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Test strategy tldr

  1. 1. Clem Pickering clement.pickering@callcreditgroup.com Clement Pickering @clem_pickering
  2. 2. The problem with traditional test strategy documents… No one reads them Suggest completeness Invite sign-offs Tendancy to boiler plate Waste?
  3. 3. No one reads them!
  4. 4. But Test Strategy itself is a valuable activity… How can we get people to take an interest? And convey what’s really important?
  5. 5. The ideas behind a Test Strategy Poster What if we made it visual? And concise? And stuck it on the wall?
  6. 6. People pay attention to visual information <Insert Infographic examples>
  7. 7. Display where people congregate Wall-Skills.Com
  8. 8. Suited to Agile… Aim for Just Enough What’s Appropriate? Generates Conversation
  9. 9. Iterate and Evolve … ReviewRefine at Retros Testers advocate, whole team participate
  10. 10. Enough theory, now for the risky bit… Audience participation
  11. 11. A Testing Scenario Balifax bank, the tropical bank of Bali are building a new online banking platform in response to customer demand for a modern “fully-featured” banking experience. A brand new website is planned which will call a new app tier service written using .NET and delivered as a SOAP API. This new service will track customer activity and provide new website features but will integrate with the banks existing account processing systems. A secure intranet admin function will allow bank helpdesk staff to resetamend customer details and MI reports will delivered daily to the banks management Balifax have assembled a crack project team of developers, testers and BAs and in an unheard of fit of trust empowered them to crack on as they see fit…
  12. 12. 5 Mins on … Principles Examples: Testing is everyone’s responsibility Treat test code as production code
  13. 13. 5 Mins on … Tools and Techniques (Choose pyramid or quadrants)
  14. 14. 5 Mins on … Free choice!
  15. 15. Feedback  What’s missing? What could be improved?
  16. 16. Visual Test Strategy Posters … Are Concise Generate Conversation Are looked at (more likely) Radiate Information
  17. 17. TL;DR version: Create a single page visual test strategy for your project and stick it on the wall
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