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Download FREE CLEP Sociology Study Guides & CLEP Sociology Practice Tests @

Discover How-To Pay for College by Testing Out of College Classes! Best FREE Sociology CLEP Study Guides & Sociology CLEP Practice Tests. Everything you need to Pass the CLEP Introductory Sociology Exam and Test Out of College Courses!

Discover the Secrets to Passing the Introductory Sociology CLEP Tests - GUARANTEED (Part 1/3).

Watch FREE 3-Part Training CLEP Introductory Sociology Video @
1. About the Sociology CLEP Exam:
2. Sociology CLEP Study Guides:
3. Sociology CLEP Practice Tests:

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FREE Sociology CLEP Study Guides & FREE Sociology CLEP Practice Tests

  1. 1. Secrets to Passing the CLEP:The Fastest & Easiest Way to Prepare & Pass the Introductory Sociology CLEP Exam - Guaranteed So You Can Graduate FASTER, With LESS Student Debt, & JUMP Start Your Career! By Madison S.*CLEP, Dantes/DSST, and InstantCert are registered trademarks. This video is inno way affiliated with or endorsed by these respected organizations.**Unless otherwise stated the links mentioned in this video are sponsored links,but please-please-please support our sponsors to help keep this content FREE!
  2. 2. The Good Ol DaysWhich is how it used to be in the good ol daysanyway. That is until the "THEYs" figured outthat strapping you with tens of thousands ofdollars in college tuition (and rising annually)and then being KIND ENOUGH to offer you a10-20 year student loan DEBT (yes its beenextended to 20-years now, which is totallyridiculous!) was GOOD for THEIR business,THEIR bottom-line, and THEIR money-makingmachine!
  3. 3. College is ImportantLook, we all know a college education isimportant for a better career and lifestyle.And for many of us without a rich uncle orparents "nice" enough to foot our college bill,student loans are the only way we would haveaccess to a better opportunity. Thats how itwas for me and if youre watching this video Imsure it probably is for you too.
  4. 4. But Enough is Enough!I dont know about you but Im sick and tired ofthe cost of college tuition going UP, which ofcourse causes my student debt to go UP, allwhile the average Americans income remainsFLAT! For those with Bachelors & Masters!For those of you who like pictures, just take alook at this diagram that shows student debtballoon more than 5x in the last 10years alone!
  5. 5. If That Doesnt Make You M-A-D!Then I dont know what will. The system isobviously FIXED to favor Wall Street versesMain Street. But look, Im not here to bash acollege education or even student loans,because I do believe they have there place. Imjust here to say, STOP THE INSANITY!And thats why Im here to share with you a littleknown secret that I discovered that allowed meto...
  6. 6. Pay for College byTesting Out of College So I Could Graduate FASTER, With LESS Student Debt, & JUMP Start My Career.And you can do the same thing too!Now let me ask you, what does that mean foryou, your career, and your family, which is thereal reason we go to college anyway.And that my fellow college students is whatwell cover in this video!
  7. 7. Legal StuffOK, before we get started I just have to make a couple of FTC disclaimers andjust in the interest of transparency anyway.● 1st CLEP, Dantes/DSST, and InstantCert are registered trademarks of their respective organizations. This video is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by these organizations.● 2nd, unless otherwise stated the links mentioned in this video are sponsored links, but please-please-please support our sponsors because this is what helps keep this content FREE for YOUR benefit!● And last is a common sense one, but since this is a FREE video obviously Im not selling anything to give you something back for a Guarantee. So while your individual success will depend on your individual effort, what I can tell you is the methods described in this video have a 97% success rate.So now that we have the legal stuff out the way lets go ahead & get started.
  8. 8. By the End of This Video Youll Learn:● What is the CLEP Exam & Why You Should Take It!● What to Expect on the CLEP Introductory Sociology● Past Test Takers Exam Specific Feedback on the Introductory Sociology CLEP● Where to Find the BEST Introductory Sociology CLEP Study Guides (and FREE!)● Where to Find the BEST Introductory Sociology CLEP Practice Tests (and FREE!)● Whats a Passing CLEP Score & Other Tips & Tricks● And Finally My Fast & Easy 3-Step Secret to Passing the Introductory Sociology CLEP Exam - Guaranteed!
