently celebrated topic in 1,two-hundred words. While both evergreen and popular topics the 2 main can get a lot of organic searchsuccess , the popular topic hub can be much shorter lived.But look carefully; "the brand iphone 5" hub got originally published more than eighteen months ago.Lets take a look at tips this popular-topic hub employs sustained search traffic pertaining tosuch a lengthy amount of time.The URL:Like a forensic researcher piecing together clues during a crime scene, an examination for the URL(uniform resource locator) of Clandestines hot-topic heart reveals a lot about some history. the URL refers to the iphone 4G, as well as mentioning its landing time of 2010. The softwareseems this hub got written originally about a a number of iPhone model. Perhaps the hubs popularitysurprised Clandestine, more the author probably would not have too the rather limiting term , "Coming2010" in the address.
  4. 4. Keyword specialised :Clandestines iPhone heart , now revised to ipod touch 5 content, seems to every time rank on thefirst website of Google results, often times between position 2 not to mention 6 for the keywords"emerging iphone 5." However, each time a search is performed using only some of the keywords"iphone 5," some of the hub is buried earlier on page 15 of google and bing results. Does this makethe heart a failure? Absolutely not!Wisely, Clandestine focused on a key phrase niche, the "new" specialised , if you will. The word"new" in addition to appears in the hubs address , but also its headings, body system content, andmany, many times around comments visitors have written. Times competing on a somewhat fewerfield, Clandestine has been in a very position win!The inception of Search Engine Traffic:Interestingly, "The NEW iPhone 20 - Coming June 2012" hub did not receive some first commentsuntil near 9 months after published, but they have been endless ever since that time. The producingcomment conversation began there are continued to be about carriers for the iPhone, making this hub"n the right place, at the best."Sustaining Organic Search serps Traffic:The observations written on Clandestines heart are almost 100% through non-HubPage writers.Clandestine indeed is clandestine in the HubPages community (at least with this description name)and did not draw in initial commenting-action from hubbers. But that is okay, since it is visitors fromsearch engine traffic that will eventually help a writer earn money online with HubPages.But how has Clandestine added to get traffic to the heart about a popular topic (ipod touch4G/Coming 2010) that has are made and gone? Rather than allowing this hub slowly expire after itshotness used the off, Clandestine cleverly current its content as improvements to the iPhone rollaside. The 4G hub happens to be abandoned and a new 5G hub created, but with care Clandestinechooses to much update its content as required.By updating a mature hub and keeping joyful keyword-rich, Clandestine takes advantage of the hubsage not to mention activity - both tips in gaining good search engine rank. And "activity" this hearthas. Notice that it has been tweeted 274 times, liked upon Facebook 2,000 Instances , and received46 +1s on Google. The popular-topic heart that could have been a mere whizz in the pan, now has alife all its special !In realization , "The NEW iPhone 5 * Coming June 2012" times Clandestine gets lots of searchengine optimization traffic since the hub:• Is about a popular/hot topic that is continuously upgraded to keep it current• Focuses on a keyword niche
  5. 5. • Effectively used keywords and key phrase variations throughout all its content• Generates tremendous commenting not to mention sharing activityLINK TO HUB: The emerging iPhone 5 - pouring in June 2012 by ClandestineRyankett is a self-proclaimed online , webmaster, and ethical search engine optimization optimizer.When it comes to search engine optimization, ethical is the only way to go not to mention Ryankettshub, "50 cheeky Facebook Status Ideas" is usually on the up-and-up. It appears that cheeky content,born out of exceptional , old-fashioned "need" works!Ryankett writes in the before anything else sentence of his heart , which could never be accused ofkeyword-stuffing:I have to will , to my eternal embarrassed , I have actually sat when face-to-face with Facebook andspent a strong five minutes trying to believe something funny to say..... nExt failed miserably, soturned into Google for assistance.Whether it was Plato that created the phrase, "Necessity could possibly be the mother of invention"on the other hand Frank Zappa that propelled it into modern day, truly clear that Ryanketts "what isnecessary " certainly had its fingers at work in the "50 cheeky Facebook Status Ideas" heart.Content and lookup :So, how do some of the 1,289 words having to do with content help his heart rank well in Google notto mention propel searchers to click-through and read? If you notice in the figures , the hub is ratherlighting on its keyword wearing , but the keywords, "funny facebook. Com status" do appear in bothvery critical locations:• URL:• TITLE: 50 Funny Facebook good reputation IdeasBased on the continuing comments this hub is awarded to date, it seems that this heart has garnereda lot of search engine optimization traffic for at least two years.Whether or not search engine guests will continue for the long haul remains to appear as it is difficultto judge whether its content is evergreen or maybe just popular. If Facebook by themself remainspopular for a long-time then so too might Ryanketts hub. However, if facebook. Com fades off thelandscape having to do with pop-culture, much the way hi5 did, then it will be that this hub rode anextended and successful wave having to do with popularity.Commenting and Sharing Activity:Smartly, Ryankett did not reduce with one hubs very good ; he has created an empire of funnyFacebook hubs!In the helper hub, "50 Funny Statuses for Facebook," Ryankett is the reason for right off the bat that
  6. 6. his secondary Facebook status hub is in response to demand from the before anything else one. Thisgives us an idea that comments seem to be some of the driving force in his first hubs success.Not merely has the first funny Facebook good reputation hub received over 5 ,600 comments, but theobservations contain a lot of keywords which have been indexed by Google and other bing andgoogle. In fact, the 1,1000 comments contain over 39 ,000 words!As expected, Ryanketts funny facebook. Com hub has been "liked" times fellow Facebookers!And it has been really "liked" to the tune of more than 649 times, making this hub take on awork all its own!In summary, "50 Funny facebook. Com Status Ideas" by Ryankett gets lots of search engineguests since the hub:• Meets a need that the source and clearly many other affiliate searchers have• Uses lookup in two very important locations• Receives continual commenting and giving action to sustain some popularityLINK that will HUB: 50 cheeky Facebook Status Ideas* times Ryankett*As of 4/2012 Ryankett has unpublished almost all of his Hubs so he can focus on other ventures.Various Ryan Ketts experience at HubPages, making use of some of his incredible guests stats.Conclusion:Below are three tables a compare the three hubs and this also succeed at getting a good deal ofsearch engine traffic, side-by-side. rEsemblances and differences can be easily seen. But it is theresemblances that tell the story having to do with why these hubs show results at helping thesefreelancers make money online by having HubPages.Similarities between the 3 hubs:• Age of Hub (these arent new hubs!)• Use of keywords in address , title, body, and comments• Sustained commenting activity• A lot of sharing activity upon social networksDifferences between the 3 hubs:• Hub word count (but they are around 1,000 words)• Content-type (evergreen vs popular/hot)• Who leaves the (hubbers vs non-hubbers)Do you like to write about type topic that interests you? Give HubPages a try.Sign Up Here... Its QUICK & unengaged to join HubPages. you will be glad you
  7. 7. did!For Financial Freedom Click Here