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Introduction to Lean UX
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Introduction to Lean UX


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Short internal presentation I gave to introduce Lean UX at the web agency where I work. …

Short internal presentation I gave to introduce Lean UX at the web agency where I work.
It gives a condensed view of the Lean UX approach, its principles, tools, processes and pitfalls.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. LEAN UX - Definition "Practice of bringing the true nature of a product to light faster, in a collaborative, cross-functional way that reduces the emphasis on thorough documentation while increasing the focus on building a shared understanding of the actual product experience being designed." Friday 7 March 14
  • 2. LEAN UX - Foundations Design Thinking • Practical, solution-focused process • Observation & creativity • Improved future (added value) Agile Methodology • Better respond to unpredictability • “Inspect and adapt” • Iterative, incremental, collaborative Lean Startup • Continuous validated learning • Eliminate waste • Create business value Friday 7 March 14
  • 3. LEAN UX - Principles Outcome over output • Experience > product • Solving problems > building features • Shared understanding > deliverables • Eliminate waste Continuous discovery • Customer validation (GOOB) • Small batch, short iterations • Permission to fail (try & learn) • Externalize (expose your work/ideas to teammates, peers, stakeholders, users) Friday 7 March 14
  • 4. LEAN UX - TEAM Optimal profile • Cross-functional • Small (“2 pizza team” rule) • Dedicated (throughout the project) • Colocated (no barriers) Mindset • Teamwork • No hero • Skills over roles • Open lines of communication Friday 7 March 14
  • 5. LEAN UX - tools Collaborative design • Either informal session (conversation) • Or Design Studio with whole team: 1. Problem definition + constraints 2. Individual idea generation 3. Presentation & critique 4. Iterate & refine 5. Team idea generation Other tools • Style guide (accessible, actionable, continuously improved) • Proto-personas (contin. improved) • Prototypes (from paper to code) • Non-prototypes MVPs Friday 7 March 14
  • 6. LEAN UX - process 1. Problem statement Business goals, problem, improvement request Declare assumptions 2. State business/user assumptions Capture what team thinks is true 3. Prioritize assumptions Risky/Unknown first Create an MVP 4. (Sub)Hypothesis statement As a team Run an experiment Assumption, feature, user, outcome, feedback 5. Create MVP Max. amount of insight with min. effort ! NOT a lightweight version of the product 6. Collaborative/Continuous discovery Team on the field/lab: interview, user testing Keep distance hypothesis/validation short Research & feedback Friday 7 March 14 7. Making sense of the feedback As soon as possible & as a team Look for patterns Check against other sources
  • 7. LEAN UX - making it work In an Agile process • Sprint as structured iteration • 1 sprint = 1-2 iterations of the 4 steps • Validation as part of the planning In a web agency • 3 validation levels: team/users/client • Proactive communication • Client must feel involved in the team • Organizational/company culture shift (team, project sales/mngt...) Friday 7 March 14
  • 8. LEAN UX - pitfalls Within the team • Lean UX seen as lazy UX • no vision • no responsibility • no discipline • going too fast (no research / retro) • Loosing sight of the big picture • Distributed teams With our clients • Fixed scope / roadmap • Collaboration • No time/money/will for user validation Friday 7 March 14
  • 9. LEAN UX - the end Congratulation! you didn’t fall asleep QUESTIONS ? cheers? Hugs? Donations? Friday 7 March 14