Dolphins by Madeline

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Dolphin presentation made by Madeline Lopez

Dolphin presentation made by Madeline Lopez

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  • Species – it groups together animals that have common characteristics.
  • Mammals have hair or fur, are warm blooded, and the female mothers feed milk to the babies.
  • Fossil – bones or remains that have been preserved for millions of years. Shallow – not deep water. A couple of feet of water. Evolution – to grow slowly


  • 1. My Animal ResearchBy Madeline A. E. Lopez
  • 2. Where dodolphins live?Dolphins live inall oceans andsome rivers onEarth.
  • 3. What do Dolphins Eat?  The food each species eats is different based on where they live.  Dolphins eat fish and some even eat squid.  Large dolphins, like the killer whale (Orca) eat marine animals like seals, sea lions, and sea turtles.
  • 4. Who Makes up the Dolphin Family? The male dolphin is called a bull The female dolphin is called a cow The baby dolphin is called a calf When in groups they are called a Pod.
  • 5. Dolphins are Mammals Just Like…
  • 6. Three Interesting Facts About Dolphins…
  • 7. 1a. Dolphins are Born with HairA few hairs on the side of the rostrum (beak). These fall out withinthe first week. We think they have hair because…
  • 8. 1b. They Were Once Land Animals How do we know?  By looking at fossilsThey lived on land about 50million years ago.Scientists believe that theyfished in shallow waters andafter they moved into thewater they stopped needinglegs and started needing fins.Evolution took care of that.
  • 9. 2. Dolphins Get Water from Their Food The fish and squid that dolphins enjoy eating most have large amounts of water in them and dolphins get it from eating them. Dolphins do not need any extra water because they do not sweat like we do.
  • 10. 3. Different Species We all recognize the Bottlenose dolphin. There are actually 32 species of oceanic dolphins! There are also 5 species of dolphins living in rivers.Atlantic Spotted Dolphin & White Sided Dolphin are both found inthe North Atlantic Ocean. Hector’s Dolphin – Found in New Zealand
  • 11. More Dolphins…Most river dolphins are blind, except for the pink dolphin. River dolphins havesomething that looks like fingers on the tips of their flippers. Pink River Dolphin – Found in the Amazon rivers in South America Chinese (Yangzte) River Dolphin
  • 12. The Largest Oceanic Dolphins Thank you for watching.