  9. 9. CLEP Introductory SociologyNow we have a lot of information to cover in ashort amount of time, so I have to talk reallyfast, but you can always re-watch this video orread the unabridged version on my website at (case sensitive).
  10. 10. WHAT is the CLEP?Accepted at over 2,900 colleges anduniversities and administered by over 1,900testing centers across the USA and aboard theCollege-Level Examination Program, or CLEPTests for short, is an EASY way for studentsto earn college credit-by-exam on any oneof 33 subject-matters.Or other "cool" terms you might hear it referredas are: testing out or CLEPping out.
  11. 11. HOW the CLEP Works?Basically instead of 16-weeks of reading,homework, quizzes, projects, and final exams,with just a few short weeks (and sometimeseven days) of independent study, which Illshow you the FASTEST & EASIEST way tostudy later in this video, you can test out ofcollege classes and earn the SAME amount ofcollege credit WITHOUT ever having to stepfoot in a classroom! In short, if you pass theexam you earn the college credit!
  12. 12. WHO Takes the CLEP?There are many types of students that CLEP, such as:1. High School Students who want to jump start their college degree.2. Home School Students who want to earn dual credit and prove theyre collegeready.3. College Students who want to graduate faster than their peers OR those whojust need a class or two to finish their degree.4. Adult Learners returning to school, managing work and family, who need tocondense time in the classroom & accelerate their degree for careeradvancement.5. Military Service Members, at home or abroad, that need a flexible learningschedule. Plus CLEP for Military is FREE!6. Students with Foreign-Language Skills who want to earn up to 12 collegecredits by passing a competency exam.7. Or any cost & time conscious student that wants to...Graduate FASTER, With LESS Student Debt, & Jump START Their Careers!
  13. 13. WHY Should You Take the CLEP?There are 5 common reasons students CLEP:1. Save Money in College Tuition2. Save Time in the Classroom3. Graduate Faster (or On Time for that matter)4. Make College More Interesting5. Satisfy Proficiency RequirementsIn short: Save Time. Save Money. Take the CLEP.
  14. 14. Save Time. Save Money. CLEP!Now I dont have time to cover all 5 reasons inthis video, but you can see a detailedexplanation at (case sensitive).But I do want to cover the two most importantreasons: Save Time. Save Money. CLEP.
  15. 15. How the CLEP Can Save You TimeThe choice is simple. By earning college creditwithout ever having to step foot in theclassroom, CLEP FREEs your schedule to doother things like...● take more advanced classes or● explore other courses of interest or● accelerate your degree or● finish those embarrassing 1-2 classes* or● more time to focus on your family or work responsibilities while earning your degree● just be able to breeze by college with some extra time in your class schedule!
  16. 16. How the CLEP Can Save You TimeWhatever your reason. The only regretstudents have about CLEP, is they wish theywould have taken MORE! For a few weeks ofindependent study you can SKIP 3-hrs in class+ 10-hrs out of class for 16-weeks of reading,homework, quizzes, projects, and final exams.So you can have more time to "just do you!"Whether you take 1-2 exams or 10-20 exams,CLEP can help you earn your college degree.
  17. 17. How the CLEP Can Save You $$$At the time of this video CLEP Tests are about$77 per exam. So for less than the cost of yourcollege textbook you can test out of many ofyour general & introductory college courses.Let me repeat that because this is huge, forLESS than the cost of your college textbookyou can PAY FOR COLLEGE by TESTINGOUT OF COLLEGE CLASSES!
  18. 18. Save Money in College Tuition Cont.Now for those of you using student loans let meput that in layman terms. The average cost oftuition at a public 4-year university is $5,000/semester or a private university is $10,000/semesters. Well, if you do the math for every$10,000 you save today thats $115 PER Monthfor the NEXT 10-YEARS you dont have torepay in student loan DEBT tomorrow. So bytesting out of 1-2 semesters you can quicklysee how this is a VERY BIG DEAL!!!
  19. 19. Save Time. Save Money. Take theCLEP. OK, at this point in the video were going to wrap-up Part I of How-To Pass The CLEP Exam - Guaranteed. But before I do I just want to pause for a second so you can reflect on what the CLEP means for you, your career, and most importantly your family. Which is the really reason we go to college anyway.
