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Adyuka slideshare

  1. 1. SEE IT. SAVE IT. SHARE IT. BUY IT @adyukateam
  2. 2. Ecommerce search sucks And ADYUKA is the Solution
  3. 3. It’s not 1991 Anymore The first eCommerce store was launched in 1991...
  4. 4. It’s not 1991 Anymore But we use the web di!erently now than we did 23 years ago
  5. 5. Tabs, tabs, tabs. Search takes time Hard to Collaborate
  6. 6. We use many devices to access the internet today
  7. 7. It is highly unlikely we will see one of these in the near future
  8. 8. Why did Google, Microsoft and Apple create tab based browsing? It is to allow users remember what they have searched for!
  9. 9. Please… no more • Emailing Links • Bookmarking links • Multiple Tabs • Pen and paper • Sharing screenshots This is how consumers address the problem today
  10. 10. SEE IT SAVE IT SHARE IT BUY IT Adyuka has solved this problem!
  11. 11. Adyuka is simple to use. It is a button that lives in your browser and can be added in seconds
  12. 12. This is Shirleys home page. You can see that she has a number of collections on the go
  13. 13. She is currently helping her brother search for baby items
  14. 14. Shirley controls the visibility of this collection.
  15. 15. Shirley browses the internet as she normally would looking for items.
  16. 16. When she finds a product that interests her she clicks the adyuka button.
  17. 17. All of the relevant product information is captured and in addition she can include her own notes.
  18. 18. The product is now saved to her collection where she can…
  19. 19. Review her selections and ask her network for comment or input.
  20. 20. If she decides to purchase this item she is brought back to the original website that she saved it from.
  21. 21. Saves time Search over multiple sessions View products all on one page Group / collaborative search The benefits for a user are immediate.
  22. 22. Market Opportunity
  23. 23. LIFE Events Adyuka is great for any significant event such as births, home improvements and occasions like birthdays and Christmas
  24. 24. LIFESTYLE And its usefulness also extends to hobbies and interests
  25. 25. How do we intend to get users? We have identified 2 key areas that will drive our customer traction.
  26. 26. Partnering with established communities.
  27. 27. Secondly there is a real network e!ect in play when using Adyuka
  28. 28. When a single user creates a collection and shares it with others, those new invitees are introduced to Adyuka
  29. 29. And they in turn create their own collections which they will share further amongst their own network
  30. 30. PUSH Our competitors focus on pushing content to their users…
  31. 31. PUSH PULL Adyuka is di!erent in that it allows a user to start with a blank canvas and select the products THEY want
  32. 32. PUSH PULL …and share them with who they want
  33. 33. How we make money!
  34. 34. READY TODAY Affiliate Fees We will monetise this product through a"liate revenues where we will take on average 5 to 7 % of a transaction
  35. 35. READY TODAY Affiliate Fees COMING SOON Sponsored Campaigns Big Data as we scale we will introduce sponsored campaigns and will benefit from the data we gather
  36. 36. READY TODAY Affiliate Fees COMING SOON Sponsored Campaigns Big Data Adyuka will be able to identify competitors at a product level and predict future buying trends
  37. 37. The Team
  38. 38. ALUA & Greg FOUNDERS Alua and I are co-founders with backgrounds in Finance and IT
  39. 39. James UX ERIK DEV. James and Erik are experienced Tech guys
  40. 40. Louise & Elizabeth MARKETING & TESTING Louise and Elisabeth complete the team with marketing and testing
  41. 41. Ecommerce search sucks ADYUKA IS the solution @adyukateam
  42. 42. Click here to find us on twitter @adyukateam Click here to check us out