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Fix follow up failure

Fix follow up failure






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    Fix follow up failure Fix follow up failure Presentation Transcript

    • www.Client-Bridge.com FIXING FO OLLOW UP OLLOW-UP FAILURE Turn your dead lead graveyard into a go mine old
    • Infusionsoft Certified Marketing Automation M k ti A t ti Coach (CMAC). ClientBridge, LLC helps small businesses to accelerate sales by Certified Inbound leveraging technology-assisted Marketing Professional lead generation systems.
    • What are your goals? Do you want to grow your business… w quickly! profitably y! y witho adding staff! out
    • How are you going to make that happen? o • Market to generate leads? • Nurture prospects until they are ready to buy? l • Follow-up with every prospect? • Get repeat sales from e isting c stomers? existing customers? • Automate t e e t e p o uto ate the entire pro ocess ocess?
    • Why don’t comp panies follow-up? 1. You forget. g 2 You focus on hot leads 2. ads. 3. Unconverted leads fall through the cracks.
    • Why d ’t Wh don’t compa i f ll anies follow-up? ? 4. You think the people will call you back if they are really inter rested. 5 You don’t want to be pushy 5. don t pushy. 6. You don’t realize the potential impact follow-up follow up can have on your business business.
    • People buy when thhey are ready to buy! 67% of the prospectiv ve buyers that tell you “n no no” n today will be ready to buy o in the next year year. —Gartner Research 80% of leads you con nsider to be “dead” will buy within 2 years n years. —Sirius Decisions
    • You are delivering the sale to your comppetition!
    • 5 Common Follow up Mistakes llow-up 1. No follow-up at all. 1 N f ll t ll 2. 2 Weak follow up w-up. w 3. Irrelevant fo ollow up. ollow-up. 4. Jumping int a sales pitch. to 5. No centraliz database. zed
    • How many touches d does it take to close a sale? • 2% close on the 1st c call • 3% close on the 2nd call d • 4% close on the 3rd call • 10% close on the 4th call h • 81% close on (or aft ter) the 5th call
    • When do most compan nies stop following up? following-up? • 48 % quit after the 1st call • 24 % quit after the 2 call 2nd • 12 % quit after the 3 call 3rd • 6 % quit after the 4th call h • 10 % quit after the 5 call 5th
    • Old fashioned sales and marketing les l
    • Traditional sales and marketing s Day y Week Year Total Leads 10 0 50 2,500 Closed 1 5 250 Warm Leads 1 5 250 Cold Leads 8 40 2,000 Sales S l $500 0 $2,500 $2 500 $125,000 $125 000 ($500 / deal)
    • What happens with th pp he 2,000 cold leads that your sales efforts don’t focus on? don t THEY TURN TO DUST! N
    • Fixing Follow-u Results In… Follow u up Day y Week Year No Contact Leads 8 40 2,000 Nurture 1 8 400 (convert 20%) Sales $500 $ 0 $4,000 $ $200,000 $ ($500 / deal) % ROI Increase 260%
    • Is It Time To St Letting Your top Prospects and C stomers Slip Customers Through Yo Fingers? our
    • What is fo ollow-up? ollow up? • Education • N rt ring Nurturing • Ongoing co tact O go g contact • Relationship building • Providing long-term value • Staying top of mind • Differentiating yourself from the competition f
    • Effective follow p happens w-up pp through a combination of media • Email • Phone Call • Voice Broadcast • P t l Mail Postal M il • Fax Broadcast
    • Website without automated follow up utomated follow-up u
    • Website with automated follow-up
    • Follow-up Sequence (New Proospects) 1. Send the info they re equested immediately. (email) 2. Send a letter with mo valuable info. ore (letter) (l tt ) 3. Call to see if you can answer any y n y questions. (call) 4. 4 Send a value added email with value-added tips/education. (email)
    • Follow-up Sequence (New Proospects) 5. Send a promo offer t stimulate action. to (email) 6. Follow-up with limited time promo offer. (postcard) ( t d) 7. Call with a final reminder for promo. p (voice broadcast) 8. 8 Offer subscription to future marketing offers and other valu added content. ue (email)
    • Old Customer Retention Model Retention
    • New Customer Retention Model
    • Follow-up Sequence (New Customers) 1. Send a “thank you message. (email) u” 2. Send a gift. (lump mail) py 3. S Send a survey. (e (email) ) 4. 4 Send valuable tips (email) s. 5. Present cross-sell and/or upsell offer. p (postcard)
    • Follow-up Sequence (New Customers) 6. Ask for a referral. (c call) 7. Make “thank you” c call. (voice broadcast) 8. Off subscription t communications. Offer to (email) 9. Put them in a custo omer nurture sequence. (newslett etc.) ter,
    • Case Study CASE STUDY “All About Spelling” t p g Can we double their sales? e
    • CASE STUDY “We are very cu y ustomer service oriented, so customer o follow-up was our #1 priority. p p y Previously, when a c customer had a question we might ha to check the question, ave shopping cart, ema system, ail paper system, a more system and just to find the a answer.” Ma i Ri arie Rippel, O l Owner “All About Spelling” (pr to fixing follow-up) rior
    • CASE STUDY Goal: Double Their Sales Strateg gy: Fix Follow-Up Failure
    • CASE STUDY Initial Analysis I iti l A l i • SEO efforts were d driving strong traffic t t ffi • Decent sales conve ersion rate • Newsletter opt-in o website on (but no way to know who was who) w • N t capitalizing on hi h t ffi pages Not it li i high traffic
    • CASE STUDY Initial Analysis I iti l A l i • 50% drop off betwe sales stage p een g cycles • No automatic upse (promos only) ells • No affiliate/referral program • Data in d e e t p a ata different plaaces
    • CASE STUDY Fix Follow-Up Failure Plan p • Get organized – tag customers / prospects • Integrate shopping ca / e-commerce into art follow-up system p y • Add upsells to follow w-up process • Automate process to save human interaction o • Change newsletter o in to free report opt opt-in • Add automated affilia ate/referral program
    • CASE STUDY Res sults • Grew list from 5,863 to 10,632 contacts • Grew from 599 pu urchases to 1,232 • Average order size increased 16% e • 49 sales f l from affili t ffiliates • Doubled sales in 7 days 72 y • 149% increase in sales in 3 months
    • CASE STUDY “We've been able to hire tw VA's. This has wo freed me up to work on product de elopment p ork ct development. I never could have done that before, when the data was all scattered in diffe erent applications applications. But since everything is centrally located, my assistants can handle ccustomer service and I don't have to wo about orry anything slipping through the cracks. We i W win, and our customer win. L d rs i Love i ” it.” Ma Rippel, Owner arie “All About Spelling Al Spelling” (aft fixing follow-up) fter
    • Practical Application P ti l A li ti 1. Determine what type of follow-up your business needs. (10 minutes) 2. Brainstorm sequence concepts with e group. group (30 minutes) 3. Build a 10-step seque ence outline for your business. business (15 minutes s) 4. Write your opening piece. (20 minutes) 5. Share and review with group. (30 minutes)
    • Fixing your foll low-up failure will: • Convert more leads into sales sales. • Get repeat sales fr p rom customers. • Grow your busines without ss growing staff. i ff
    • How do you fix you follow-up failure? ur 1. Make a commitme ent. 2 Create a follow-up program 2. p program. 3. Find a system to a automate your follow-up. Get a Free T Trial at: www.Client-Bridge.c com/resources