Laptop theft statistics


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Laptop theft within businesses is alarmingly common.

Protect yourself and your business and prevent becoming one of the statistics by educating yourself about the problem!

If you feel we missed any important ones, let us know in the comments!

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  • Duncanslam, the research is cited in the linked report. Statistics have been taken from reports from the IDC and the Ponemon institute in which IT managers across several countries were surveyed. If you'd like more information from the reports please find them here: Hope you find it useful
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  • Your stat that 50% have disengaged encryption is fiction. MOST FDE encryption cannot be disengaged even if the user has Admin rights without registry changes and I doubt 50% know how to do that. Or does your stat reflect that bitLocker isn't turned on for 50%? Hard to say when you don't attribute the research.
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  • It's uncool to publish all of these statistics without a citation. Is that because they are for research not paid for?
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Laptop theft statistics

  1. 1. Laptop theft statistics A scary but helpful guide for IT managersIn the lifetime of every laptop there’s a 1 in 10 chance that it will get stolen.
  2. 2. Statistics show that as many as one in ten laptops will be stolen or lost from an organisation over the lifetime of each computer That’s 10% of your colleagues and co-workers knocking on your door for a replacement machine
  3. 3. This dismal scenario is extremely common. Around 90% of organisations are affected
  4. 4. IDC research shows that the office is the most likely place for a thief to strike
  5. 5. 86% of IT security practitioners report thatsomeone in their organization has had a laptop lost or stolen56% report that it resulted in a data breach
  6. 6. 59% of business managers surveyed agree that encryption stops cyber criminals from stealing data on laptops versus 46% of IT security practitioners who strongly agree or agree
  7. 7. 65% of business managers surveyed record theirencryption password on a private document suchas a post-it note to jog their memory or share the key with other individuals
  8. 8. 50% of business managers have disengaged their laptop’s encryption solution40% admit this is in violation of their company’s security policy
  9. 9. 52% of business managers sometimes or oftenleave their laptop with a stranger when travelling
  10. 10. 1 in 10 laptops are stolen in the lifetime of the laptop (usually around 3 years)
  11. 11. 89% of companies experience laptop loss
  12. 12. It takes average of 9 days to get fully operational after laptop loss
  13. 13. The average total cost to a business from laptop loss is $47,000 (including downtime, support & management time etc)
  14. 14. Only 25% oflaptops have data encryption and 50% of business managers withencryption switch it off
  15. 15. 1 in 10 business laptops gets stolen. The result can be catastrophicLearn more about physical security now and get protected against theft! Download the 16 page whitepaper
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