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Clickoo® UK is a leading multinational Google Certified AdWords agency.

Specialising solely in PPC/SEM services enables us to provide our clients with unbeatable expertise. We recently had two articles published in a well-referenced marketing book 'Internet Marketing 2013' in France as recognition of or expertise.

We help businesses large and small across the globe to advertise on the first page of Google search results to increase their brand visibility and to increase their revenue.

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Clickoo® AdWords PPC Agency

  1. 1. Google AdWords PPC Campaign Management ©2013 Clickoo Limited.
  2. 2. How about an entire team of Google CertifiedPartnersdedicated to the efficiency and optimisationof your AdWords campaigns?
  3. 3. Generic PPC campaigns do not exist.Every detail in a campaign must be specific to the business needs and goals. We develop a strategy influenced by your expertise and insight - after all, you know your business best! To do so, we like to spend a lot of time learning about yourself, the business and the industry you work in. The foundation we build together allows us to research and analyse relevant data, trends and PPC landscapes for your industry to begin optimising your campaign to be as competitive as possible.
  4. 4. “PPC means Pay-Per-Click.It is the fastest way to advertise on the first page of Google search results. ”
  5. 5. There are always fine-tuning opportunities and ways to increase the relevance of your campaign. We like to create a draft version of your account before launch to be able to optimise the details as intricately as possible; we adjust hundreds of details to match your campaign goals, from geographic targeting preferences to keyword match types and more.This sort of attention to detail is absolutely vital to align with yourbusiness goals and to get the best start possible to your AdWords campaign. Only after we complete this detailed process, and you have reviewed and approved each aspect of the campaign, will we launch it.
  6. 6. What You’ll Get
  7. 7. Start Seeing ResultsCall one of our friendly New Business team today +44 (0)161 713
  8. 8. Two articles recently published in: The articles were published in Internet Marketing 2013, a publication of the Electronic Business Group (EBG) in France. This publication is a well-renowned resource in the marketing sphere and confirms Clickoo’s position as a leading multinational AdWords expert agency.