Facebook: 7 Big Advertising Stories Leading up to the IPO


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Facebook has been rolling out new advertising products and iterations of older ones in the months leading up to its IPO.

Source: Christopher Heine, ClickZ.com
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Facebook: 7 Big Advertising Stories Leading up to the IPO

  1. 1. Facebook: 7 Big AdvertisingStories Leading up to the IPO By Christopher Heine ClickZ May 18, 2012
  2. 2. $100B JourneyFacebooks IPO, valued at $100 billion, is the latest milestone for those watching the social media giants advertising-related moves.Following are 7 of the biggest Facebook developments during the first 5 months of 2012 from the lens of digital marketing news.
  3. 3. GM Takes Antisocial StanceGeneral Motors made headlines when it made a rather vague on-the-record assertion earlier to WSJ.com that it was done buying Facebook ads.Still it called to attention that Facebook needs to pay heed to budget-minded advertisers - not just big brands with big budgets.
  4. 4. Instagram Purchase Bolsters Mobile Aspirations Facebook has been routinely criticized by users for its less- than-stellar mobile app. The purchase of Instagram could make Facebook more mobile friendly to users and advertisers alike.
  5. 5. Premium Ads Get Mobile DistributionFacebook announced multiple ad products at fMC in February 2012. A key revelation: mobile ads were finally part of the eight-year-old social media companys marketing services.For Premium Ads purchases, companies started getting promotions delivered in mobile users news feeds if they or their friends liked the brand.
  6. 6. A Low-Risk Groupon Alternative At fMC 2012, Facebook unveiled Facebook Offers- a deals platform For now, it’s free. In constrast Groupon and other deals players like LivingSocial and Google Offers take up to 50% percent of the sales cut when consumers redeem vouchers.
  7. 7. Improved Page Insights• Facebook Page Insights analytics are now shown in real-time. Previously, marketers had to wait up to several days to obtain them.
  8. 8. Improved Page Insights• New metrics are also tracked: People Talking About This, Friends of Fans, and Weekly Total Reach.• A dashboard feature lets marketers see analytics for up to 500 brand posts.
  9. 9. Logout Page Becomes Ad Real EstateSince March 2012, Facebook offered ads on Facebooks user logout pages. One advertiser, Ford Mustang, greeted people with an image of the sleek 2013 Mustang, in black. It was a still of the video, that could be activated on the logout page.
  10. 10. App Center Holds Ad PotentialFacebook’s App Center, unveiled May 2012, offers a platform where its users can search for mobile and web apps while also seeing recommendations based on their social graphs.Julie Renwick, director of mobile for ad agency Ogilvy North America, characterized the move as "a game shifter."