So, you created a blog. Now what?
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So, you created a blog. Now what?



Part 2 of a series on personal branding as part of job search. Presented at the Return to Work Center, Cincinnati, OH, May 13, 2010.

Part 2 of a series on personal branding as part of job search. Presented at the Return to Work Center, Cincinnati, OH, May 13, 2010.



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So, you created a blog. Now what? So, you created a blog. Now what? Presentation Transcript

  • So, you created your blog. Now what?
    • Return to Work Center
    • May 13, 2010
  • Today’s agenda
    • Assumption: you have created a blog
    • This is the ‘what-to’
    • Why blog?
    • Relation to personal branding
    • Look at some examples of blogs
    • Examine advice from those who’ve been there
  • Why blog?
    • Key component of your personal brand
      • Establish credibility
      • Maximize SEO
    • Hone writing and expertise
    • Update LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
    • Reinforce your website OR
    • Serve as your website
  • Personal branding across platforms
    • Establish your brand, consistently
      • LinkedIn profile
      • Twitter name
      • Facebook
    • Purchase domain name
      • Multiple email addresses
      • Your blog and/or website
    • Make it look right!
  • Where to start blogging?
      • Part of Google, free
      • Relatively easy to use, many options
      • Typically ‘’
      • Also free (paid options)
      • Many templates
      • Good reputation among blogging community
  • Where to start blogging?
    • WordPress
      • Free and paid options
      • Highly customizable
      • Easy to use (in 5 minutes!)
      • Clean, elegant look and feel
      • Growing use for both blogs and web pages
  • How a blog can build your personal brand
    • Chad Levitt,
      • Search engines love blogs
      • Blogs are link sticky
      • You are creating an enduring asset you own
      • They increase your opportunity to get found
      • ‘ It’s all about eyeballs’ -- they’re social tools
  • Steve Phelan ‘Your Virtual CMO’
  • Steve Phelan ‘Your Virtual CMO’
  • Lisa Haneberg Author and consultant
  • Lisa Haneberg Author and consultant
  • Lisa Haneberg Author and consultant
  • Michelle Lentz ‘Social Media Adventurer’
  • Michelle Lentz ‘Social Media Adventurer’
  • Did you have job search in mind when you started your blog?
    • (SP) Not for transition. It is for keeping me top of mind with people who might have need of my consulting services .
    • (LH) Yes, and no. I was an independent consultant, so I wanted to attract more potential clients. I wanted my blog to build and strengthen my professional platform .
    • (ML) I got a job blogging by tweeting to the right people . My other blog - the wine blog - hasn't exactly gotten me a job. It's just fun.
  • What topics do you post on?
    • (SP) Marketing thoughts . See the blog to get a flavor.
    • (LH) Mostly management, leadership, and personal success .
    • (ML) < Technology and wine >.
  • How frequently do you post?
    • (SP) Once a month .
    • (LH) When I started, I posted nearly every day. After 5 years, I now post 1-2 times per week . I would recommend that new bloggers post every day until they build up many posts and a readership.
    • (ML) I do recommend to my marketing clients that they create a blog and leave it hidden/unpublished for about a month while they create content. Once they go live, I recommend posting at least 3x per week for the first 6 months to a year . That's what drives visitors and differentiates you from other blogs. My wine blog tends to have 2-3 posts per week (although I've been busy lately, so I've been lax at posting) to continuously drive traffic.
  • What has been the most valuable part of your blogging experience?
    • (SP) The thought that goes into writing it helps focus my thoughts as well.
    • (LH) My blog has helped me stay fresh - it helps me think through topics and keeps my mind fresh. And the blog, now with over 7,000 subscribers, has helped me build a global network .
  • How has the blog led to a new lead/opportunity/job possibility?
    • (SP) Several times it has reminded people of my existence at an appropriate time (right people and right product are easy-- you have to be top of mind at the right time.)
    • (LH) Because the blog is informal, blog readers get to know me. This has helped them pre-qualify people who might want to hire me for a project. I have to do much less to convince people of my credentials , because they know me and know how I approach my work.
  • Overall, has it been worth it?
    • (SP) Definitely .
    • (LH) Yes, my blog has been an important part of my professional life and has paid back , in terms of relationships, leads, and gigs, more than the effort I have put into it . I also feel more connected to younger professionals , who tend to read blogs more than their older colleagues.
  • So, what will you blog about?
    • 10) Review or flag books and articles.
    • 9) Comment on others.
    • 8) Get links.
    • 7) Give links.
    • 6) Post regularly.
  • So, what will you blog about?
    • 5) Collaborate.
    • 4) Make illustrations illustrate.
    • 3) Enjoy what you post.
    • 2) Know your audience.
    • 1) Write what you know.
  • Goodbye.
  • Cleve’s new job . . .
  • Cleve’s contact info
    • [email_address]
    • LinkedIn:
    • Twitter: clevecallison
    • Blog: