WIRSOL Benelux | France - Wholesales presentation


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WIRSOL Benelux | France - Wholesales presentation

  1. 1. WIRSOL Benelux NV Presentation of our wholesale activities Compare and benefit from the best prices
  2. 2. WIRSOL Benelux belongs to a fast growing Group Turnover / Installed capacity 2007 – 2012*
  3. 3. ... represented in Europe and beyond International installations
  4. 4. Benefit of the best prices Why WIRSOL has the best price? How can partners benefit from that ? Buying power from large scale EPC business  WIRSOL Group at EUR 300 Mio in revenues in 2012  5th largest EPC in Germany  Ca. 200 MWp installed in 2012 WIRSOL buys large volumes from the same historical supplier  First client at Power-One  250 MWp inverter volume in 2012  WIRSOL buys 10% of Power-One’s annual production  First client at Schletter  WIRSOL orders ca. 30 Mio in mounting system in 2012  Best discount on catalog price in Benelux and France WIRSOL Benelux Volume discount Prepayment Order Delivery Benefit from WIRSOL’s discount and source at best buying prices to become more competitive and gain market share. Supplier s You
  5. 5. Value chaine inverter industry Supplier Wholesaler Distributor EPC/ Installeur 3.000 MWp Entity Value added Annual volume Net margin 300 MWp 10-50 MWp per brand 1-20 MWp 9-10% 3-5% 6-8%* 7-9%*  Component production  Innovation  Delivery time  Volume  Technical support  Logistic  Stock  Multibrand  Cash advance  Logistic  Commerciali- -zation  Engineering  System installation *Estimated net margin
  6. 6. WIRSOL’s buying power in Central Europe WIRSOL inverters volume vs. Benelux and France market 300 MWp WIRSOL‘s volume at Power-One (2013) 50-100 MWp 350 MWp 500 – 600 MWp Source: EPIA Global Market Outlook 3 x 85% 50 % New capacity in MWp in 2013 Netherlands Belgium France 80 MWp Portugal 3,5 x
  7. 7. Efficient distribution capability on demand Modules: Yingli Central stock Waghäusel (Germany) Regional stock Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) 1 2 Inverters: Power-One Inverter | Mounting system Monitoring Direct delivery to the client from component producer 3
  8. 8. How to benefit from WIRSOL’s offer? Order Payment Delivery confirmation Delivery Prepayment 48h* Delivery from stock in Belgium** Delivery from stock in Germany ** Direct delivery from production plant Order confirmation Delivery date 10j* 14j* *Delivery time mentionned for information Order at WIRSOL according to price list and discounts Offer from Schletter with WIRSOL discount Pick-up from our Belgian stock ** To be charged 1. No extra costs linked to outstanding invoices 2. No extra costs linked to stock 3. Single sourcing ensuring large volume A business model ensuring you the most competitive market prices
  9. 9. Key clients that are working with us Flanders Wallonia/Brussel NetherlandsLuxembourg France Strategy:  Wholesale  First line service for P1 Strategy:  Wholesale  Growth with selected partner Strategy:  Wholesale Strategy:  Wholesale  First line service for P1 Strategy:  Wholesale  First line service for P1
  10. 10. A team dedicated to your needs Sebastian Muissus  General Management  Head of Sales Bram Wittevronghel  Key Account Flanders| Netherlands Nicolas Fernandez  Technical Director Carin Morren  Billing  Logistic  Accounting Theo Teunen  Project Manager Flanders | Netherlands Clément Gerry  Manager Client Communication Axel de Pontbriand  B. Development Wholesales France and EU Technical supportCommercial department Thierry des Diguères  General Management  Project Financing Alexandre Deprez  Project Manager Wallonia | Luxembourg Sébastien Bauer  Key Account Wallonia, Lux. | North of France
  11. 11. WIRSOL – Partner of the third industrial revolution WIRSOL Benelux | France: With an annual volume of about 300 MWp at Power-One and € 30 Mio at Schletter, WIRSOL Benelux benefits from unique purchasing conditions. As a European wholesaler we offer you the opportunity to improve your buying prices resulting in a more competitive offer. Jeremy Rifkin visits WIRSOL Benelux|France in Eindhoven 2013 About Jeremy Rifkin: Mr. Rifkin serves as an adviser to the European Union and to heads of state around the world. He is president of the Foundation on Economic Trends and the author of 19 bestselling books that have been translated into more than 35 languages. “ The transition to the Third Industrial Revolution will require a wholesale reconfiguration of the entire economic infrastructure , creating millions of jobs and countless new good and services…”
  12. 12. Axel de Pontbriand Manager Business Development +32 (0)3 328 64 30 axel.depontbriand@wirsol.com Turnhoutsebaan 253 2970 Schilde Belgium Sebastian Muissus General Manager WIRSOL Benelux NV +32 (0)3 328 64 30 sebastian.muissus@wirsol.com