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Ohio Benefit Bank 2013

Ohio Benefit Bank 2013

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  • 1. Ohio Association of Foodbanks www.ohiofoodbanks.or g www.ohiobenefits.org Introduction to The Ohio Benefit Bank™
  • 2. Who We Are The Ohio Association of Foodbanks is Ohio’s largest charitable response to hunger. Our mission is to assist Ohio’s 12 Feeding America foodbanks in providing food and other resources to people in need and to pursue areas of common interest for the benefit of people in need.
  • 3. Who We Are The Ohio Association of Foodbanks serves as the home of The Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB™). The OBB is implemented through a public-private partnership between the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, the State of Ohio, four federal agencies, nine state agencies, and about 1,300 faith-based and community organizations across Ohio.
  • 4. Who We Are
  • 5. The Problem: Ohio’s Unclaimed Funds In Ohio, more than $2.24 billion in work support programs and tax credits, provided to help stabilize low- and moderate-income families, go unclaimed each year. $289,983,396.59 $1,276,485,620 About 95 percent of those funds are federal dollars which, if unused, Ohio must return to the federal government. $272,255,780 SNAP Benefits Not Accessed $65,146,199 $76,227,280 $258,369,407 EITC Funds Not Accessed Federal Children's Medicaid Benefits Not Accessed Federal CHIP Benefits Not Accessed Medicare Part D Benefits Not Accessed Value of Pell Grants Not Accessed
  • 6. An Answer: The Ohio Benefit Bank The OBB helps individuals and families to access these unclaimed funds, providing revenue to local economies. Here’s an example of how the OBB could help to increase household stability for a family of one adult and two children with an earned annual income of $15,600 (or $10/hour for 30 hours/week): $5,028 from the Earned Income Tax Credit $4,728 in Food Assistance $150 in Home Energy Assistance = $9,931 in potential income enhancements These benefits and credits alone would provide an increase in annual income of more than 64 percent!
  • 7. How Does the OBB Work? The OBB is a free online service that is: • Internet-based, available in easy-to-read English and Spanish • Question-guided • A tool to stimulate local economies and household incomes The OBB offers: • A potential eligibility calculator that estimates eligibility for more than 20 work support programs and tax credits • An application completion tool • A free income tax assistance program, including free e-filing for federal and state tax returns
  • 8. Programs Supported by the OBB • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • USDA Child Nutrition Programs Food Assistance (SNAP) Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Insurance Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Healthcare programs for families and children Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH) Child and Family Health Services Medicare Savings Program Extra Help for Medicare Part D Ohio Senior Community Service Employment Program Golden Buckeye Program Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) Ohio Cash Assistance (OWF) Child Care Assistance Vocational Rehabilitation Services Big Brothers Big Sisters “Amachi” Veterans Education Benefits Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Free tax filing (federal and state, including e-filing and back taxes) The Ohio Youth and Young Adults in Transition Universal Plan
  • 9. Current Results Since its inception in 2006, the OBB has returned more than $1.04 billion in potential work support programs and tax credits to over 486,000 Ohioans. Those income enhancements go directly to local economies through medical expenditures, food purchases, and many other areas.
  • 10. Study on the Impact of the OBB A study conducted by the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs found that: • 50 percent of OBB clients surveyed would have been “unlikely” or “very unlikely” to apply for benefits without the OBB • 83 percent of OBB clients surveyed rated their OBB experience as “good” or “excellent”
  • 11. OBB Site Models: Adapting to Need OBB CounselorAssisted (Original Model) OBB Self-Serve OBB Pro OBB Direct Access OBB Access SSI/SSDI
  • 12. OBB Counselor-Assisted • New sites attend a onehour, pre-training orientation OBB CounselorAssisted (Original Model) • Interested sites complete site enrollment paperwork • Sites send new counselors to regional training, including handson practice on computers • Separate trainings for benefits and taxes
  • 13. OBB Self-Serve • The OBB Self-Serve edition is available from any computer with Internet access OBB Self-Serve • Self-Serve sites can provide access to OBB Self-Serve and receive detailed reporting just by attending a brief online training
  • 14. OBB Pro • OBB Pro is meant for agencies with staff that provide extensive case management services OBB Pro • Pro counselors must be authorized representatives for their clients, and they can work on applications without the client present • Pro requires traditional OBB training and an additional webinar
  • 15. OBB Direct Access • OBB Direct Access is a highly specialized process that must be carried out in partnership with the local County Department of Job and • Family Services In counties OBB Direct Access with Direct Access, sites with special training can provide onsite phone interviews with CDJFS caseworkers
  • 16. OBB Access SSI/SSDI • Application completion assistance for Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance OBB Access SSI/SSDI • This special online service provides staff with case management roles the ability to serves as authorized representatives and assist clients in their applications for SSI and SSDI • Becoming an OBB Access SSI/SSDI counselor requires an additional training
  • 17. Helpful Resources: QuickCheck • Potential eligibility calculator estimates eligibility for work supports and tax credits • Based on household size, income, and expenses • Uses a five-star rating to indicate the likelihood that a person is eligible for one or more benefit • Go to www.ohiobenefits.org and click “QuickCheck” Household size: Basic information for each person living in the household Household income: Earned and unearned income for the year Household expenses: Basic expenses are entered to calculate the household’s cost of living
  • 18. Helpful Resources: Site Locator The Benefit Bank Site Locator is an interactive map that locates the OBB sites near an address or zip code. Go to www.ohiobenefits.org, click “Benefit Bank Locator,” enter an address or zip code, and click “Search” to find OBB sites in your area.
  • 19. Helpful Resources: Mobile Express The OBB Mobile Express, powered by The Columbus Foundation, attends events that will target specific populations, including seniors, veterans, and people living with disabilities. These populations often face unique barriers to accessing and utilizing benefits, barriers the Mobile Express team helps overcome by identifying effective strategies that are then shared with the OBB network. Reserve the Mobile Express for free for your next event! Just go to ohiofoodbanks.or g to submit a request today!
  • 20. Getting Involved with the OBB • Become an OBB site • To sign up for pre-training orientation, the first step in becoming a site, visit www.ohiofoodbanks.org • Become a volunteer • Call our hotline at 1-800-648-1176 to be connected with an OBB site near you where you can volunteer • Spread the word • Order free marketing or connect clients with OBB Self-Serve at www.ohiobenefits.org
  • 21. For more information • Contact us by e-mail • Our staff will make sure that your question is promptly directed to the right person! Just email contactobb@ohiofoodbanks.org. • Visit our website • We have new partnership coordinators, network development coordinators, and training & user support coordinators who can help. Find a specific staff person by visiting www.ohiofoodbanks.org/contact
  • 22. Questions? Thank you very much! Jason Elchert Deputy Director jason@ohiofoodbanks.org 614-221-4336 ext. 224 Zach Reat Director of Work Support Initiatives zach@ohiofoodbanks.org 614-221-4336 ext. 236 General Information: 614-221-4336 OBB Hotline: 1-800-648-1176 www.ohiobenefits.org