  20. 20. Save Time. Save Money. Take theCLEP. Ive said what Ive had to say, Im not going to sit here and hard sell you, if you have any Q&A ask them below. But you already know... The CLEP can help you graduate FASTER, with LESS student debt, so you can JUMP start your career. So now that weve got that out the way lets talk about How-To Pass the CLEP Exam - GUARANTEED!!!
  21. 21. A Word Before We StartNow before I show you the FASTEST &EASIEST Way to Prepare & Past the CLEPExam, to be completely transparent I want totell you that the "Official" CLEP studyrecommendation can be found on their websiteat
  22. 22. A Word Before We StartSo I just want to make it perfectly clear thatwhat Im about to tell you is the "UNofficial"CLEP Study Guide that will show you how toshortcut all the fluff and ONLY focus on the keypoints needed to pass the CLEP Exam.
  23. 23. A Word Before We StartBecause YOUR goal is to test out of theserequired general & introductory courses asFAST & EASY as possible, so you can get tothe classes that are REALLY important for yourdegree and career.While saving a whole bunch of time and moneyat the same time!
  24. 24. A Word to My Critics!And let me just say something to my critics right now. Irespect the whole liberal arts educational model and thinkthese classes are important to any "well-rounded" collegegraduate. BUT I just dont believe I should have to do 16-weeks worth of "busy work" and spend hundreds andthousands of dollars in college tuition to prove what Ialready know (or at least can study for in a few shortweeks). And I believe that the independent study modeloffers just as much value to a persons education as thetraditional brick-and-mortar classroom. Because...
  25. 25. A Word to My Critics!1. It teaches you how to be an independent learner which is important to any college graduate.2. Testing out of general & introductory classes frees your schedule to explore other courses of interest or more advanced courses in your degree.3. It allows students to graduate FASTER (or on time) so you can jump start your career and begin your REAL World learning.4. And last but certainly not least, it allows students to SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in College Tuition & Student Loan Debt! (Heck, with the money saved you can buy a library if youre that motivated to learn!)
  26. 26. A Word to My Critics!Now if Im preaching to the choir I apologize Ihad to waste your time with that rant. But thereare a lot of THEYS that criticize ME forspreading a message that can really help a lotof college students for the reasons I just listed.So I just want to set the record: I believeeducation is important, but I do NOT believe ina one-size-fits-all educational system.So With That Being Said, Lets Get Started!!!
  27. 27. About the CLEP Intro SociologyExam?Most students say you probably can pass theIntroductory Sociology CLEP Test on “commonsense” alone! This is one of the few CLEPExams that several hours of studying will bemore than sufficient to the pass the CLEPSociology Test, even if you have little or noprior knowledge on the subject.
  28. 28. About the CLEP Intro SociologyExam?Now, I don’t want to give you any falseconfidence because you’ll still need to study.But with the Best Sociology CLEP StudyGuides and the Best Sociology CLEP PracticeTests you’ll be able to test out of yourSociology class in a matter of days…notweeks.
  29. 29. About the CLEP Intro SociologyExam?Many students also credit the CLEP Testsas one of the Bests Ways to Pay for CollegeTuition. Given that the cost of the CLEP Test isless than the cost of your Sociology collegetextbook for the class and that you spend afraction of the time studying than you would in atraditional 16-week Sociology course. It’s a“social good” ;), that CLEPping out of collegeclasses will save you both money in collegetuition and time in the classroom.
  30. 30. What Topics are Covered on theCLEP Sociology Tests?The Sociology CLEP Exam covers a wide rangeof material that is normally taught in a firstsemester Introduction to SociologyUndergraduate Course. The exam coversbasics terms, concepts, theories, andmethodologies that are used by sociologists tostudy society and its influence on humans; thisincludes social behavior and social change. Youare not required to have any highly specializedknowledge in order to take or pass theSociology CLEP Exam.
  31. 31. What Topics are Covered on theCLEP Sociology Tests?I usually tell people that CLEP Exams aredesigned to be self-study and even someonewith NO prior knowledge or background canpass the exam in just a few short weeks (andsometimes even days) of studying. Which I’llshow you how in the next section.
  32. 32. What Topics are Covered on theCLEP Sociology Tests?For the CLEP Sociology Test you will have 90minutes to answer 100 multiple-choice covering5 Sociology sub-topics including: 1) Institutions,2) Social Patterns, 3) Social Process, 4) SocialStratification, 5) Sociological Perspective.
  33. 33. Sociology CLEP Test "Secrets""They asked about some guy namedBERGER? I couldnt seem to remember thatguy. So look him up!" - Past CLEP Test TakerThe key to this CLEP is terms-terms-terms.For most CLEP Exams I usually get on yourcase about just "memorizing" terms withoutunderstanding the concepts. But this is oneCLEP Exam thats an even split betweenmemorization and critical thinking.
  34. 34. Sociology CLEP Test "Secrets"Youre going to want to memorize the majorSociology players (ie. Durkheim, Weber, Marx,etc), theories, concepts, and terminology. Also,knowing basic statistical terms (ie. mean,medium, mode) and social trends, such as thepercentage of children living below the povertyline, and the ratio of pay for women vs men,etc. Will help you pick-up a few extra easypoints on the exam.
  35. 35. Sociology CLEP Test "Secrets"Another key to this CLEP is do NOT gooverboard studying! Remember, you aretested on your knowledge of INTRODUCTORYSociology material. You can study sociologythrough your whole bachelors, masters, anddoctorates program. But the CLEP IntroductorySociology Exam is a LOWER level undergradcourse that ONLY expects you to know basic(or introductory) concepts.
  36. 36. Sociology CLEP Test "Secrets"So unless this is your declared major, don’t gocrazy studying; 1-2 weeks max studying. Passthe exam, earn the college credit, and move on!Most schools only award a pass/fail creditanyway, so if you guess on a few of the harderquestions it won’t be the end of the world.Mostly memorization & common sense willget you through the Sociology CLEP Exam!
  37. 37. Testing Out is Easier than You ThinkI know all this information may seemoverwhelming at first and you may think that it’sjust easier to take the course at your collegeinstead. But trust me, just use the SociologyCLEP Study Guides and Sociology CLEPPractice Tests below and testing out of acollege class will be easier than you think.Not to mention a great way to help you pay forcollege and earn your degree faster!
  38. 38. How do I Study for the CLEPSociology Test?To study for the CLEP Exam, the CollegeBoard (the makers of the tests) recommendsyou read several 800+ page College Sociologytextbooks. Now that is a daunting task even forthe most studious over-achiever! No wonderso many students believe the MYTH thattesting out of a college course is actually harderthan just taking the damn class.
  39. 39. CLEP Sociology Questions by TopicIn the next few slides Im going to show you aquick overview of the Sociology CLEP Examquestions by topic.For more details please goto my website at (case sensitive).
  40. 40. Sociology CLEP Questions by TopicYou will have about 20 Questions Institutions, such as: ● Economic ● Educational ● Family ● Medical ● Political ● ReligiousYou will have about 15 Questions Social Patterns, such as: ● Community ● Demography ● Human ecology ● Rural/urban patternsYou will have about 20 Questions Social Processes, such as: ● Collective behavior and social movements ● Culture ● Deviance and social control ● Groups and organizations ● Social change ● Social interaction ● Socialization
  41. 41. Sociology CLEP Questions by TopicYou will have about 30 Questions Social Stratification (Process and Structure), such as: ● Aging ● Power and social inequality ● Professions and occupations ● Race and ethnic relations ● Sex and gender roles ● Social class ● Social mobilityYou will have about 15 Questions The Sociological Perspective, such as: ● History of sociology ● Methods ● Sociological theory
  42. 42. Sociology CLEP Questions by TopicAgain for a detailed look please visit mywebsite @ (case sensitive). Now at first glance this may look REALLY scary!
  43. 43. How do I Study for the CLEPSociology Test?But no worries, because the TRUTH is CLEPTests were designed to be self-study for anystudent with the motivation and desire to passthe CLEP Exam. So thats why I’ve put togetherthe FASTEST & EASIEST Way to Prepare &Pass the CLEP Sociology Tests :)
  44. 44. InstantCert CLEP Study GuidesFirst, I usually recommend students use theInstantCerts CLEP Study Guides, because itis The FASTEST & EASIEST Way to Prepare &Pass the Introductory Sociology CLEP Tests. Ipersonally use InstantCert because it is likehaving your college professors privateclassroom notes to study for your SociologyFinal Exam!
  45. 45. InstantCert CLEP Study GuidesLook, there is a lot of information out there thatcan help you prepare for the CLEP IntroSociology Tests and Im going to give you someFREE online CLEP preparation resourcesshortly.
  46. 46. InstantCert CLEP Study GuidesBut trust me, using a premium service likeInstantCert is the FASTEST & EASIEST Wayto Prepare & Pass the CLEP IntroductorySociology Tests - Guaranteed. Theres noprior knowledge or background required. Youdo NOT have to read hundreds of pages of fluffor spend hours researching the Internet.Because InstantCert will give you a solidfoundational knowledge necessary to Pass theCLEP Exam.
  47. 47. InstantCert CLEP Study GuidesBy spoon-feeding you only the main pointsthrough their interactive learning format. Theyare able to keep your mind engaged andprocessing the information, so you are able toprepare and pass the IntroductorySociology CLEP Tests in a matter of days,not weeks…
  48. 48. InstantCert CLEP Study GuidesAnd thousands of successful past test takerswill agree, InstantCert was not only their secretweapon to passing the Intro Sociology CLEPTest but also the ONLY CLEP Study Guideneeded.Watch my full InstantCert Review Video @ and if you use InstantCertDiscount Code 30142 youll get $5 off your 1stMonth Membership!
  49. 49. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPStudy Guides!!!Now, after youve reviewed a premium IntroSociology CLEP Study Guide service, likeInstantCert, free online preparation resourcesserve as a great supplement to your studies.InstantCert will give you the foundationalknowledge necessary to pass the CLEP, butsupplemental reading will give you that extraconfidence boast to improve your SociologyCLEP Score.
  50. 50. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPStudy Guides!!!With that being said, I couldnt find a GOODFREE SPECIFIC & IN-DEPTH CLEP IntroSociology Study Guide. So what I did was Itook the syllabus of a typical Sociologyundergraduate course (which is what the examis based on) and the syllabus of the CLEPSociology Exam and then I went and spentHOURS-AND-HOURS researching the Internetfor the Best FREE Introductory Sociology webresources, so you dont have to!
  51. 51. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPStudy Guides!!!And Im willing to give it all away for FREE!No Catch or Strings Attached...Just goto: (case sensitive) andfollow the 3-Step sign-up form to download myFREE Secrets to Passing the CLEP:Introductory Sociology CLEP Study Guide &CLEP Practice Tests.
  52. 52. WARNING-WARNING-WARNINGNow I will give you a word of caution that its aLOT of information that is NOT as neatlyorganized as InstantCert. So you might getscared off at first. BUT PLEASE DONT!I do NOT want you to think your way OUT oftaking the exam because you believe theMYTH that testing out of college is actuallyharder than just taking the class! Because itsnot! You dont need to know everything to PASS!
  53. 53. WARNING-WARNING-WARNINGThats why I do NOT recommend using itwithOUT InstantCert. Because its informationoverload and itll cause you to go into the examwith your head ready to explode! So use it as asupplement to InstantCert ONLY. Remember,InstantCert will skip the fluff and spoon-fed youonly the main points needed to pass the CLEP!For more information watch my Review &InstantCert Discount Code (30142) @
  54. 54. How do I Practice for the CLEPIntroductory Sociology Test?The two most popular options are purchasingthe premium Online Peterson’s IntroductorySociology CLEP Practice Tests or ordering theprinted REA Introductory Sociology CLEPPractice Tests Book from Amazon at (case sensitive)..
  55. 55. How do I Practice for the CLEPIntroductory Sociology Test?Again, there are several free CLEP SociologyPractice Tests available online, which I willprovide to you shortly. But I always recommendgoing with at least one premium service,because they are the most up-to-date andresemble both the format and type of questionsyou’re likely to encounter on the actualIntroductory Sociology CLEP Exam.
  56. 56. How do I Practice for the CLEPIntroductory Sociology Test?I also recommend you check out the OfficialCLEP Study Guide Book from Amazon @ (case sensitive). Now, while it’sincorrectly named CLEP Study Guide (it shouldbe named CLEP Practice Tests because itdoesn’t have ANY study guide information). It isthe only CLEP Practice Tests created by theactual tests makers for all 33 CLEP Tests.Note: Only one practice tests included perexam and no explanation to answers areprovided.
  57. 57. How do I Practice for the CLEPIntroductory Sociology Test?Anyway, whatever option you go with, it willcost you less than $20. Now while no CLEPPractice Tests (not even the Official CLEPPractice Tests) will be an exact version of theactual CLEP you test on “D-Day,” they do helpto familiarize you with the format and type ofCLEP Exam Sociology Questions to expect. Ilike to use practice tests as indicators of myreadiness for the actual Sociology CLEP Tests,so I’m more confident on exam day.
  58. 58. How do I Practice for the CLEPIntroductory Sociology Test?For those of you who are new to CLEP examsIve put together a 10 step study plan for theIntroductory Sociology CLEP at (case sensitive).This comes from personal experience aftertaking several dozen exams. Ive masteredhow to study for the shortest possible time toget the highest possible score. So you can too!
  59. 59. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPPractice TestsA lot of times I’m asked, “Where can I find aFREE Sociology CLEP Practice Tests?” Mybest advice is to always check with your locallibrary first. Even if your library doesn’t have aCLEP Introductory Sociology Book, manylibraries have agreements with libraries acrosstown and sometimes even in different cities.Also don’t forget to check your college oruniversity’s library for CLEP Books!
  60. 60. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPPractice TestsIn addition, many libraries subscribe to Nelnet,the company behind Peterson’s. So you canget the Online Peterson’s Intro Sociology CLEPPractice Tests for FREE. Just ask your friendlylibrarian what CLEP Preparation resources areavailable to you.For those of you in the Military you can take thePeterson’s Intro Sociology CLEP Practice Testsfor FREE by going to the Nelnet DOD website@
  61. 61. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPPractice TestsNow for those of you who don’t have access toone of the above resources or if you’re justlooking for more practice questions, I’vecompiled a list of additional FREE IntroductorySociology CLEP Practice Tests Questions @ (case sensitive).
  62. 62. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPPractice TestsWhat a lot of people don’t know is anothergreat resource for practice tests areIntroductory Sociology textbook companionwebsites. While they don’t resemble the formatof the actual CLEP, they do go deep to ask youmultiple-choice questions about concepts youmight find on the exam.
  63. 63. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPPractice TestsRemember, the makers of the CLEP tests basethe exam on what you would normally learn in aIntroductory Sociology course. So companionwebsites serve as great supplements to testwhat you should know to what you actuallyknow. Plus companion websites give youadditional Sociology study guides andresources to supplement your learning.
  64. 64. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPPractice TestsWith that being said, I will give you a word ofcaution when using companion websites. Thequestions will be different than the type ofquestions you encounter on the CLEP. Andmany of you will say, “It’s a waste of time.” ButI’ve found that nothing beats confidenceduring a tests. Because the companionwebsite quizzes require you to use criticalthinking to answer and then go research anyincorrect answers, it forces you to actuallystart to UNDERSTAND the topic.
  65. 65. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPPractice TestsAnd the secret to passing any CLEP Tests is toUNDERSTAND the topic, not just memorize abunch of facts. Because when you trulyunderstand a topic you can answer anyquestion you encounter on the actual CLEPExam.
  66. 66. FREE Introductory Sociology CLEPPractice TestsAgain, Ive compiled the BEST FREE IntroSociology CLEP Practice Tests at (case sensitive).
  67. 67. What is a Passing Sociology CLEPTest Score?After completing the 90-minute, 100 Multiple-Choice Question CLEP Sociology Tests, youwill receive a scaled score ranging between 20– 80. Each college and university has its’ owncredit-by-exam policy for awarding collegecredit, but the ACE (American Council onEducation) recommended Passing SociologyCLEP Score is 50.
  68. 68. What is a Passing Sociology CLEPTest Score?What I always tell people is that it’s important toknow that CLEP Tests are scored on a curve,with a passing score being the same number ofquestions correct a C-Average Student wouldreceive on a comparable Introductory SociologyFinal Exam.While the College Board (which does thescoring) does not release this number,seasoned CLEP Test Takers usually aim for araw score of 60-70% correctly answeredquestions*.
  69. 69. What is a Passing Sociology CLEPTest Score?Depending on the difficulty of the exam, this isusually well above the curve you need toachieve a passing score.I also remind new CLEP Test Takers that youdo NOT lose points for incorrect answers, soyou should ALWAYS try to answer ALL thequestions on the exam, even if you’re unsure ofthe correct answer. This works best if you cannarrow down your choices to two or threepossible answers. That way you have a 50-50chance of guessing correctly!
  70. 70. What is a Passing Sociology CLEPTest Score? *******************************And remember, each question is worth theSAME amount of points as the next one,regardless of how easy or difficult thequestion. The name of the game is toanswer as many easy and intermediatequestions as fast as possible. If you comeacross a question that is too hard to solvewithin a minute or two, mark it, skip it, andmove on! *******************************
  71. 71. What is a Passing Sociology CLEPTest Score?You don’t want to struggle and toil over everyhard question at the expense of not havingenough time to answer the easier questions.You can always go back to the ones youskipped at the end of the exam, if you havetime leftover. Go for the “low hanging fruit” first!
  72. 72. What is a Passing Sociology CLEPTest Score?A couple of other CLEP Tips & Tricks. 1)Manage your time wisely. Depending on yourcomfort level, some tests you can whiz by andothers will come down to the last second. If youknow that to be the case, then you always wantto select an answer before you skip a question,just in case you don’t have time to return at theend of the exam. Remember, you do NOT losepoints for incorrect answers. So it’s better tohave something than nothing.
  73. 73. What is a Passing Sociology CLEPTest Score?2) Also, be on the lookout for questions thatanswer other questions. Every now and thenyou’ll run across a question that can help youanswer another question. The CLEP ismultiple-choice for Pete’s sake, so the answeris right in front of you! If you don’t know theanswer then use this technique and process ofelimination to help you determine the correctanswer.
  74. 74. What is a Passing Sociology CLEPTest Score?3) And remember, you don’t have toget a 100% on the Sociology CLEPTests to score well. It’s a curvedtests, which means you just have todo better than the next person toscore well!!!And trust me, the curve is usuallyvery-very GENEROUS :)
  75. 75. How do I Pass the IntroductorySociology CLEP Tests?OK, we’ve covered a lot of information.Depending on your prior comfort-level, theCLEP Introductory Sociology Test is an easyexam to study for and most students will needabout 1-2 weeks of reasonable study time toprepare (about 10-15 hours/week). Yes, its aserious exam, but its also a LOT easier thantaking it at your college!
  76. 76. How do I Pass the IntroductorySociology CLEP Tests?The key to any study plan is DO NOT GETOVERWHELMED! There is a lot of informationto review and it’s not uncommon to feelstressed out and overwhelmed at times.But just use my 3 STEPS Below for TheFASTEST & EASIEST Way To PREPARE &PASS The CLEP Introductory SociologyExam and you’ll do great :)
  77. 77. Pass the Introductory SociologyCLEP Exam - Guaranteed!Step 1 (Required): BEFORE you do anythingelse, study the InstantCert’s IntroductorySociology CLEP Study Guide and their ExamSpecific Feedback Forum*. This will give you arock solid foundation to pass the CLEPSociology Exam. Many past test takers sayyou can pass the Introductory Sociology CLEPTests with this information alone! Watch myReview and InstantCert Discount Code 30142($5 OFF 1st Month!) @
  78. 78. Pass the Introductory SociologyCLEP Exam - Guaranteed!Step 2 (Highly Recommended): Next take all3 Peterson’s Sociology CLEP Practice Tests orREAs Sociology CLEP Practice Tests (@ to assess yourreadiness for the Intro Sociology CLEP Exam.This will give you a good indicator of if andwhen you’re ready to take the exam.
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